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The Catherine-Meghan Rivalry That Never Was – OPINION

Catherine Meghan, Princess of Wales, Duchess of Sussex

Meghan Markle tried to create a rivalry with Kate Middleton that simply wasn’t there. The former actress, who became the ‘Duchess of Sussex’ in 2018, thought she could be better than her more prominent sister-in-law. The newly minted Princess of Wales married Prince William in 2011. She has enjoyed over twenty years with her husband, first as a girlfriend and then as a wife, who helped him forge the Royal Foundation of the Prince and Princess of Wales.

Meanwhile, Meghan Markle hasn’t even had a decade with Prince Harry, as we’ve discussed a lot in our coverage in Chronicles of Harkle. She has only been the Duchess of Sussex for five years. She dated him mostly long-distance for a year. 

Anyone following the royal drama will know that Prince William expressed concerns over the hot and heavy romance between his younger brother and the cable actress and kindly suggested they slow it down. However, this is where the issues started, at least for the Duke of Sussex. He didn’t like anyone criticising the woman who had sunk her claws into his todger and refused to let go.

Catherine Middleton Is Not Like Meghan Markle

Catherine, however, didn’t need to grab her husband’s nether regions and get him to do her bidding. William fell for her natural charm. Despite the rumours that her mother, Carol Middleton, had her apply to Saint Andrew’s University so she could meet and seduce him, it is further from the truth. 

If Kate had wanted to seduce him, she would have started the first day she arrived on campus. Of course, this is what the Sussex Squad will have you believe.

Meghan Markle thought she could topple Catherine in popularity because she “identifies” as black. While some people were ecstatic that she had joined the British Royal family, others had reservations about the relationship. Those who spoke out were deemed racists all because they didn’t accept a “black woman” as a member of the royal yet ancient establishment.

People Can See Through Meghan Markle’s Act Now

People could see through Meghan’s innocent routine from the beginning. For example, during the engagement interview, she said she didn’t know much about Prince Harry when she met him. Her former agent, Gina Nelthorpe-Cowne, debunked this lie and told Tom Bower for his book Revenge that her former client had thoroughly researched her “date.” She knew this because Markle had told her. 

Gina, being British, knew who Harry was. Tom Bower states in his book that the agent warned Meghan to be careful, but did the actress listen? No. 

She said that she was thorough, meaning she knew what buttons to push to get Harry under her spell and boy did it work. She used the one thing Diana, Princess of Wales, was known for: her charity work as a stepping-off point. Though, you never see Meghan championing HIV and Aids charities. That’s got to be overly disappointing for Elton John.

Meghan Markle Knew How To Push Prince Harry’s Buttons

The buttons that Meghan knew to push with Harry included his mother issues, which was the reason he was drawn to Markle in the first place. She wore one of Princess Diana’s favourite perfumes on their first date, confirmed by Samantha Markle and Harry’s biographer, Angela Levin, via the Hindustan Times. 

Oddly, we cannot find the article that mentions what Samantha Markle told an Australian radio station after the Oprah Interview. She also likely used his love of sex, drugs and alcohol as weapons against him. A real woman wouldn’t do this. 

They’d guide him to be a better person. Meghan did the total opposite. Catherine has a class that Meghan has never had. The Princess of Wales has had to work hard to get the people to love her. 

She didn’t get automatic admiration because she was dating the future king. There were a lot of people who were critical of her but have since changed their minds. She even allegedly faked a pregnancy to hook him.

The Catherine Criticism

In recent years, Catherine has been criticised for not doing much royal work.  People fail to realise that she puts her family first. Furthermore, this is also the 21st Century, where the elite don’t always have nannies to help raise their children like their ancestors did in centuries past. 

One example is the late Queen Elizabeth II. When her two eldest children, the now King Charles III and the Princess Royal, Princess Anne, were young, they could not spend much time with their mother after she became Queen. When The Queen was still Princess Elizabeth, she thought she had more time with Charles and Anne and hadn’t expected her father to pass so soon.

Catherine, meanwhile, is using the time she has now with her children to be their mother and not use their beloved nanny, Maria, to be their ‘parent’. 

Meghan v. Catherine: Mother Wars

Elsewhere, Meghan spends up to three weeks away from her children to go on holiday when they could have gone too. She says she’s a terrific mother, but the public never sees her interact with her kids. 

Whereas with Kate, we do. We see how she interacts with her three children. She’s witnessed her playing and teasing them, and they do the same to her. 

When have we ever seen Archie or Lilibet do this? No, we have not. However, Meghan demands (through her sock puppet husband) that she and their children have security.

Future Duchess Of Sussex Hated The Princess Of Wales Before They Met

Meghan Markle is obsessed with presenting herself as better than Catherine Middleton. We know that the jealousy was there long before the pair even met as the former actress made a quip about the then-Duchess of Cambridge on The Tig and how she [Meghan] thrived on being She-Ra, Princess of Power rather than a fairytale princess like she perceived Kate to be. 

Catherine has proved herself by not playing dirty and keeping her head down. Has she ever wanted to speak up about things said about her? Of course, she likely has. 

But she hasn’t because she knows it will disappear if you say nothing. People will have their opinions, and it is up to the person to decide what they want to believe. 

You Can’t Combat Every Little Story, Meghan… Catherine Doesn’t

Meghan, however, has to combat every single little story, no matter how minor it is. All she does is spend her time on social media looking for things to complain about. 

For example, she got Christopher Bouzy involved, and there was a wave of fear due to him and his bots (and the Sussex Squad) going after people who didn’t believe Meghan and getting them booted from Twitter and, in some way, YouTube. Sue Smith and Meghan’s Mole have come under fire from him, as have Murky Meg, Yankee Wally, and According2 Taz. 

We said in a post that Harry and Meghan’s involvement with this guy showed they were terrified of three YouTubers for telling the truth about them. Sue was even doxed where her personal information was put out in the public domain, including her son’s medical information. 

The Paranoia Of Christopher Bouzy

Christopher Bouzy is the same man who worked with Amber Heard to get her detractors booted off social media. Bouzy has also swiped at Catherine and Prince William, commenting offensively about the couple “ageing in banana years.” 

He even became paranoid when people arrived at his door to give him court documents and thought he was being attacked. Furthermore, he has been outed as a crypto scammer as multiple people have called him out online in cryptocurrency forums when he was known as Iconic Expert. 

It was publicly confirmed that he had some connection with the Sussexes due to his appearance in their “docuseries.”

Meghan Hates Catherine… Simply Put

Returning to the Meghan Markle and Catherine Middleton “competition,” it has never been so clear that the former actress hates her sister-in-law with a burning jealousy that she can’t hide. We’ve seen the dirty looks she gives her behind her back. 

However, we’ve also seen her cower away from the Princess of Wales, as evident during the walkabout after the death of Queen Elizabeth II. 

Kate only had to give one stare, and Markle backed off, though Meghan still looked at Prince William, longingly like “the grief” she felt for the Queen would get him to fall into her arms, crying and sobbing.

William always felt that something was off with Meghan, and when she started needling, pushing Harry to do what she wanted, he realised his hunch was correct.

A recent story claims that Meghan Markle believes she has more right to speak about charity than Catherine, the Princess of Wales. Why? 

Because she [Markle] has had a real career. Whereas Kate did not. There is a problem with this belief, and it is a big one. Meghan doesn’t know Catherine at all. 

Catherine Has Real World Experience

Before she attended Saint Andrew’s University, Catherine worked as a deckhand. She also worked as a waitress while she was studying, and after University, she worked at the clothing brand Jigsaw as an accessories buyer.

Sure, Catherine didn’t have a game plan like Meghan. So what? Most people don’t. Many people fall into their careers. 

There is also a massive difference between the two women. Markle was an average student when she attended Northwestern University, though she proclaimed that she was the smart one at school when her dad and siblings said anything about her grades. 

The Princess of Wales, meanwhile, graduated with 2:1 Honours in Art History. Meghan, however, was advised by her professors to take theatre classes if she was serious about being an actress. She never took their advice as she felt she knew better and thought she had the talent without training.

Meghan And Her Whiteness

In other words, she thought she could bank on her beauty to get her ahead. In her mind, her talent, which, to be honest, was non-existent. Tom Bower’s book Revenge was spot on about that. 

At the time of the engagement, the media was making out that she was a big A-list Hollywood starlet when no one knew who she was. She was on a cable show that only a few million people watched in the United States and Canada. 

Just because she appeared in a 10-second scene as the FedEx Girl in Horrible Bosses doesn’t make you an A-lister. Sure, you’re interacting with an A-lister, but that doesn’t mean you are one. It wouldn’t have been surprising if she had once dreamed of marrying William at Westminster Abbey. We all know how Meghan feels about the future king.

Leilani of Barbados did a video where she calls Meghan out for passing as white her whole life before deciding to pass over as black while saying she’s a woman of colour when her whiteness no longer benefits her despite claiming to have been biracial. 

So, what is she? Mixed race? White? Black? 

As Leilani brilliantly put it, Meghan is ashamed of how she identifies, and there are plenty of people in the world who are mixed race who do this. 

They identify as one side of their heritage but not the other. 

The Lydia Thorpe And Zendaya Examples

One example of this is Senator Lydia Thorpe. She’s half-Aboriginal, half-white. Her father is white, her mother is Aboriginal, and she calls all caucasian people racist. In other words, she’s Australia’s version of Meghan Markle.

Many famous mixed-race people in the public eye embrace both. Zendaya is the perfect example of this. Her father is black, and her mother is black. Her mother was with her when she won her first Emmy. 

Zendaya could have quickly asked her father to be there instead, but she didn’t. She has no issues with being both black and white. 

So, what makes Meghan so different? Oh, right? She was ashamed to have a father who was overweight and older half-siblings who could call her out on her BS.

She never had that much to do with her mother until it benefited her. Tom Bower broke it all down in Revenge. 

Meghan Believes She Is Better Than Everyone Else

In Markle’s mind, her sense of self projects herself to be better than she is. 

She’s a hustler who does anything, including stooping to new lows to get what she believes she deserves. Moreover, this is likely why she despises Catherine, the Princess of Wales.

Catherine doesn’t need to try to be liked. What you see is what you get. Hence, people, especially children, are drawn to her. Kids adore the Princess of Wales because she doesn’t try to force herself on them. 

