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“You’re My Home, Doc.” Cry Me A Bloody River, Ridge!

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The doc and the fashion designer – It’s the same merry-go-round as it was thirty years ago. Ridge goes from Brooke to Taylor and back again every time something goes wrong in one relationship. However, this time, Sheila started the situation off by switching those blasted champagne bottles because the Forrester matriarch stood up to her.

Yeah, we get it. No one should cross Sheila as they’re likely to bite off more than they can chew. Yes, it’s a show that has been around for over thirty years, but fans deserve so much better than they have. Bold and the Beautiful used to be about fashion. Fast forward almost forty years, and the show is no longer about that. It is hellbent on pitting the doc and former chemist against each other. Again.

Okay, so I wasn’t alive forty years ago, but I have done extensive research and know all about how NONE of the characters are saints. I know I bring this up a lot, but Ridge is the largest hypocrite on the entire show. He wants people to be held responsible for what they’ve done. While this is fine. However, he refuses to be held accountable for things he has done. One example is how he believes Deacon is a piece of filth. Yes, he’s done stupid things, and he’s been in prison. But at least he’s trying to be a different person.

Ridge has always gotten off scot-free because he’s Ridge effing Forrester, fashion designer extraordinaire. To the women of the fictional version of Los Angeles, he’s successful and sexy. They don’t see the hypocritical and self-righteous man he truly is. Kudos to Thorsten Kaye and Ronn Moss for bringing the character to life.

What About The Doc’s Past?

No one seems to question Taylor’s past. All her children do is sing her praises and say what a kind and generous woman she is. Umm. Okay. Let’s recap some of the horrible things she has done over the years, shall we?

So, after scrolling through the Taylor Hayes page on the B&B Wikipedia site, I found some interesting things. Some of what I discovered, I’ve known for a while. We already know she detested Bridget as an infant. Then, there was the whole Baby Beth thing. Ultimately, she paid Reese Buckingham $250k as an upfront adoption fee, unaware the baby was Beth. Oh, and let’s not forget the whole cake-throwing incident with Brooke at Hope and Liam’s wedding.

Anyway, she criticises Brooke for sleeping around, but she’s no different. The doc slept with James Warwick to ward off hypothermia. She even had an affair with Eric while he was married to Stephanie. She also did the deed with Rick and became engaged to him despite him still being in love with Phoebe.

She’s also not a great parent as she gave up her son Jack, who has never been referenced after he disappeared from the show. The reason she did this was that she couldn’t accept that his genetics were Brooke’s.

However, most of what I’ve just mentioned wasn’t bought up. Also, she wasn’t present for years because it was too upsetting to be around “the love of her life” while he was married to Brooke. Boohoo! Brooke had Ridge first. Not to mention, the doc openly encouraged Steffy to go after Liam when he was involved with Hope. Then, Steffy cries that Hope took Liam away from her when it was the other way around.

Ridge Isn’t Perfect

Steffy and Thomas appear to forget that their father is no saint. He’s cheated on their mother and Brooke multiple times. Also, he went after Quinn at one point too. Imagine how that would’ve felt to Eric. He’s also slept with Bridget. Oh, he cheated on Brooke with Shauna and “married” her.

Let’s not forget that he hid the truth from Thomas that Douglas was his son. Now, I don’t know about anyone else, but that was a pretty big deal at the time. Moreover, he cheated on Taylor with the obsessed Morgan DeWitt. So much for saying he would never cheat on the doc.

Also, he was Stephanie’s favourite child, which makes him believe he is entitled to everything without having to earn it.

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