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What Narrative Is Meghan Trying To Portray? Why The Photoshop Double Standards?  – OPINION

Meghan Markle has made a career out of being a victim. Racism? Check. Poor little lonely girl? Yes. The target of sexism? Yep. Bullying target? Yes again.  Pregnant woman with mental health issues? Tick.  There are two narratives that Little Miss American Riviera Orchard hasn’t formed. That’s the need to photoshop photos and the goal of ARO. It’s surprising that Prince Harry’s book, Spare, wasn’t all about her horrible life.

Not to mention, we’ve spoken countless times about Meghan’s need to tell her husband she will die like Diana if he doesn’t ‘protect’ her. She has turned him against everyone. His father? Not relevant. His brother and sister-in-law? Jealous. Nephews and niece? They aren’t worth it. Again, this should’ve been the main focus of Harry’s book, Spare.

There are so many worse things in the world than Meghan Markle doing a speech on how the world is full of misogyny and that she’s the ultimate feminist. Or worse, she could tell the whole world that Spare was her book and not Harry’s.

Meghan Markle’s Feminism Is Fake

Meghan Markle doesn’t understand feminism and loves being the victim. She thinks beating down the patriarchy is part of the feminist movement. It’s not. You cannot change people’s perspectives by forcing them to listen. You usually know how out of date her beliefs are because she thinks women don’t use their voices enough. Again, it should have been in Harry’s book Spare.

When it comes to photoshopping images, the public microanalysis is everything nowadays. Look at what happened with the Princess of Wales’ Mother’s Day photo. People went to town on Kate Middleton. Yet, Meghan has never been called out for doing it. We all know she loves taking a swipe at Catherine whenever possible.

There is more to life than Meghan Markle’s belief that feminism and misogyny go hand-in-hand. It’s not a secret that men and women were never meant to be equal. However, the way people are raised is how we discover who is a kind human being.

This is not the way Meghan Markle thinks and don’t be surprised if she releases a BS autobiography on feminism where she drones on about women’s so-called 21st Century oppression.

Meghan thinks that she has this deep understanding of feminism and that playing the victim will get people on her side. Newsflash: it doesn’t.

Meghan’s Narrative: American Riviera Orchard Montecito Is Better Than Every Other Brand

Meghan Markle launched American Riviera Orchard’s Instagram as Prince William was due to deliver a speech at the Diana Awards. Geez, the woman does not learn from her mistakes. She doesn’t care if she overshadows anyone.

Also, there is no way American Riviera Orchard will be a hit in the UK. The people hate her because is Meghan Markle: the ultimate victim. Also, it’s doubtful that the US will want it. Why? Because she has a reputation for being a horrible person.

Meghan’s influencer pals have flaunted several of her products including fifty jars of Strawberry jam (more on that in a moment), two jars of Raspberry jam and a container of dog biscuits. Yes, American Riviera Orchard isn’t promoting just jam but animal treats.

It looks like Meghan realised fifty jars of Strawberry jam were too much. She only gave out two helpings of raspberry. Also, this is giving the middle finger to Highgrove, the Buckingham Palace shop and Flamingo Estate. The dog biscuits are flipping the bird to James Middleton, who runs the dog food company, James And Ella.

Lying About Highgrove And Getting Even With Flamingo Estate

Meghan even claims that Highgrove doesn’t grow its produce. This occurred when she got blowback on her jam upon the King’s charity’s sales skyrocketing. Also, she wants revenge against Flamingo Estate. Why? They turned down her offer to be an investor like she is in Clevr Blends Coffee.

Richard Eden of the Daily Mail revealed recently that Meghan plans on launching America Riviera Orchard with Rosé. Yes, you heard that right. Her first genuine product will probably be her favourite thing in the whole world; alcohol. This is a middle finger, mostly, to Flamingo Estate, which has its own Rosé. It is also a very Hollywood thing to do as so many celebrities have their alcohol brands. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and George Clooney are two examples of this as they have tequila labels.

Photoshopped Images

Meghan loves to portray herself in a light that isn’t true to who she is. She believes she is clever, and that the world is incredibly stupid and won’t notice.

While many of the photos’ edits went unnoticed for a while, it has become increasingly apparent that they have more modifications than others.

It gets worse. Her cronies in the Sussex Squad and her devoted puppets have decided that Meghan is allowed to alter her photos. Yet the actual photographer, Catherine, the Princess of Wales, isn’t. Look at the drama surrounding the Mother’s Day photo where multiple things were scrutinised such as:

  • Princess Charlotte’s sleeve on her cardigan.
  • The zipper on Catherine’s jacket.
  • Floor tiles.
  • The background where there is greenery.

