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Chronicles Of Harkle: 5 Constantly Asked Questions About The Sussexes

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The Sussexes have caused a lot of controversies in the last six years. Their relationship has been one issue after the next, and it’s their own doing. While they can blame the monarchy all they like, it doesn’t detract from the obvious; they have no fundamental skills. Meghan is not a good actress. She didn’t win any awards. Harry, meanwhile, is as dim as they come. He had to get someone to cheat on a high school art exam to get into the army. They leave so many questions and give so few answers.

Harry is the son Diana worried about the most. She knew he wouldn’t be able to handle being the spare heir to William. We’ve seen him struggle to deal with her loss, not just while he’s been with Meghan but before that too. He was caught in Vegas naked, and the whole world saw it as it was plastered on newspapers everywhere.

Meghan, meanwhile, has hidden her true self from the world. I’ve seen photos of her smoking god-knows-what with her former BFF, Jessica Mulroney. She wants to be seen as this angelic saviour of the planet but doesn’t realise people don’t believe what she is selling. Okay, her groupies, deranged enough to issue death threats towards the Cambridges, will jump on whatever bandwagon she hitches a ride on.

So, for this edition of Chronicles of Harkle, I want to address five questions I’ve seen online regarding the Sussexes. So, sit back and relax because this will be a long one.

1. Is Prince Harry Happy Being With Meghan?

The first of our five questions is one many people have asked over the years. At the beginning of the relationship, I believe Harry was happy to be with Meghan. However, over time, he has seen the true nature of what a narcissist she is. This is not my opinion solely. There is photographic evidence to back up how his choice of a wife has worn him down over the years. If I’m honest here, it’s been painful to watch.

You no longer see him as he was pre-Meghan. For those who will argue with me, here’s a photo of him with Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge:

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[Credit: The Mirror]

The photo above is before Meghan came on the scene. As you can see, he’s happy to share a laugh with her. Harry also once considered her to be “the big sister he never had.” Now, he allows his wife to trash her on the world stage and does nothing to stop the toxic comments.

Above, you can see that this is a genuine laugh. You never see him, do this now, and it’s sad to see. Being on the polo field is the only part of his life that seems to bring him joy. Though, Meghan is usually present. Why she clings to him even when he’s off the field watching his teammates is a massive flag in my book.

2. Will There Be A Divorce?

Usually, I wouldn’t say I like wishing for divorce on any couple, but this has to be said. I believe that the Sussexes are headed for splitsville. There have been plenty of instances where it has been evident that something is amiss. While the Theresa Longo Fanpage has reported that there will be no divorce, and the couple is in it for the long haul. However, the palace knows it is only a matter of time before Harry goes running back to his family. Brittany of the Royal News Network has bought this up numerous times, including her latest video on whether the pair will be stripped of their titles. More on that later.

I believe there is a fifty-fifty chance of a divorce. It is my belief that Harry is trying to prove that his marriage is better than that of his parents. Prince Charles and Princess Diana divorced after a decade. If I’m honest here, I think Harry is trying to prove everyone wrong about his relationship with Meghan going the distance.

People within palace walls could see Meghan was trouble the second she walked onto palace grounds. They have enough experience of other royal partners trying to exploit the monarchy to know when something’s off. Also, when they started dating, William and Harry were told that some girls would try to exploit them because of their family connections. Moreover, this is precisely what Meghan is alleged to be doing.

She is also exploiting Harry due to his mental health issues. Meghan has never had severe mental problems, but I believe she may have something undiagnosed. Moreover, this is my opinion.

3. