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Chronicles of Harkle

Immature Idiot! Excerpts “Leaked” From Spare – Prince Harry’s Memoir

God bless Spain. Prince Harry’s memoir, Spare, has been prematurely released in Spain, and excerpts have been planted in the US and British press. So when they were saying the Duke of Sussex was putting a lot of negativity on Prince William and Catherine, they weren’t kidding. Though, what has been surprising in some of …

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Chronicles of Harkle

Why Harry’s Interviews With Anderson Cooper And Tom Bradby Will Be One-Sided – OPINION

Tom Bradby and Anderson Cooper will be sympathetic to Prince Harry during his “promotional tour” for his memoir, Spare. While this is just my opinion, no journalist has pulled him and Meghan Markle up on their lies to their faces. Anyone who has followed the Sussex trainwreck since the start will know that Bradby is …

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Does Princess Charlotte Remember The Bullying She Suffered At The Hands Of Her Aunt Meghan?

The Wales children are getting so big! Prince George is almost a teenager, and Princess Charlotte is not far behind her. Prince Louis is still adorable. However, the focus of this article is to examine whether Charlotte remembers the bullying she suffered before the wedding of her Uncle Harry and Aunt Meghan. That little girl …

Lady Susan Hussey
Cancel Culture

Why Buckingham Palace Needs To Investigate The Racism Allegations Leveled At Lady Susan Hussey

Lady Susan Hussey is no racist. This is not an opinion. It is a fact. For a woman who has selflessly served the British Royal Family for 60 years, she has shown grace and dignity. As Rita Panahi, a reporter for Sky News Australia points out; it was “twisted” to accuse an 83-year-old woman of …