These “criticisms” were all unnecessary. It screamed of hypocrisy from Harry and Meghan’s supporters. Moreover, this led to William and Catherine deciding to stop distributing their photos to picture agencies.

Meghan Markle Is The Queen Of Photoshopping Images

Examples of Photoshop that Meghan has approved of:

  • The dodgy picture from Jamaica with Harry and the table.
  • The pictures of the children with red hair.
  • Lilibet’s missing ear.
  • The Christmas card with Lilibet’s long legs and the three-fingered hand.
  • The first Christmas card with Archie where Meghan and Archie are in focus and Harry isn’t.
  • The Times 100 Cover.
  • Harry’s People Magazine cover.
  • Archie’s Christening Group Photo.

Meghan doesn’t think her publicity stunts through and how they will reflect on her. All she cares about is overshadowing the royals and insists on being Meghan the Victim.

Overshadowing? Ah… Yeah

Markle claims (via a friend) she isn’t overshadowing anyone, according to the Daily Express. Again, Meghan is playing the victim “of the press.” So, we’re expected to believe she keeps randomly dropping things when other royal family members do something? Yeah, sorry, it’s intentional. Look at how Meghan and Harry hate Catherine so much that they insist on dropping things on her birthday.

Meghan has always had a vendetta against Catherine because she is jealous of the Princess of Wales having everything she wants a happy marriage to the heir to the throne. Why? Because she believes that being the next queen means she has power. Also, Markle is envious of the three Wales children, who were born as princes and a princess.

Another thing that Meghan is envious of is how Catherine became beloved so quickly. What she refuses to understand is that Kate had to work hard. It took her many years to become the beloved future Queen she is today. Markle believes it happened overnight. Also, the Princess of Wales was in the spotlight as William’s girlfriend for much longer. Moreover, she was given time to adjust to her potential role.

Meghan Wanted Harry To See Her A Victim Of Life

Harry knew he wanted to marry Meghan from the moment they met as he saw her as “a victim.” He didn’t get to know her, nor did he think about the repercussions of what could happen in the future. He was so desperate to have a “mother figure” that he took Markle at her word that she was like Princess Diana.

What makes this even sadder is that no one, not even Diana’s family, sees that Meghan is just like her when Harry tells them “Oh, she’s like my mum.”

If anything, it’s a massive red flag that the Spencers saw Meghan as not being a victim like Diana had been in the crash that killed her but as someone willing to take advantage of her situation.

Explaining How Letters Patent Work… Again

Markle won’t accept that her children weren’t eligible at birth to be Prince and Princess. Why? Because their father is not THE heir to the throne.

If anything, Meghan wants to make them a victim of the relatives they’ve never even met. Also, she appears to have a selective memory. The original statement she and Harry put out clearly stated that Archie was going to grow up “as a private citizen” as “Master Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor.”

George was always going to be a Prince at birth. If the Queen had not stepped in before his arrival and changed the rule, then Charlotte and Louis would not have been automatically princess and prince, respectively. They would’ve been Lady Charlotte and Lord Louis and received princess and prince titles when their grandfather became King.

Charlotte and Louis would’ve had courtesy titles like Lady Louise and her brother James, who was Viscount Severn before their father became the Duke of Edinburgh. Archie and Lilibet did not qualify for titles because of Harry’s standing as the Queen’s grandson. As the King’s son, his children were automatically elevated but did not carry HRHs.

Also, Meghan seems to have a selective memory. She and Harry put out a statement saying, they did not want Archie to have a title at birth. Yet, on Oprah, they both claimed it was due to his skin colour with Markle proclaiming “the convention” was changed for Archie.

It wasn’t changed for him. It was altered for Charlotte and Louis. Meghan doesn’t understand how titles work in the UK. In other European countries, grandchildren of the monarch are automatically given titles with their styles changing depending on where in the line of succession they sit.

An Example Of How A Letters Patent Works

One example is in Norway with Princess Ingrid Alexandra and her younger brother, Prince Sverre Magnus. Ingrid is Her Royal Highness as she is their father Crown Prince Haakon’s heir. Magnus is His Highness. Their aunt, Princess Märtha Louise, is in the same vote, even though she is older than their father.

In Norway, the succession act was changed in 1990, to reflect that any girl born to the heir to the throne would become Queen Regnant. Despite Märtha Louise being older, she and Haakon were born before the change. Their children were affected though. So, Magnus’s birth didn’t mean he displaced Ingrid in the line of succession the way their father did with their aunt.

England is similar. When Prince Louis was born, he did not displace Princess Charlotte. Their great-uncles, Princes Andrew and Edward displaced their great-aunt, Princess Anne, despite being younger. Also, the Queen had not changed the rule during this time.

Meghan Thought Royalty Was A Popularity Contest, When She Realised Reality, She Used The Victim Card

We’ve said this before, but we believe Meghan thought royalty worked based on who was more popular, like how Homecoming Kings and Queens work in American High Schools. We don’t have this system in Australia, but we understand how it works.

Meghan is your stereotypical American who doesn’t understand how much of the world outside of America works. Before we continue, not all Americans are like this, so no offence to our American audience.

We know so many amazing Americans, so this comment isn’t directed at them, only the ones like Meghan Markle. She once demanded that the Canadian filmmakers on the Reitman’s commercials give her what she wanted because she’s “a brash American”. Talk about feeding the stereotype of high and mightiness.

Meghan is supposedly well-educated. She allegedly studied International Relations. Yet she didn’t know that there is a hierarchy in a monarchy that has nothing to do with popularity.

Sure, there are popularity polls, but they don’t determine who gets to be monarch. The Queen ruled for 70 years. She didn’t once complain, but instead embraced it.

Meghan thought her popularity would last forever and the people would demand she be Queen. This would certainly explain various rumours about how Harry allegedly demanded that his grandmother step aside and his wife be made Queen or something to that effect. Screw that Markle is not a blood royal and that his father, brother and nephew are the true heirs.

Never Going To Happen: Meghan Was Never Going To Kick The Queen From Her Pedestal

Only in Harry and Meghan’s minds is she queen of anything. The Queen was a no-nonsense woman who tried to please everyone, but even she knew there were times when she had to put her foot down.

Harry tried to play up his relationship with his beloved granny. He claimed to Hoda Kotb that The Queen told him things she wouldn’t tell anyone else. This, we believe, is a lie. Why? By the time this interview happened, the family was barely on speaking terms with him due to the constant leaking that was going on.

Does anyone remember the day after the interview with Oprah aired? Gayle King said she had been told by Harry that he had spoken with William and that their conversation was “not productive.” The world doesn’t – didn’t – care that two royal brothers were feuding.

Look at the feuds going on for years between Charles and Andrew. Look at the alleged conflicts between King Frederik and his brother Prince Joachim. How true that is, we don’t know, and we don’t care. It’s none of our business. Every family has arguments and people they don’t like within. It’s normal.

Famous People Want To Hang Out With Real Royalty, Not those Who Have Quit Because It Was Too Hard

Yet, Harry and Meghan cannot understand why people don’t like them. Perhaps it is their hypocritical behaviour, that the world doesn’t like. Look at Taylor Swift, for instance. There is a reason she refused to be on Archetypes. She can smell fake people a mile away. After all, she has been feuding with the Kardashians for years.

Also, Taylor is firm friends with Prince William and has been for over a decade. There was no way she would jeopardise that for a woman who was only interested in using her for clout.

We’ve stated before that Meghan would never have been able to survive or “thrive” in the Japanese royal family. The way it is set up is sexist towards its royal women. The British royals are a walk in the park in comparison.

If a princess marries an everyday man, they lose their titles. However, men are allowed to marry commoner women. In the odd case, they graduate from married in princess to Empress. Also, women are not allowed to inherit the throne.

Look at all the celebrities who have met the British royals over the years. We know Reese Witherspoon is a massive Catherine fan. She snubbed Meghan and Harry’s wedding invite because she didn’t know them.

We also have a recent comment from Kevin Costner who said he met Prince William and was impressed with him. Jason and Travis Kelce said the same thing on their podcast when they were talking about Taylor Swift’s London Eras tour.

When the photos from Taylor and Kensington Palace came out, the Sussex Squad started calling the singer racist because it’s a) the only card they can use and b) they think Meghan is a saint who has never bought her way into anything in her life.

Meghan Realised That She Was Never Going To Lead The Royal Family… Very Quickly

Upon marrying Harry, Meghan thought she was either better than Camilla and Catherine, who were both Duchesses at the time or equal to them. In any monarchy, there is no such thing as equal.