Catherine And William Are Hits With The Kids

She crouches down to talk to them and allows them to hug her. One baby even stole her handbag, which left the child’s mother horrified.

Kate, being the good sport she is, said she would return and get her bag. Also, as a side note, children love Prince William, as seen not just with his kids but with other people. 

One baby at the Earthshot took a liking to the Prince of Wales’ finger and started chewing on it.

Children run away from Meghan. Most have no interest in her. She can proclaim that little girls see her as a real-life princess all she wants, but here’s the thing: the only people interested in her are her rabid fanbase and Suits fans.

Also, when there is a divorce, Meghan pulls the plug, not Harry, and it will be as messy as the Joe Jonas-Sophie Turner situation. 

Not to mention, she will likely cry that her husband was unable to protect her and their children and that he’s violent and has drug issues. The list will go on and cause him to lose the kids.

It may bring to light whether the children are real, or rather, there was a surrogate. Who knows. 

The Sussex Facade

People are getting fed up with the smoke and mirrors facade the Sussexes have put out there. Sure. Privacy is essential, but when you’re a royal, you have the privilege you do because people want it. It’s not a right, the way Meghan Markle believes it is.

Meghan’s sense of entitlement is what people look out for. They see her as a polarising figure because she says one thing and then does the opposite. It has also become evident that she is an anti-feminist. She sees other women without more likeability than she has as a threat.

There are plenty of images of Meghan throwing Catherine dirty looks behind her back. Just because she acts nice in public doesn’t mean Meghan is friendly behind the scenes. 

Tom Bower wrote about this behaviour in his book Revenge. He mentioned an incident when she was an unknown actress in Toronto, Canada. She was the face of the Canadian fashion label Reitman’s, which she was secretly upset about because it wasn’t all that well-known, and she wanted to head a campaign for a luxury brand like Ralph Lauren. 

Meghan treated the crew like trash and would walk in with an entourage she would only talk to. Everyone else was below her, meaning she would refuse to interact with them. 

People Who Have Worked With Meghan Hate Her

She even stole shoes from the set. There is a rumour that the shoes were the ones she wore during the engagement shoot with Prince Harry in the Kensington Palace Sunken Garden.

A photographer who had worked with Meghan before she met Harry said she was intense. She wore a baseball cap and kept her head down like a superstar like Mariah Carey, and she was insistent that her feet not be photographed. Sure, we all have some body parts we don’t like, but her feet aren’t that bad. 

What Meghan needs to understand that luxury brands take people who have talent as ambassadors. Look at Zendaya. Natalie Portman. Julia Roberts. Johnny Depp. 

They’re all faces of different brands because they have the acting chops that Meghan could only dream of having. 

The Know-It-All

Markle didn’t take the advice of her university professors to take theatre courses to advance her acting skills, and the only big acting break she got was, of course, Suits, which wasn’t a big deal either.

During the engagement phase of her courtship with Prince Harry, Meghan’s PR would push out that she was this well-known “Hollywood actress” when no one had even heard of her unless you’d seen Suits or the small amount of Hallmark movies she’d done, which didn’t get that many views, to begin with.

Meghan also fails to understand that Catherine is beloved because she put in the work. It has nothing to do with being William’s wife or the mother of a future king. She had to find a charity niche she could call her own and she found it in early childhood development. Moreover, this has become her life’s work. Meanwhile, Markle jumps from bandwagon to bandwagon and never commits to one leading cause.

This could be why people couldn’t connect to Meghan the way they could with Catherine and not take sides. It’s okay to like more than one person, but Meghan had more detractors than fans.

The Sussex Squad

The only people who want her are her weird stans who dox and threaten people. They bully the Wales children, as they did when Prince George did a watercolour painting of a reindeer inspired by another artist’s work. The Sussex Squad accused him of “plagiarising” it.

Only, they fell on their faces when the original artist came out and said she loved that he had used her work as inspiration. He’s a child. A literal child who is coming into his own as an artist. Though, if anyone says anything about Archie and Lilibet, the world metaphorically ends.

It’s a two-way street for these people because as far as they [the Sussex Squad] are concerned, Archie and Lili are the best things in the world, and George, Charlotte, and Louis are bottom feeders who can’t live up to the hype. I do not believe in blaming children for their parents’ faults or their feuds with others.

No Child Should Be Held Responsible For Their Parents’ Actions

Archie and Lili have nothing to do with their parents’ gaslighting of their paternal family or the abandonment of their maternal family. They are innocent victims here. There is a reason I don’t bring the kids up that much; they shouldn’t be included in something they don’t understand. Lili’s only two, and Archie is four, while you also have George, ten, Charlotte, eight, and Louis, five.

Of King Charles’ five grandchildren, George likely has a better understanding of what is going on. You could also count Charlotte as she’s a very attentive little girl who pulls her brothers into line. Of the five, those who would have memories of their Uncle Harry. Louis, not so much as he was only a baby when the Sussexes left. Lili is left out in the cold because she has never met her uncle, aunt, or cousins. It is speculated that she did get to meet her grandfather, but the information came from the Sussex camp, which is notoriously unreliable.

Using The Kids

Regarding Archie, we know he met some of his family at least once, as Catherine and William were at his christening, where Meghan wore that horrid outfit and made the whole photo about her as she was sitting in the middle of the image. Also, if you look at William and Catherine in the picture, they look super uncomfortable being there. It would not be surprising if they were told they had to go for Charles’ sake, as it’s possible he said to William, “Please attend your nephew’s christening. Harry went to all three of your children’s christenings.” It wouldn’t be that much of a surprise if the Queen had a say and didn’t attend the event. She didn’t go to every christening of her great-grandchildren.

The Queen loved her great-grandchildren along with her children and grandchildren, and it is clear they adored her. Meghan can claim “I love grandmothers” all she wants, but she has no time for Her Majesty. Also, what gives her the right to demand to be at the Queen’s bedside when she made the last years of her life a living hell? She took The Queen’s grandson away and banned her from seeing her great-grandchildren.

Meghan Markle The Petty

Meghan Markle is a petty woman. Nothing is ever good enough for her. Look at what happened with the equerry. A big thank you to Omid Scobie for outing Meghan as a big-time racist. Also, she has this habit of taking photos of people’s backs. Look at the photograph of Archie for one of his birthdays on the Archewell website. The picture could have been any child, and it looked like one of those temporary pictures you get when you buy a photo frame from a $2 store. She and Harry did the same with their first Christmas card with an unseen photo from their wedding where their backs are to the camera as they watched the fireworks.

When it comes to Christmas cards and birthday photos, showing the backs of people is just insulting. It gives the impression that “we don’t care about the little people. You can all go eff off.” However, you have Catherine and William, who present incredibly close-knit photos with their children.

The Wales Kids Are Growing Up Normal Human Beings, Not Prisoners

George, Charlotte, and Louis are growing up sociably and have integrated into society. This is evident from the video of the children volunteering with their mother at a baby bank. You don’t see that with Archi and Lilibet at all. Yes, they’re four and two, but you see other royal children from other royal families. Look at Princess Estelle of Sweden as an example. She’s been doing engagements with her parents since she was a few months old and is incredibly well-adjusted.

Every monarch does things differently, of course, but at least Catherine took Prince George to a playgroup when they and Prince William were in Australia all those years ago. When Meghan and Harry were in Africa, Meghan attended a mother’s group without Archie. She would have taken him with her if she were an attentive mother. However, she hates black people and was looking at a black little girl with absolute discomfort.

Meghan’s Mole did a live where she showed pictures of Meghan as a child holding babies and looking uncomfortable. Yes, not all children like holding babies, but this is next level. Also, before the 2018 wedding, Thomas Markle Junior, Meghan’s half-brother, said his sister should not be left alone with children or animals. At the time, most people thought he was being petty. However, stories have come out about Meghan feeding her cat, whose name was Archie, frozen grapes, and he died while she was at Northwestern. Also, no one has been able to give a sensical explanation of how Guy the Beagle broke both his front legs.

Meghan Doesn’t Care About The Improvished

If Meghan truly cared about people, she would be honest and transparent about why she spends $100k or more on clothing for ONE trip to Africa. This was mentioned in Meghan’s Mole’s live. His wife so brainwashes Harry that when the windscreen clears, he will realise he has nothing to return to.

The British Royal Family is ignoring him. Mike Tindall called him a Bell***. His court cases have backfired, especially his phone hacking cases, as he has to have evidence to prove it happened. The judge can’t just say, “Yep, you win,” because he’s a prince. Do you think William would’ve won his phone hacking case back in the day for just being the future king? No! He settled out of court. Harry seems to forget that his claim of “I’m doing this for Meghan” shows her he is worthy of her attention. The phone hacking happened well before she was even in the picture. How Meghan has kept up this facade of being “a kind and compassionate humanitarian” for so long while keeping Harry under her thumb is beyond comprehension.

Meghan Markle is a world-class snob who even looks down on those who some classify as snobs. She claims to be charitable and a hard worker but does an hour of work per week and 72 engagements in 18 months. Catherine has been branded “Duchess Do Little”, but that title should go to Meghan.

Catherine Does Work behind The Scenes

The Princess of Wales does many things behind the scenes that aren’t publicised. Remember when Sarah Everard was murdered, and Kate was spotted laying flowers at the memorial site? No one knew she was going to be there. She just showed up. Also, no one would’ve known about it if it hadn’t been for an off-duty journalist who happened to be there.

Meghan, meanwhile, has to publicise almost everything, including a cataphoric car chase in New York that never happened. The photos from inside the cab tell a very different story to what was put out in the public sphere. Also, it didn’t traumatise the Sussexes, as they turned up a few months later. Also, Meghan tries not to smile in one of these photos. She’s not terrified. She’s enjoying having the camera on her while her husband sits beside her, feeling something while her mother is not traumatised by it.

[Credit: TMZ]

The PR Stunt To Be Compared To Princess Diana

As far as most people feel, it was a PR stunt to be compared to the death of Princess Diana, who died in a real car crash after being allegedly chased by the paparazzi. However, Meghan fails to realise that people see through her BS, and they have for a while. Also, Diana was killed in a car smash where the driver had been drinking and speeding. The paparazzi got there afterwards and started taking photos of Diana as she lay dying in the wreckage of the car.

