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Prince Harry Doesn’t Care Two Effs About Princess Catherine  – OPINION

Prince Harry Princess Catherine

Prince Harry and the former Catherine “Kate” Middleton, the Princess of Wales, used to be incredibly close. They were like brother and sister. However, since the arrival of Meghan Markle, the relationship between the once close in-laws has soured.

The relationship between “Kate Middleton” and Prince Harry went south when Meghan started acting like a diva and tormenting the Waleses (then the Cambridges’) staff. But the beginning nail in the metaphorical coffin was the bridesmaid dress drama. Saint Meghan Markle on Reddit did a great post on it.

It got worse when Harry claimed on Netflix, as mentioned by that his brother and Princess Catherine’s husband, Prince William only married her because she “fit the mould” of what a royal wife should be.

Now, the Sussex camp is putting out all these stupid puff pieces about “Prince Harry is upset about Kate’s illness” or whatever it is they want the people to believe. Our take is that he couldn’t care less about Catherine.

Prince Harry Wanted A Woman Just Like Princess Catherine

Why, might you ask? He wanted Catherine, or at least, a version of her. In his mind, she chose the wrong brother. In other words, Harry was jealous of William for marrying a woman who was everything Diana would’ve wanted for him.

Diana even recorded a message for William’s future wife. She did the same for Harry. We do not doubt that Meghan would use this to say, “See, H? Your mother is speaking to me” if her husband ever questioned if his late mother was talking to her from beyond the grave.

We’re not superstitious so we don’t believe that Meghan speaks Diana. Most people don’t. Kinsey Schofield said to Dan Wootton that she had been told that Princess Beatrice had overheard Markle tell Harry that his mother had spoken to her when she was doing yoga that morning before the Platinum Jubilee events started.

Also, we have no issues believing that. Meghan knows how to push Harry into believing her BS and she uses his mother’s memory to do it. Now, where does Catherine fit into this?

Princess Catherine Doesn’t Try To Be Princess Diana

The Princess of Wales fits into this narrative by doing the opposite. Catherine doesn’t try to be Diana. Sure, she will occasionally wear similar outfits, i.e. the dress she wore upon leaving the hospital with newborn Prince George and Prince William. That is as far as it goes.

Meghan, however, is constantly cosplaying Diana. We’ve spoken about this so much, that it’s imprinted on our eyeballs. We mean that literally.

If Harry and Meghan cared about Catherine, they would’ve called their attack dogs, off. Also, they wouldn’t have thrown her under the bus to Omid Scobie and said she was one of the royal racists. Just an FYI here, I have never believed this. The Princess of Wales has never been mean to anyone. If she had, it would’ve been in the news years ago.

Constant Slander

Meghan specifically tried to slander Catherine in whatever way she could to make her less likable. Harry is complacent because he allows “the love of his life” to do it. However, their plot isn’t working, except on the Sussex Squad.

Princess Catherine no longer sees Prince Harry as a friendly. She sees him the same as Meghan; a horrible human being who tried to villainise her and William. We can only imagine what she thinks of him getting an award for “service” from ESPN.

Prince Harry can say how worried he is about Princess Catherine and he’s “helping her” behind the scenes. No, he’s not. Meghan has made him think Kate is jealous of them and that she is an unkind human with no emotional empathy. Says the woman who ditches friends and family after they have no more value. Just ask Ninaki Priddy and Trevor Engelson.

Princess Catherine Is Not A Cruel Person, Prince Harry

Harry should know better. He has known Kate far longer than Meghan. The idiot prince should’ve seen the red flags. Catherine is not a cruel person. She loves everyone except those who have wronged her. Why should the Princess of Wales give her vile sister-in-law the time of day when she did the following:

Harry should’ve been aware that Catherine was cold towards Meghan for a reason. We’ve said this before, but his alleged love for his wife blinds him. She is making him see that everyone else is wrong.

How can everyone else be wrong? His family and friends were concerned and told him to slow down. As Prince Philip pointed out (as per The Sun), they step out with actresses, they don’t marry them. Well, that’s not exactly true as Lord Frederick Windsor is married to an actress, Sophie Winkleman.

The Sussex Squad would scream from the rooftops, “It’s not the same! Sophie’s white and British! Princess Meghan’s black and American!” Okay, squids. Race has never played any part, nor has nationality. Markle only brings any of this up because she needs to play victim to stomp all over her detractors.

It doesn’t work. Also, it appears she forgets that Harry has been called out for racism. Either that, or she doesn’t know about it. Whatever the case is, it shows that she cannot find a legitimate excuse to trash people. Instead, she says, “The royals are racist because they spoke about my child’s skin colour, and they hate me because I’m black.”

Meghan Markle Didn’t Want To Listen

If Meghan had bothered to listen and learn, she would know that the royals are not racist. Why would the Queen have a black equerry if the royals were racist? Why would Her Majesty offer her said black man as assistance? Also, The now King has had black staff for years. He was the one who organised for the Kingdom Choir to sing at the 2018 royal wedding Oh, wait.

Meghan Markle is unconsciously racist. She was the one who said the equerry would “stand out like a sore thumb.” Also, her friends are as bad as she is.

Meghan has no appreciation for anything she has ever been given. She makes up blatant lies to get sympathy. Look at all her father has done for her. Prince Harry is in the same vote as he forgets that Princess Catherine always treated him like an equal. She didn’t write him off the way his wife did with her. She understands what it’s like to have a brother as she has her own and knows the hardships of mental health.