Yes, that sounds unfair, but it’s like a company where the CEO sits at the top and they have people below them. It’s like saying that an entry-level position is equal to the CEO. There is a hierarchy. Meghan didn’t want to understand that.

She thought as a mixed-race or black Duchess she would have the same respect Catherine has. No, the Duchess of Cambridge, as the former Kate Middleton was known upon Meghan’s arrival, spent years earning people’s good wishes. Just because she was married to William didn’t mean she got it automatically. Also, the public is drawn to a royal’s personality, not the skin tone. Do you think other European royal families with black members care about what they look like?

Also, Markle wasn’t willing to learn from the aristocratic circle. Perhaps she could’ve consulted Emma, the Marchioness of Bath, the first black (and Nigerian-descended) woman to marry into the British aristocracy.

 Meghan Markle Allegedly Has Superpowers Of The Taste Bud Kind And Nope, Still Not Equal

Meghan allegedly went psycho upon tasting egg in a dish during taste testing for her and Harry’s wedding. The Queen pulled her aside and told her to treat the staff with respect. This is also what Catherine did. Does Meghan have mega taste buds or something? She believes she is so in tune with food that she can taste everything.

Also, she realised she was not equal to the likes of Camilla and Catherine.

Queen Camilla was higher in rank than Princess Catherine.

Princess Kate was higher than Duchess Meghan.


Because of their husbands and their place in the line of succession. King Charles outranks Prince William.

Prince William, who is the heir, outranks Prince Harry, who follows Prince Louis in the line of succession. Oh, and Meghan likely hated that three children outranked her husband.

Meghan Either Didn’t Understand Protocol Or She Didn’t Care

For all the claims that she was naïve and had no help as a royal, Meghan either doesn’t care or understands that she is not exempt from the rules. The Queen gave her plenty of assistance by giving her aides to help. Also, let’s not forget that Her Majesty was willing to allow her black equerry to assist Markle.

Meghan and her friends then made racist comments like, “Oh, he’ll stick out like a sore thumb.”

She believes that rules are racist and that anyone who follows them is exactly that, despite everyone following the same recommendations. Meghan believes she was the person who was going make the British monarchy “modern.”

Moreover, Meghan saw The Queen, who she consistently called “Harry’s grandmother”, as a senile little old lady who was a pushover. Oh, no, Megsy. That’s where you’re wrong. Her Majesty was a woman of great strength. She had more world experience than you believe she did. Also, she met actual Hollywood stars like Marilyn Monroe.

The Queen saw the impact her uncle Edward, The Duke of Windsor’s abdication had on her father, King George VI. She witnessed how her mother never forgave Edward for sending her husband to an early grave. The hatred that the family had for Wallis Simpson was immense. Meghan doesn’t appear to care that people are comparing her to the Duchess of Windsor.

Meghan, being the “brash American” places others in a bad light. She is supposed to be a “cultured woman”. She cannot understand that because she wasn’t allowed to shake hands first, doesn’t make it sexist. Yet, she did it anyway to show “I’m more important than my husband.”

It’s Not About Sexism

If she had paid attention, Meghan “the victim” Markle would have noticed that sexism doesn’t play into palace protocols with royals. Oh, no. It has to do blood before marriage. Let’s go over an example.

There was recently a tour between the monarchies of Sweden and Denmark. When Crown Princess Victoria and her husband, Prince Daniel, greeted King Frederik and Queen Mary, Victoria greeted them first. Why? Because she’s the blood royal. Then, Daniel greeted them.

If it were, say, Queen Mary and King Frederik, meeting King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia, Frederik would greet them first and then Mary. Why? He’s the blood royal. The same goes for every monarchy in the world. It doesn’t matter what the gender of the royal is.

Let’s do another example.

In Britain, it is widely known that when greeting the monarch for the first time in the day,  a curtsy for the woman royal and a bow of the head for the royal man. But if there was previous interaction in the day, there is no need.

So, if Catherine were to see The King for the first time in the day, she would have to curtsy. However, if she saw him at a later point on the same day, she wouldn’t have to.

Meghan would probably look at the footage of Crown Princess Victoria and go, “But she gets to go first!” Again, Victoria is a blood royal. It’s not sexist. Markle’s belief that a woman should always go first is woke. There were instances where yes, the lady should go first. But she believes that all men are beneath women.

Why Did Meghan Largely Target Female Staff?

Meghan has a pattern of the people she bullies. Her victims are usually white women. Jason Knauf wrote to Simon Case, who worked for Prince William, that Markle always had “someone in her sights.” This would be behaviour that the Reitman’s crews would identify with. They had witnessed it too.

