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Harry Is (Unofficially) An American – OPINION

We are sending our condolences to our American readers now that it has been announced that Prince Harry is now officially an American resident. Whether he will become a citizen is still debatable because if he does, he will lose his dukedom, and Meghan Markle cannot have that. She has worked too hard to become a royal duchess and for their children to be ‘Prince’ Archie and ‘Princess’ Lilibet of Sussex.

While our British friends are celebrating Harry no longer having a home in the United Kingdom, he is still a citizen. According to the Guardian, it is believed that when he filed paperwork for Travelyst, his home country was given as the United States. It is thought that this change occurred when Frogmore Cottage’s lease was not renewed.

Harry is officially trapped within America. If Meghan dumps him, he would have to stay there. She will never allow the children to leave the United States without claiming he “kidnapped” them if he takes them with her consent. This could turn into what happened between Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner, where Sophie claimed her ex-husband refused to hand over their daughters’ passports.

While Harry might be a resident now, but that doesn’t mean he can do whatever he wants. He still cannot vote and given he is a British prince on American soil, his political opinions aren’t welcomed. His interference in the last election received backlash.

Meghan has isolated Harry to the point where he has nowhere to turn if there is a divorce. He has zero friends who like him for simply being Harry and not royalty. We’ve all heard the degrading names Markle has called her husband over the years. H. This One. My Husband.

Harry believes (via Meghan) that America is the safest country in the world and that the UK is dangerous. So… has she got him believing that a country where the citizens are gun-happy and go around killing kids is safer than a country where there hasn’t been a major gun crime in almost 30 years? No offence to our American readers.

For those who might not know, On March 13 1996, there was a mass shooting in Stirling, Scotland at Dunblane Primary School. One of the students who was attending the school at that time was future Tennis player, Andy Murray. 18 people died that day, including the shooter.

After the Dunblane massacre, there were stricter gun laws put in place. Since 1996, there have only been two major gun crimes in the UK. This includes the Cumbria shooting which saw 13 people dead in 2010. The second was the Plymouth shooting in 2021, which saw 6 people dead.

Mass shootings in the UK are rare, but they’re fairly common in the US. Let’s recap some of those, shall we?

  • Aurora Chuck E. Cheese (Colorado) – 1993 – 4 dead
  • Columbine High – 1999 – 15 dead (including suspects)
  • Virginia Tech – 2007 – 33 dead (including suspects)
  • Sandy Hook Elementary – 2012 – 28 dead (27 at the school, including the suspect and 1 away from the school)
  • Pulse Nightclub (Orlando, Florida) – 2016 – 50 dead (including suspect)
  • Las Vegas – 2017 – 61 killed (suspect found dead later, 2 victims later died in 2019 and 2020)
  • Uvalde (Robb Elementary) – 2022 – 22 dead (including suspect)

Let’s not forget that Meghan went to the site of the Uvalde shooting when she had no connection to the school whatsoever. The nephew of one of the deceased teachers is now a Sussex Squad member. This is because Meghan and Harry paid his family special attention. Why didn’t they pay attention to the other families? There’s a post coming on that too.

Moreover, Meghan is forcing Harry to embrace her way of life. She won’t do the same and needs to play the victim to push him further into her mindset. Furthermore, this is what we’re seeing today. Harry the American, not Harry the Brit. All he needs now is to shed all his British associations (including the titles) and his accent, then he’ll be an American. Though, he will always be the King’s son and have some UK ties. He cannot erase who he is on the inside, no matter how hard he tries.

In conclusion, Meghan’s American “way of life” is forcing Harry to be a champion of the woke minority. He no longer embodies what it means to be British. Quite honestly, he is an embarrassment to his adopted home in the United States. The people have made it clear they don’t like any more than the British do. Though, it for some, it depends on the political allegiance. Democrats appear to like them more than Republicans.

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