Now, as much as a numpty as Prince Harry has become, imagine how he felt having to, in his mind, relive his mother’s final moments. However, his demands, likely on Meghan’s orders, to be given the photos and video footage that Backgrid got that night were laughed at and rightly so. Just because his father is the King of England doesn’t mean he and Meghan can have whatever they want.

As Backgrid said in their statement, which is more believable than the whingy statement by the Sussexes, the United States values its Freedom of Speech and doesn’t bow down to foreign princes and their wives. You don’t see Princess Madeleine of Sweden and her husband, Chris O’Neill, act like this, and they lived during the time of the “Sussex car chase” in Florida.

Madeleine still maintains ties to Sweden, and she and her family are moving back there so her children can learn about their heritage and keep their places in the line of succession. In all honesty, the British royal family should keep its family members in check.

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Have No Loyalty

Prince Harry has no loyalty to his family whatsoever. His place is with Meghan, and his constant fear is losing her. If she files for divorce, it will destroy him. He must realise by now surely that he is isolated from everyone who was in his life previously. Friends he shares with William now have to take sides. Look at the Duke of Westminster and the drama surrounding his wedding guest list. He chose William and Catherine over Harry and Meghan because the Waleses carry no drama, and it would be awkward if both couples plus other royal family members were in attendance.

Also, the Sussexes can put out a word salad statement until they’re blue, saying they got the save-the-date card but declined the invite. Right. Where have we heard that before? Oh, right.

Turned Down Invitations

Meghan turned down going to the coronation, Prince Philip’s funeral, and every Christmas invitation since 2019. Harry is just as guilty, yet he claims via friends who leak the information to the press that he wants his children to have a British Christmas in America. If he wants that, take them to the United Kingdom. Oh, wait. His wife refuses to return to the United Kingdom because she doesn’t want to be pelted with rotten fruit or be stared down by Catherine again.

Speaking of Catherine, she is doing the right thing in distancing herself from the toxic cesspool of Meghan and Harry. Her relationship with her brother-in-law, whom she once viewed as another brother, is now non-existent. It’s easy to see why. She treated him with absolute kindness, and what did she get in return? The venom that she was horrible to Mehan and wasn’t supportive and that she encouraged him to wear the Nazi uniform and so on.

Harry’s Only Loyalty Is To Meghan

Doesn’t Harry know Catherine at all? She would never encourage racism. That is not who she is and has been confirmed by her uncle, Gary Goldsmith when he slammed Omid Scobie and his book Endgame.

Let’s face it, shall we? Harry thinks the sun shines out of Meghan’s rear end. He didn’t listen to William, their grandfather Prince Philip or even their uncle Charles Spencer when they all said to some degree not to have a relationship with Meghan Markle. According to a mid-2022 article by the Mirror, Earl Spencer had to tell Harry three times not to marry Meghan. Of course, all attempts to talk him down ended up going in one ear and coming out the other. This was after Harry thought his mother’s siblings would see his then-girlfriend as being so much like Diana. As per Tom Bower, Harry was disappointed when Lady Sarah, Baroness Jane and Charles could not see their late sister as the actress.

Meghan Degrades Harry And Catherine Respects William

Catherine never had to pretend to be something she wasn’t around the Spencers. We don’t know what her relationship with them is like.

One thing that William has never done is constantly refer to Catherine as “my wife.” Catherine has never referred to William in speeches as “my husband.” She respects him way too much and uses his name.  All Harry does is refer to Meghan as “my wife”, and she refers to him as “my husband.” She also degrades him by calling him “my love”, “this one”, and “H” in public. Nicknames are acceptable, but everything that comes out of the Sussexes’ is forced and staged to make it look like they’re so in love when it is clear they’re not. They’re tolerating each other, but even that is pushing it. Meghan gets angsty when no one pays attention to her.

She needs to realise that Harry is the one that people want to talk to. Not her. She is just the side piece who is only there because of whom she married. Once upon a time, she would’ve been respected as the Duchess of Sussex. Now, Harry is designated to being Mister Meghan Markle. He is her handbag, hence the moniker of Handbag Harry.

There Is No Racism

Catherine respects other people’s races. This was mentioned by her uncle, too, after she was named in the Dutch version of Endgame as one of two “royal racists.” Meghan, however, is the true racist, alongside Harry.

Meghan refused the help of the late Queen’s black equerry and was offended that he would be suggested as a mentor. This is an act of genuine racism. Questioning the colour of a child who happens to have more white blood than black blood is not racism. Only people who find offence in everything or are super woke will see it as racism. Also, Harry seems to forget his racist past, which has been swept under the rug by him. It would be something to be a fly on the wall in Montecito to see if this has ever been discussed between the Sussexes.

Thoms Markle and Doria had a conversation about what Meghan was going to look like when Doria was pregnant. It’s not some taboo subject. Even the appearance of Prince George was questioned during Catherine’s first pregnancy. Also, Meghan, who was well-versed in the royal family, regardless of what she says in interviews, would have known that Harry and William had a connection to Africa. She would have known about The Queen and Prince Philip being in Kenya when they got word that King George VI had died. There’s a whole list of things Meghan would’ve been aware of. She does believe the world won’t look into her lies.