From everything we’ve heard, Meghan thinks that she is the best woman in the whole world because is the victim. She doesn’t take the time to get to know someone “beneath” her who is the one being oppressed… by her.

She sees other women as threats to her success. This was evident when she was at school too. Tom Bower mentioned a story in Revenge he had been told where Meghan got upset when another girl would get the role in a school production she wanted.

Bower goes further and says that she wanted to go to a camp and be the lead in the school play. The drama teacher told her she could only do one. She chose the camp. In revenge, she ordered her dad not to light the production.

Thomas ignored her and did the production, anyway, resulting in Meghan moving out and living with her mother for a few weeks, again playing the victim.

Meghan also degraded women who were meant to help her. Samantha had been asked to delay her retirement by The Queen herself.

Making Catherine’s Life A Misery

All Markle did was make the situation more stressful than it already was. Also, there are plenty of confirmed stories she made Catherine’s life a misery. The bridesmaid dress fitting is probably the most well-known.

There have been rumblings of Meghan acting all high and mighty regarding the William-Rose Hanbury affair rumour.  There is also speculation in some circles that Meghan bought Catherine a knife for Christmas one year. How true this rumour is, we don’t know. It’s one of the many that are floating around.

Harry mentions in his book, Spare, that pregnant Catherine shuddered when she had to hand poor victim Meghan her lip gloss. He doesn’t realise that his fiancée was using a tactic used by actresses to throw their competitors off their game. That is how she saw the former Kate Middleton, as her rival. She pretended to play nice in public because she needed people to admire her.

Whether this lip gloss thing happened, we don’t know. We cannot take anything Harry says as gospel as he has claimed his brain has been altered due to his drug use.

The American Battler AKA Meghan The Victim

Meghan wants everyone to think she is the American battler who had to fight to get where she is today. There is plenty of proof to suggest she didn’t suffer prejudice.

Let’s take a look at this, shall we?

If Meghan was a poor child (victim) who could only afford $5 salads at Sizzler, how could she attend an elite primary school? Also, why haven’t the black women who supposedly helped her mother raise her come forward to defend her? Oh, right because it didn’t happen. How do I know this? Well, look at all the times she could have embraced her “black” culture. One instance would be keeping her hair in its original complexion instead of straight, like a Caucasian woman.

Another opportunity would have been to include her black relatives in her 2018 wedding who were NOT her mother. Meghan doesn’t care about her black roots. She only cares about her title getting her places, but even that isn’t working. Why? Because America doesn’t acknowledge foreign titles. That was the whole reason the Revolutionary War happened. King George III lost America. However, Markle doesn’t want you to know that and treats even her United States kin like idiots.

Sure, some Americans like her.  Most don’t understand what a monarchy does or why they exist. Meghan was relying on that, hence why she used Oprah. She likely knew that the former Talk Show Queen had longed to interview Princess Diana but got rejected and had to settle for Fergie.

The Game Of Second Chance

Meghan thought we’d flock to her if they knew how hard done by she was. While it did work for a while, much of the public wizened up. Now, they see through the act.

Americans are usually for second chances, Meghan and Harry have done many despicable things to get Americans to despise them.

 Polling suggests that William and Catherine are firm royal favourites for many Americans. Also, the last publicised poll shows that the Sussexes weren’t popular.

Many of our readers are American. They agree that the Sussexes aren’t the great people that their countless Public Relations teams are trying to show. Look at their constant need to upstage people.

Examples of Upstaging

  • Constant events on Catherine, the Princess of Wales’ birthday
  • Trying to go up against William by dropping PR stunts (American Riviera Orchard as The Prince of Wales was due on stage at the Diana Awards)
  • Nacho was allegedly told to drop the Raspberry jam and dog treats on the day of Trooping the Colour which was due to Catherine’s first event back while undergoing cancer
  • Upstaging Queen Camilla’s Domestic Violence Speech
  • William and Catherine’s Pakistan trip
  • Prince Louis’ birthday by posting pap pics of Meghan (then pregnant with Lilibet) taking Archie to “school” a half hour before Louis’ pictures were due to drop

Meghan can deny that she was not upstaging anyone all she wanted. Her narcissism prevents her from seeing that she’s developed a pattern. Whether she is aware of what she is doing is another thought altogether. Though, she probably knows all about it and doesn’t care, as long as she comes out on top.

