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The Bold And The Beautiful: Hope Lays Into Thomas For Using Douglas And Finn Realises Sheila Is Alive

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Sheila Carter has started to get sloppy regarding her overconfidence that no one will learn she’s alive. However, Dr Finn has always felt something hasn’t added up, and he has proven correct. After calling Detective Sanchez, showed up at the hospital in yesterday’s episode with the toe from the ‘deceased’ felon. Meanwhile, we get a seething Hope Logan in the design office to find Thomas Forrester, and she has something to say! She disagreed with him using their son, Douglas Forrester, as a tool in his sick game to break up Bridge and bring Tridge together.

Thomas can say that he didn’t use Douglas all he likes, but he told the kid to keep quiet as he did with the Beth secret. He threatened and called him a brat when he got exposed, and Hope returned to her life with Liam. All Thomas does, is scheme. He can’t be honest about anything. The only things he has ever been truthful about are his hatred of Brooke (which he claims isn’t true but shows in his actions) and his feelings for Hope.

Going back to Sheila, she keeps digging herself into an even deeper hole. She can cozy up to Deacon all she wants, but even he knows she is trouble. If anything, he has been trying to get her to turn herself in to the cops. She, of course, uses the Finn and Hayes card. She can’t get it through her head that Finn wants zero to do with her. He’s said that to her face already and she just blames Steffy for turning him against her. Finn is a grown, mature man who can make his own decisions. He doesn’t need his wife in his ear.

Returning to the Thomas debacle, it becomes apparent that he isn’t going to realise that what he did was wrong. He keeps repeating the same thing of how he broke his dad and Brooke up so his mother can have her happily-ever-after. Brooke is not the toxic one here. He keeps seeing things that aren’t there. He also wasn’t born when Ridge and Brooke met. It was Taylor who stole Ridge, not the other way around.

What’s more, Hope points out that he has single-handedly ruined his parents’ relationship and that Douglas wants nothing to do with him. Thomas doesn’t want to hear that his son too is ignoring him, but why would Hope lie about that? Douglas did nothing wrong. His father needs to follow the same path; become more mature and not a whiny crybaby because things aren’t going his way.

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