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The Bold And The Beautiful: The Selfless, Selfish, And Self-Serving! REVIEW FOR LAST WEEK

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We never thought we would be calling Steffy Forrester Finnegan selfless. It’s a shame we could not say the same for her brother, Thomas Forrester and their mother, Taylor Hayes. But, of course, we’re talking about last week’s trainwreck of exposure on The Bold and the Beautiful regarding how the wedding of doom went down in last week’s episodes. Soap Central did a crack of a review, so be sure to check it out. They put the episodes under a microscope and had a ton to say.

Let’s jump into this review because we need to explore some stuff. Believe us when we say we also have so much to say.

Ridge Forrester: Dunderhead

Ridge Forrester is a colossal dunderhead. He never wants to take accountability for anything. Yet he wants people to own up to their mistakes. He will only speak up if presented with cold, hard proof. Given that it was Steffy, he believed her. We all know she was telling the truth because Douglas told her everything.

He never wants to see Thomas as the manipulative man-child he is. All he does is gush about what an incredible father he is to Douglas and blah, blah, blah. He also talks about what a unique, beautiful woman Taylor is and how honest she is, yet she didn’t come clean about their son’s misdeeds when she reached the altar. We’ll address this a bit later, as we have a lot to say on that front.

Ridge listens to no one but his ego. Yes, he wants to see the good in his son, but he needs to remember all the times he’s done seedy things. Does he not recall the last time Thomas pulled a stunt like this? Let’s recap, shall we?

Thomas used Zoe Buckingham as a substitute bride in hopes of getting “the love of his life”, Hope Logan, to marry him instead. It took Steffy, Hope, and Liam to bring him down with a bit of help from Zoe. At the time, Thomas was calling Brooke Logan Forrester crazy for even considering that she wasn’t marrying the model for the right reasons. Ridge predictably jumped to his son’s defence. Hope was selfless, putting herself in the fire line to expose him.

Ridge exploded in typical Ridge fashion and went back to Brooke as expected. But, mind you, this is before Taylor came back on the scene.

Steffy Forrester Finnegan: Selfless For Once

Steffy has come out of this storyline a bit better than she did going into it. When Douglas told her what was happening, she did the selfless thing and told her father the truth when her mother wouldn’t. For so long, she has wanted her parents back together. She couldn’t care less about Brooke; however, even she knows what her on-off stepmother is like. If there were a problem, she would’ve spoken to Ridge about it before going to CPS.

While we cannot condone Steffy’s previous actions in this storyline, like intercepting Brooke’s phone call, it can be said that she redeemed herself by speaking up against her brother’s actions. She also defended her nephew, which was nice to see.

Taylor Hayes: Self-Serving

If there is one thing that the wedding from hell exposed, it is that Taylor is self-serving and not the saint her children and Ridge make her out to be. She had the information in her hands, but she wanted Ridge so severely that she remained quiet. Typical.

Taylor has always been painted as the Queen of Sainthood as far as Ridge and their children are concerned. This is because none of her crimes and misdeeds has ever been bought up. However, Brooke’s have, and they’re constantly being used against her.

She might rave about how Ridge is the love of her life, but Taylor is no different to Thomas, and she’s hung up on a man who puts her second. Come to think of it, Ridge always put his children ahead of Brooke. Unfortunately, though, that is not how they see it.

Anyway, Taylor is not selfless. She never has been and has been jealous of Brooke since the beginning. Soap Central said it best when they said that she focused on herself rather than her traumatised grandson, who was scared of his father’s reaction if the news got out. That is the whole reason Douglas told Steffy about it because he knew he could trust her.

Thomas Forrester: Selfish

Finally, get to the whole reason the Tridge wedding happened; Thomas. What a selfish little brat! He can cry that he doesn’t hate Brooke all he wants, but we know why he split her and his idiot father up, his ultimate fantasy. His family back together. Why would a thirty-something-year-old man who grew up with divorced parents want them back together? It just shows how immature the man is.

Brooke was right when she said that he was sick and needed help. But, unfortunately, the man doesn’t know when to give up. This whole storyline shows that Thomas has a tiny brain, and massive kudos to Matt Atkinson for playing a character that is so universally despised.

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