Nothing with her is coincidental. Once or twice, sure. Any time after that? Forget about it.

The Burning Passion

Meghan hates the royals with a burning passion that she cannot contain. She always has to be in the headlines ahead of them. In recent times, she’s grown complacent. She thought that because she was “Prince Harry’s wife” and “the Duchess of Sussex” she would be exempt from criticism like she believes Catherine is. Sorry, but no. Camilla wasn’t exempt when she married Charles in 2005. She was universally hated. The tides have changed, people respect her but don’t necessarily hold the same love for her as they do Kate.

Catherine has had over twenty years of lessons. She knows how to behave in public. It is rare that you ever see her put a foot out of line.

Meghan, on the other hand, believes that she is perfect with the way she behaves. Video and photos would suggest otherwise. Turning around during the national anthem to talk to the person behind you is disrespectful.

So is laughing at someone who falls off their horse due to a medical episode. Oh, and let’s not forget how she was smirking during the Canadian anthem during that hockey game because the woman singing was on the autism spectrum.

Meghan doesn’t give two flying effs about anyone, but herself. We doubt she even cares about the children or Harry most days. She needs her name in the press daily to feel like she has achieved something.

Not About Privacy – Meghan’s Need To Be The Victim

She never wanted privacy like she claimed. Privacy means something different to her than it does to everyone else. She doesn’t want people calling her out on her crap. That is her form of privacy. However, she encourages Harry to disregard his family’s privacy by telling lies about them, knowing they won’t respond.

Meghan wanted the “starring role” in the monarchy. Moreover, she wanted to dethrone “the little old lady” the rest of the world acknowledges as “Her Majesty The Queen of England.” However, she would have realised quickly that the monarch wasn’t going anywhere. If she wanted the throne, she would have to get rid of Camilla (even though Charles would be THE king), and William and Catherine. She hated Princess Charlotte for purely existing.

Why Does Meghan Insist On Going First?

We know Meghan doesn’t give a damn about protocol and she questioned she plays the victim saying, “I wasn’t taught anything.” If she loved Harry as she claims, she would let him do his thing. However, she needs to be the centre of attention at all times.

The first time we saw this was during Charles’ 70th Birthday party. She was seen stopping Harry from walking in front of her. At the time, it was seen as a gentlemanly thing to do for the man to let the woman go first. However, as time has gone on, it has become a repeat pattern.

Anyone who knows anything about how royalty works, the blood royal, male or female, is always first. In Muslim countries like Morocco, which is ruled by a man, it’s a faux pas for the woman to go first.

“Victim” Meghan said that she wanted to make her in-laws proud. No, she didn’t.

She didn’t give a damn about them. Nor did she plan on “making them proud.” All Meghan wanted was sympathy for something she had no intention of providing.

The only sympathy she has gotten is from people who are anti-monarchists, the Sussex Squad who don’t understand anything and those who believe all white people are racist.

American Riviera Orchard Is A Carbon Copy Of Brands Meghan Despises

Meghan believes that American Riviera Orchard is the greatest brand ever.  Though, no one knows what it’s about. Her teaser video provided us with nothing, but her haunting her house. Thank you to Jen of Real Housewives Recaps for that thought.

As we’ve said before, Meghan hates everything royal-related and has slammed Highgrove for “not growing its produce” while she does. Was she aware that Highgrove’s head gardener has said otherwise? Does she know that it takes roughly 12kg of strawberries to make fifty jars of jam? Also, why doesn’t she use the lemons to make other products? Soap. Lemon Curd. Lemon bath bombs.

Markle had to create unoriginal rival products, which ultimately backfired. Only about 10 of the 50 posted to their socials. This is a little more successful than 40×40, but not by much. Oh, the Highgrove and Buckingham Palace shop stocks sold out, so she threw a fit.

Let’s Play Guess Potential American Riviera Products!

To end this post, let’s look at the potential products Meghan could sell through American Riviera Orchard. Note, that this will not include things we already know about.

  • Lemon Curd.
  • Wine.
  • Overpriced towels.
  • Tote bags.
  • Bathroom products.
  • Baking dishes.
  • Chutney.
  • Canine dental products.
  • Perfume.
  • Dog Kibble.
  • Apple Cider.
  • Expensive candles that smell like body parts (like Gwynnie’s candles and perfumes).
  • Diana wigs.
  • Perfume that smells like Meghan, Harry and Diana.
  • Stationary that has feminist phrases.
  • Books on being a grifter or better yet, being a Spare like Prince Harry.
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