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Why The Sussex Children Will Grow Up Bitter And Angry And It’s Got To Do With Their Parents – OPINION

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Bitterness is a fickled bitch. Harry and Meghan preach “kindness and compassion” to their innate followers. But where is it when it comes to their own families and the people they’ve discarded along the way? In years to come, their children, Archie and Lilibet Mountbatten-Windsor, will come to share in their bitterness. However, they won’t understand why they’re so bitter. Knowing their parents as the public does, there will probably be some BS story given to them about how horrible their families are. Look at how “horrible” Prince Charles was to Harry in not allowing him to ride a bike.

If the children are intelligent, they will do the digging required to understand that what their parents are telling them is nothing more than a push to have the royal family abolished, And it’s all because Meghan couldn’t sit at the top of the totem pole as Queen. If they decide to look into their parents’ families, they should begin with how their mother hooked their father. Then, they could question why their mama and papa hide their faces.

I pray the Sussex children don’t follow the Sussex Squad in not thinking about what a liar their mother is. The one thing I pray for is for the kids to see what a true compulsive liar looks like. There is only so much I believe. Also, Princess Diana’s parenting style rubbed off on Charles after she died.

Mama The Bully

What will the children think of their mother bullying the cousin they aren’t allowed to know, Princess Charlotte? How will Lili feel that her parents’ usurped her first birthday for their means? What about the rumours that Archie doesn’t exist due to the seediness behind the concealment of his birth? I also had a load of thoughts on Lili’s arrival when it happened. Also, would they care about the drama surrounding Lili’s christening?

How will the children feel about their parents’ lack of understanding regarding certain words? Hopefully, they will look into the meanings themselves to better grasp them. For example, Harry and Meghan have said that Archie is a sweet child, but will he remain this way if he sees how his parents delve into their bitterness and spitefulness? Will Meghan claim that 3-year-old Charlotte was bullying the other kids? Knowing Meghan, probably.

Meghan, The Aunt Of Bitterness And Playing Favourites

If Meghan is as jealous as she has been made out to be, she will tell her children that their cousins are envious of them. Knowing that her narcissistic side will take over, I predict that at least one of the Sussex children could grow up this way. As horrible as this is to say, it wouldn’t surprise me. My thought process is that it will be Lili. We’ve all seen the Christmas 2021 photo where Archie looks like an afterthought.

Christmas Card
[Credit: Town and Country Magazine]

Will Lili and Archie challenge their parents’ need to photoshop everything as seen with their 2021 Christmas card? Oh, let’s not forget the Times100 shoot where nothing was authentic. What about the rumour that Harry demanded a second DNA test be done on Archie when the alleged first one came up as him not being the father? These are the type of stories put out there that will cause bitterness. But, once they’re put out, the kids will eventually find them.

Also, Taz was right when she said the Sussex Christmas card looked like a Levi’s advert. It’s clear by the photo that Lili is the favourite. After all, she will be considered Diana 3.0 by her father someday. I’m surprised; no one in their camp has complained about Princess Charlotte having “Diana” as one of her middle names. She’s Princess Diana’s eldest granddaughter, so she has every right to have her name. After all, Prince William is Diana’s son too. People appear to forget that.

The Citizenship And Divorce Debacle

Regardless of what happens with the kids, Harry will never give up his UK citizenship. Meghan didn’t give up her American citizenship for him, so why should he do the same for her? Without it, he cannot be a Councillor of State, and he cannot keep his dukedom which is the only thing he and Meghan have that is useful to them.

If the Sussexes do divorce, Meghan will get custody of the kids. That’s how it works in the US a large majority of the time. However, Harry must work extremely hard to build a case against her. Knowing Meghan, she will probably make it incredibly difficult for him and will use his mental health as a weapon against him to make it look like he is an unfit father. I did an article about what could potentially happen if they do split.

However, it might be more complex because Archie was born in the UK, and Lili was born in the US. While both have dual citizenship, it will be up to the courts to determine where they should be. The US has been Archie’s home for most of his life. He wouldn’t remember the UK or his paternal family. I don’t believe the kids were in the UK for the Platinum Jubilee as there was no evidence to suggest they were.

The photos of Lili for her birthday could’ve been taken anywhere, and the images were somewhat photoshopped.

Feelings Towards The Relatives They Barely Know

The Sussex Squad HATES the idea of Catherine someday becoming “Princess Catherine of Wales” when William becomes the Prince of Wales when Charles becomes king. Could Harry and Meghan turn their children against the other family members, the ones they barely know? Yes, I believe they will. After all, if Meghan and Harry stay together forever, they will do everything in their power to hurt the royals and the Ragland-Markle families as much as possible.

I mentioned in my post earlier about something Lady C was allegedly told that might happen when Thomas Markle dies. Will Meghan tell the children their grandfather was “inappropriate” towards her? Will they believe the stories about their Uncle William allegedly having an affair? Will they think that their father had a thing for Rose Hanbury and not Wills? But, of course, we already know it never happened between Rose and William.

I could mention so much more, but this post is getting far too long. I may revisit this post later. To end, I want to say this. Bitterness is a disease that will eat anyone alive. I pray to the lord that it doesn’t take the Sussex children.

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