When you’re a C-Z talent, people won’t look into what you’re saying because your opinion, as far as society is concerned, doesn’t care. However, people will look into what you’re saying when you’re on an A or B list. They will observe your behaviour.

The Diva

Tom Bower mentioned during his book Revenge that Meghan, an unknown actress on Suits, would show up on the set of the Reitman’s commercials with an entourage of 12 people. No one else was allowed to talk to her but those in the group she had brought to the set. She also made many people who worked with her on these ads cry. She wasn’t above stealing from production, taking a pair of shoes. 

Meghan has depicted Catherine as the villain for making her cry. However, no one has ever backed up Meghan’s claims.

 Also, Harry mentions in his memoir that he always found Meghan in some palace, brawling her eyes out. Was he ignorant not to realise what she was doing? She manipulated him into being sympathetic toward her and blaming everyone else for their “misfortunes.”

Catherine The People’s New Princess… Suck On That, Meghan!

Kate has not got a horrid bone in her entire body. She loves people and has blossomed since she married William.

She was quiet when she first got engaged, but now she’s outgoing and loves babies. Every time she goes on an engagement with children, she goes straight for the babies.

There is a reason why people call Catherine the “Children’s Princess.” They gravitate towards her in ways kids don’t do with Meghan. 

It’s always been said that animals and children have good instincts, and as we mentioned earlier, Thomas Markle Junior cautioned that his sister should not be around either. Though, he didn’t give a reason why.

If anything, Meghan has to fight for the children’s attention. There was one little girl who ran away from her. She’s a magnet that works in reverse. 

Catherine, meanwhile, is a children’s magnet as they love her, and she loves them. Mehan can claim to be the same, given how she kisses her thumb instead of a little girl’s hand.

Intrusive Media

Another point that needs to be raised regarding Meghan and Catherine is Markle saying that Catherine didn’t suffer from the crude and intrusive media. 

Says the woman who calls the paparazzi and does pap walks. She can deny it all she wants, but she has done us all a solid and exposed what celebrities do when they want attention.

Meghan also exposes media tactics and shrewdness when putting out propaganda. Let’s not forget that she has dropped people left, right and centre for either being useless to her or for betraying her. 

Look at how she treated her father, and half-siblings, Jessica Mulroney and Ninaki Priddy.

Meanwhile, Catherine is still very close to her parents, siblings, and many people she has known for years. 

Look at her reaction when she bumped into one of the midwives who delivered Princess Charlotte.

The Petty Duchess

Meghan would ignore anyone she knew in the past because they could expose her for being the liar she is, which is why she cuts people out of her life. Well, that and she sees them as insufficient to her life. 

Look at how she treated her longtime best friend, Ninaki Priddy. She got dumped after she sided with Trevor Engelson in the divorce that Meghan wanted. She did it by mailing her wedding and engagement rings back via FedEx.

What kind of person is cruel enough to do that? As Thomas Markle Junior told Jen of Real Housewives Recaps and Paula M, Trevor did everything for Meghan but was tossed aside like he was “sh** on the bottom of her shoes.” 

This is a sentiment that many people have discarded over the years when it comes to the former actress.

Meghan also puts on the act of being this kind, caring person who was wronged. She used this tactic on Ashleigh, her niece, who she claimed wasn’t allowed to be at the wedding during the Netflix series because of her connection to Samantha. 

Samantha is Ashleigh’s mother,  from whom she’s estranged. 

Meghan v. The Palace

The palace said they would have loved having more of Meghan’s family there outside Doria.

What’s annoying is that Meghan made it look like the palace was the one that told her not to invite her family. 

It was all part of her plan to make it look like royals were the problem because she sees herself as this angelic woman who can do no wrong.

Where Did Carolyn Durand Go?

In the two books that Omid Scobie has written, the Sussexes, especially Meghan, have been painted as this perfect couple targeted by people who threatened their “star power” and “popularity”. 

Oddly, Carolyn Durand didn’t promote Finding Freedom much and left it primarily to Scobie.

Omid has a background in tabloid gossip and knows how to make stuff up when convenient, but he isn’t good at keeping his stories straight. 

Scobie finally had to come out and say he did write a version of the manuscript with the names in it, and that was what was sent to the Dutch publishers, but he still insists on throwing them under the bus. 

The PR Stunt

As Scandalous Media points out in their latest video, it was one big publicity stunt to get Meghan in everyone’s good graces and elevate Omid in the eyes of the media. However, the whole thing backfired. Why? Because of Omid and Meghan, Harry’s track record of lying and victimhood.

People are tired of having to talk about these three and their cries of “We’re victims of A, B, and C.” People are sick of their whinging. 

Sure, we could stop talking about them. But then we’d be letting them get away with everything. They must be held accountable, and people finally wake up to their antics.

It took the media to realise they’d been taken for a while, which is why Archewell has been brought up in the news. 

Archewell The Scam

People are realising it is essentially the world’s most giant scam. This has all come out because they’ve inflated their impact report numbers to make it look like they do more than the royals do when they don’t. 

Also, their donations have dropped in the last year and have only attracted two people who gave them only a million dollars each. Two million dollars. How pathetic is that? 

Harry and Meghan claim to have done 3k hours of work during the year and then gave the executive director, James Holt, a massive salary increase. 

