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Bold And The Beautiful: The Logan/Forrester War Is Getting Old

The stakes have never been higher. Or heavier. The constant tug-o-war on The Bold and the Beautiful between the Logans and the Forresters is wearing thin. What has been going on currently is stale at best. Bringing Taylor back and then Steffy demanding Ridge break up with Brooke and go back to her mother isn’t refreshing. It’s a way to throw the original rivalry in our faces, but with Thorsten Kaye and Krista Allen, rather than Ronn Moss and Hunter Tylo alongside OG Brooke, Katherine Kelly Lang.

I’ve been writing about B&B since the Baby Beth storyline. It’s what put Project Fangirl on the map. I’m honestly over the whole “Forresters are great! Logans are bed-hopping sluts!” narrative. The tug-o-war started all those years ago with Brooke and Taylor fighting over Ridge. Then, the conflict passed to their daughters, Hope and Steffy, as they butted heads over Liam Spencer.

Steffy blames Hope for taking Liam away from her, but she doesn’t consider her own actions as bad. So, it’s okay to take someone else’s man and then paint yourself as a victim if the guy leaves you? Okay, then. She thinks that Liam is the love of her life, but had to settle for someone else because she couldn’t have whom she wanted.

As much as I love to hate Liam, he has always been pulled towards Hope. The only reason he was with Steffy was due to her obsession with him after he saved her life. Also, if she loved him as she often claims, she would not have cheated on him multiple times. The constant tug-o-war is enough to want to pull your hair out.

No One Is Perfect – Part One

In recent episodes, Hope and Steffy have been at each other’s throats regarding what’s happening with Brooke. It’s become an open-ended secret since Douglas spilled the beans that he saw “Grandma kissing Santa Claus.” Thomas and Steffy were able to fill in the blank of who “Santa” was; Deacon, Hope’s father.

However, no one knows how Brooke came to be in the situation she ended up in. She’s not perfect neither is Ridge. Steffy has been going on about how her father is a good man who “deserves better.” Umm. What about his constant need to run between women when things get heated? Let’s not forget that he plotted to keep a then-newborn Douglas away from Thomas by pretending he was the boy’s father and not his grandfather.

Then, we reach Steffy. This is the same woman who stole all of Hope’s boyfriends and cracked onto married men. Also, she had two paternity tests down when she didn’t know who the fathers of her children were. She had one done for Kelly, which she attempted to hide from Liam. When he found it, he demanded to know, who the second guy was. 

Furthermore, this led her to admit she’d slept with Bill. However, she kind of learned from this mistake and told Finn straight away that she’d slept with Liam around the same time she had with him.

No One Is Perfect – Part Two

Moving onto Taylor and Steffy and Thomas are also going on about what a selfless person their mother is. Umm. Is there a lapse in their memory? She killed Darla and lied about it, resulting in Aly’s thirst for revenge years later. She had a strong dislike for a then-newborn Bridget as it was believed at the time that she was Ridge’s daughter, not Eric’s. There are so many things she has done over the years. One of the most recent things was giving $250k to Reese Buckingham to get Steffy a baby. The baby ended up being Beth. However, she wasn’t entirely at fault. Though, she’s a shrink who should’ve known better.

Then, there’s our boy Thomas! He is probably the most flawed. He all but blackmailed Hope into marrying him so he could live out his dream. He’s attacked Rick multiple times over the years. Not to mention, he proposed to Zoe to make Hope jealous and then never intended to marry her by dumping her on their wedding day. He even terrified his own son into wanting Hope as his new mother.

Moving over to the Logans and Brooke isn’t perfect, and she admits that. From the drinking and bed-hopping, she owns up to her mistakes. Unlike Ridge, who believes he’s the perfect man. Steffy, Taylor, and Thomas can despise Brooke. She’s filth to them, and they barely tolerate Katie, Donna, and Hope.

To Steffy, Hope is nothing more than a clone of her mother. Umm. She doesn’t jump into men’s beds every chance she gets. Just because she’s blonde like Brooke doesn’t mean she’s like her. This is annoying on so many levels.

Perhaps, Look At Your Own Actions Before You Judge Someone Else For Theirs

So, I’ll end this post here as it’s already long enough as it is. For this final part, I wanted to go over how the tug-o-war wouldn’t be happening if there wasn’t so much bitterness over past actions.

Hope made a heap of valid points about things the Forresters have done. She hates the feud and wants it to stop as it’s not good for the kids to have their parents at each other’s throats. Also, Hope isn’t perfect either. 

Thinking back on what Hope said, she made an indirect reference to Taylor giving Reese all that money for a baby without checking that the “adoption” was legit.

The Forresters and Logans will never learn from their mistakes, and that’s fine. It’s soap opera where everyone is a hypocritical mess.

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