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References To Previous Addams Family Properties In Wednesday

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As the smash hit Netflix series, Wednesday, continues to film its second season, we thought we’d have some fun and point out references to previous Addams Family properties that were scattered throughout Season 1.

The Addams Family references will be from different versions of the kooky family throughout the years.

Before we begin, the references will only be for Wednesday Season 1.

Altered Thing

Everyone’s favourite disembodied hand Thing has always been his sassy self.

Having always been portrayed in live-action by a real human being, Thing has always an unaltered hand. However, in Wednesday, he has stitched up fingers like he was taken from Frankenstein’s monster. What some fans might not be aware is this might be a reference to the animated Addams Family films from recent years.

In those movies, Thing is seen as wearing a watch and has eyes on said device so he can express emotion.


A minor moment from the Wednesday premiere episode is when our titular character has Thing break into Tyler’s House to get him to ring her via his phone while she communicates via Enid’s laptop.

Unsure of what Thing is, Tyler asks Wednesday if the hand is her pet. Thing gives him the middle finger. This reference might be a callback to Wednesday’s pet octopus in the animated films.

Ophelia Hall

Wednesday and Enid’s dorm is located at Ophelia Hall, which as Wednesday points out was named after Ophelia in the Shakespeare play, Hamlet. There is another meaning to Ophelia Hall.

In other Addams Family properties, Morticia has a sister named Ophelia.

“You Rang?”

During Outreach Day when Wednesday deserts Pilgrim World, she heads to the Weathervane to seek Tyler’s help. When she rings the bell, he walks into frame and says, “You Rang?” This is a common phrase said by Lurch, the Addams Family’s butler.

Double Snap

When Wednesday solves the riddle to the statue that hides the Nightshades meeting space, she snaps twice. This is the same the action that has long been associated with the Addams family, especially in the opening credits for the original live-action series starring, John Astin.

Kooky And Spooky

At the festival, Tyler calls Wednesday ‘kooky’, which she responds, “I prefer spooky.” This is a nod to the theme song to the original live-action series.


While not referenced directly, there is a nod to Cousin Itt. There’s a quick blink-and-you-miss-it cameo where someone that resembles him appears in a portrait in the Nightshades’ library. Uncle Fester references his relative Iggy Itt.

Christina Ricci

A massive Addams Family reference is Christina Ricci. The actress, who plays Marilyn Thornhill/Laurel Gates in Wednesday, played Wednesday in the 90s Addams Family movies when she was a child.

Girl Scouts

There’s a reference to Christina Ricci’s Wednesday when Tyler asks if Jenna Ortega’s Wednesday was a girl scout. She responses with “I eat girl scouts for breakfast.” There was a scene in the 90s films which involved Wednesday and girl scouts.


During Morticia, Gomez and Pugsley’s visit to Nevermore, Morticia visits Garrett Gates’ grave. She rips the head of the rose and leaves only the stem before throwing the head away.

This is a reference to Angelica Huston’s Morticia cutting the rose heads the 90s films.


When Principal Weems tells Wednesday that she needs to pick an extra-curricular activity, she tries archery with Xavier. This is a reference to the 90s films with Christina Ricci where she fires crossbow bolts at Pugsley.

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