Moreover, this is compared to their more experienced co-executive director, who happened to be a woman who is paid way less. 

Playing Favourites

Harry and Meghan know no bounds. Oh, and they play favourites amongst their staff, hence why he got the pay increase, not the woman.

Meghan doesn’t believe in being charitable. How many times did she donate clothes as a child? Why did she take a bunch of outfits to Rwanda and disappear for hours with a fashion photographer when she was supposed to be working to enhance the lives of these poor, impoverished people? Why did she tell Tom Bradby that “no one has asked me if I’m okay” while standing in one of the poorest areas of Africa, where women are raped daily? It’s not about you, Meghan.

Prince William Moves On From His Brother

Prince William likely doesn’t feel sorry for his brother in the slightest as he threw their entire family under the bus. He certainly has no time for Meghan, as he will be well aware that she has been trying to woo him and hates that she rebuffed him. Willam will also be mindful of how much his sister-in-law hates Catherine, who is genuinely beloved by the King and highly regarded by him.

Meghan would likely have thrown plates galore when she heard Charles called Catherine “Hs most beloved daughter-in-law.” She never had any time for him, so why would she complain? After all, he did for her, she hates him because he didn’t stay blind to her innocent routine.

Charles Stepped Up And Meghan’s Royal Obsession

Charles walked the Duchess of Sussex halfway down the aisle in place of her father, whom she had just discarded. He was kind to her mother and even jumped through hoops (not literally) to incorporate Meghan into the family in ways Catherine never was. 

Yet, he is classed as a racist for daring to ask what the colour of Archie’s skin would be. Again, this is not racist. Multiple mixed couples have this.

Also, a source told American journalist Megyn Kelly that Meghan had a vision board of the British royals when she was with Trevor. 

Moreover, this also backs up what the mother of one of Meghan’s former friends said. Meghan watched Diana’s wedding on repeat and cried during the funeral. 

Meghan’s former best friend, Nikki Priddy, said that Meghan dreamt of being Diana 2.0 while wanting to win an Oscar. More on that in a moment.

From what Megyn tells Maureen Callahan, who was her guest, Meghan’s end goal was to be a royal, and she did it. 

Prince Harry Married His Talentless Stalker

It’s well documented that she made friends with people within Harry’s inner circle and created a grand lie to ensure he didn’t leave her. She pretended not to know who he was because she knew that he wanted someone who wouldn’t know or care who he was. 

The former actress pretended to be that girl when she was. The look on Maureen’s face is priceless. Also, Andrew Morton, who wrote Princess Diana’s memoir, said he was told while writing Meghan: A Hollywood Princess that Meghan wanted to be Diana 2.0., backing up what Ninaki Priddy had said.

Let’s return to the Oscars thing and get real here for a second. Every person who goes into show business in some way wants that covert Oscar or, even better, the EGOT, which is the Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony. Only 18 people have won all four awards. Robert Lopez, the co-responsible for the songs in Frozen, is the only person in history to have won the EGOT twice.

Robert Lopez has talent. Meghan Markle does not.  She has also cried about not being invited to the Oscars. 

She would’ve been allowed to go as Trevor’s plus one. When you’re dealing with Meghan Markle, she’s not interested if the event isn’t about her. 

Also, we know she buys awards to prop herself up on a pedestal. It gets better. If she wanted that Oscar so severely, she wouldn’t be able to buy it. There is a process that she wouldn’t be able to bypass. At the Variety event she attended the other week, she posed for a picture with one of the women on the Academy board.

Meghan: The Talentless Hack

We all know that when the Sussexes started their ‘new lives’ in the United States, a story came out claiming that Meghan only wanted to work with A-list directors, like Ava Duverney, who, for those who don’t know, has ties to Oprah and Oprah is an Oscar winner. Ava was nominated for an Oscar for her work on the film Selma, where she was the director.

No A-list person wants to work with Meghan, though they climb over each other to meet with true royalty. Look at Hannah Waddingham at the Earthshot Awards with Prince William. Tom Cruise got to escort Catherine at the Top Gun: Maverick European premiere. Catherine was called “smashing” by Daniel Craig at the James Bond premiere. The list goes on. Does Meghan get anything like that? No. Well, not unless it’s her rich friends like Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey, who are both controversial in their own right.

Catherine Doesn’t Need To Try, Meghan Does

Meghan tries hard to be liked when Catherine doesn’t have to try. People can see what a lovely human being she is. They don’t need to determine what is true and false with Kate. However, when you have Markle, you don’t know what story she will tell you. Is it the soap commercial she has brought up a hundred times? The royal racist story? The racism that Doria allegedly faced? How did the Queen offer Meghan the blanket over her lap? That she was hounded more than Kate was?

Here’s the issue. Before Kate married William, the paparazzi were relentless, and this was in the early 2000s. Meghan was with Harry in the mid-late 2010s when the paps had to be called to take pictures. The situations are different. Also, no one ever called Meghan the “N” word or her children. One guy got fired from his job for comparing Archie to a primate. There was also a bunch of former English policemen who were caught exchanging racist messages about Meghan. This is not the press.