Mental Health Is Important

Catherine would never underestimate someone’s mental health. After all, she helped James through his depression. She even went to therapy to support him. Harry appears to have forgotten about Kate’s contribution to Heads Together, a charity they and William help establish.

Meghan had nothing to do with setting up any mental health charity. Want to know why? Because she hasn’t got those types of issues. Her problems are psychological and that’s not us dialogising her. You can see it in her actions. Markle must be the first (and best) at everything, but she botches it.

Why? Because Meghan is too over-confident in her so-called talent. People in big Hollywood positions like Jeremy Zimmer and Bill Simmons have slammed her for that. Simmons even threw shade on his podcast at her for not producing enough content for Spotify. He was the one who called the Sussexes “F***ing grifters.” It was also Simmons that revealed Harry wanted to interview dictators about their childhood traumas.

Meghan Lies To Harry About Being A Major Hollywood Power Player

Meghan was not a Hollywood power player like she told Harry she was. She didn’t have starring roles in massive blockbusters. All she had were walk-on parts where she said about 20 seconds of dialogue for a 30-second appearance. Sure, she was in Horrible Bosses and Remember Me, but she had to pull strings with her then-husband to get those parts.

Catherine, meanwhile, didn’t have to pull any strings to get her name in the headlines. The media did it for her by being overly cruel to her. Someone even took an ad out on the side of a bus calling her “Waity Katy” because she was waiting for William to propose.

Prince Harry Allowed Footage Of Princess Catherine To Be Used On Netflix To Depict Meghan Being ‘Stalked’

Prince Harry should have realised that Princess Catherine was under threat since she was stalked. Also, how low could he go by allowing footage of Kate to be used in the Netflix series to make it look like Meghan? We’d already lost respect for him that is next level. He would allow this to show that he doesn’t care about his sister-in-law.

What ‘Princess Kate’ (we hate calling Catherine that) had was what Meghan Markle wanted; a life where people love her. Some individuals don’t like the Princess of Wales and that’s fine. It is not okay, however, to go and trash people who have done nothing wrong.

Can the Sussex Squad give one legitimate example of what the former Kate Middleton has done to Meghan? No, they cannot. All these individuals do is hate her because their leader does. It’s not rocket science.

Prince Loves Dragging Princess Catherine’s Name Through The Mud

Prince Harry complies in giving the Sussex Squad a platform to pull Princess Catherine’s name through the mud. He cannot accept that his family was right about Meghan. There is a reason why many of his friends have cut ties with him. Tom Bower mentions in his book Revenge that the pals from the shooting weekend were horrified that the prince could be with a woman who would criticise everything he held dear.

The text exchange that is mentioned in telling. They disliked her because she told them what they could and couldn’t say. Sure, their jokes were unsavoury, but she had no right to dictate them. She was a stranger to them. Lambasting them into thinking like her is wrong and it is this little thing called censorship.

Princess Catherine Couldn’t Defend Herself Against Prince Harry And Meghan Markle’s Claims

Throwing Catherine under the bus, was her way of silencing her sister-in-law, knowing she couldn’t defend herself. Prince Harry is allowing her to do it, having no longer got the balls to stand up to her. The last time he did was on the Buckingham Palace balcony after Archie was born during the national anthem. He ordered her to turn around when she tried to talk to him.

At that point, Prince Harry had some ounce of respect for his country and The Queen. We’ve seen the clip of him saying he doesn’t like England. However, we think after the balcony incident, something changed. We assume that Meghan probably threatened to leave him and take Archie with her if he told her what to do. This could explain why he always allows her to walk before him.

Princess Catherine Respects Prince William

Princess Catherine would never walk in front of Prince William. She has understood protocol for over 20 years. Meghan couldn’t manage it for 18 months. She doesn’t understand rules are there to be followed. Occasionally, they can be broken. But there is a reason they are there.

If The Queen Mother were alive, she wouldn’t be happy with Harry’s wife. Neither would Queen Mary, The Queen’s paternal grandmother. They, like Meghan and Catherine, married into the family. It was much harder for royal women in the early to mid-20th Century. They had to remain silent. Catherine married into the family at a time when things were loosening up.

The Queen Mother had died almost a decade earlier and Queen Mary had passed before Elizabeth II’s coronation. Prince Harry grew up knowing the rules and having his beloved Meg throw Princess Catherine under the bus puts a bad taste in people’s mouths.

In addition, Meghan wants people to believe she is oppressed as if she lives in the 19th and 20th Centuries. Her out-of-touch thoughts are what make people scratch their heads at her antics.

The British monarchy is more modern than Meghan and Prince Harry want people to think, and Princess Catherine puts that on display. She hugs people (as proved by The Daily Mail), takes selfies and even allows babies (as per Wales Online) to steal her purse.

Do you think Meghan would allow that? No, she couldn’t.

A Short Message To Prince Harry About Princess Catherine

Prince Harry, if you’re reading this, Princess Catherine will never trust you again especially after you allowed your Instagram-Loving B**** wife to trash her, your niece, Willia, your father and stepmother and lastly, your elderly grandparents. She can forgive you, but you can forget having any close association with your brother again. He has Mike Tindall for support.

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