Greatness Is Silent And Meghan The Bully

Catherine and William are loved because they don’t run around screaming how great they are. They keep their heads down and do what they’re supposed to be doing. Moreover, they don’t get jealous of the spare and his wife. Why? Because they know where their position is, up and only up. Meghan wanted to bulldoze her way to the top but got a shocker when she realised Harry was irrelevant and that he went up but was behind three children.

We’ve all heard the rumours by now about how horrid Meghan was to Charlotte in the lead-up to the wedding in 2018. Harry did not heed her behaviour and backed her up by bullying the staff. He might not have bullied his niece, but he is guilty by association.

There is a reason why Catherine and William didn’t want Charlotte and George with the kids when they left the church. You undoubtedly didn’t see Kate being cruel to her little bridesmaids, one of whom happened to be William’s cousin, Lady Louise and Eliza, one of Camilla’s granddaughters.

Prince Harry And His Hatred For His Family

The Princess of Wales is incredibly close to Louise’s mother, Duchess Sophie. It is rumoured that Louise occasionally watches George, Charlotte, and Louis. Also, William went on an engagement with Sophie, and he didn’t introduce her as the Duchess of Edinburgh but as “my Aunt Sophie.”

You don’t see Hary doing that. What makes the Sussex downfall even more delicious is all the stuff that has come out about how the royals did what they could to ensure Meghan was happy, but then nothing was good enough for her, as we’ve mentioned before.

The British Royal Family are better off without the extra weight that is Harry and Meghan Markle. The other royal families worldwide are probably wiping their brows, relieved they don’t have to deal with rogues. Sure, Prince Joachim is slightly off a loose cannon at times, but he’s nothing compared to Harry. He doesn’t bash his family, let alone his future king of a brother, on the public stage.

Go Live In A Cave, Harry and Meghan

When it comes to Harry and Meghan, their whole lives revolved around having people cover for their despicable antics. However, when cut loose, they saw the backlash and cried, “We weren’t protected!” You have been protected and now see that your actions have consequences. Bad mouth, your staff? You get exposed. It’s as simple as that. You also don’t get to keep the perks when you leave. 

The Firm is like a business. If you have protection as the king’s son and then you leave, it means you don’t get to keep that perk. If you work in a business where you get a company car, you must return the vehicle if you leave. It’s as simple as that, and they knew that when they left as the Queen, Charles and William said they would be stripped of everything, except their titles, which should have been taken too, during the now infamous Sandringham Summit.

If William and Catherine had pulled a stunt like this, there would have been an uproar and a call for abolishing the monarchy. However, with Harry and Meghan, everyone has given up caring. Why? Because their stories are inconsistent, they lie constantly; they throw higher-ranking people under the bus, and we could go on.


Harry has been classed as a traitor to his own country and has chosen to tarnish the country his grandmother nurtured all her life, yet he claims to love it despite saying how much he hated it. He can’t decide what side of the bed he sleeps on or whether he should be sleeping in the chicken coop, an inside joke amongst the Megxiteer community after seeing where Meghan, Oprah and Harry were in the Oprah interview. Like, who puts a bench inside a chicken coop?

Catherine and William are a team and beloved senior members of the king’s family. They always have been, and they share a ton of interests. 

Harry and Meghan share nothing but a superiority complex, believing their popularity will see them through. It’s like looking through a 10-page table of contents. They do not realise that popularity fades and that cries of racism and bigotry only get you so far.

Meghan had a relatively safe sail through her pre-marriage days. Catherine did not. It had nothing to do with appearance. 

Meghan Got Positive Press, Catherine Did Not

The media picked on every single aspect of Catherine’s upbringing. That she waited for William to propose. She was from a middle-class family who had to work hard to establish their party-planning business.

Meanwhile, Meghan was dubbed “a breath of fresh”; she was a well-known actress in Hollywood, and this bullshat that we know isn’t true. 

Also, unlike Meghan, Catherine didn’t have a PR firm spinning positive press about her.

What Racism?

The media adored her and defended her when Harry put out that statement about the racist press coverage. 

People didn’t realise then that the stories that had come out were actually from the American branch of The Daily Mail, not the UK branch. The UK press was blamed because the Daily Mail is a British publication. However, the United States iteration publishes more than the UK does. 

The True Warrior

Catherine has grown as a massively thick skin over the years, and she had to do so, especially with the relentless press coverage she got in her early life. 

Meghan always got a different treatment. The media adored her for being mixed-race. People didn’t take Catherine seriously and thought she was desperate to marry William because she had no other prospects. 

In today’s age, the media swoon over the Princess of Wales because she proved them wrong. With Meghan, it was the total opposite. The press went from loving her to loathing her because she’s doing everything possible not to raise awareness for one charitable cause, amongst other things.

Changing Tides

Even the United States media has started turning on their girl Meghan. In recent polls, Catherine has been dubbed “The People’s Princess”, an honour once bestowed on Princess Diana. 

This is a title that Meghan wants but only exists in her brain as well, living at Buckingham Palace or even Windsor Castle. 

Catherine’s approval rating in the US is higher than William, Harry and Meghan. William isn’t far behind his wife, but Harry and Meghn’s popularity has fallen terribly. Meghan is only sitting at 21%, and Catherine is sitting at 44%.

The screams must be ear-piercing right now.

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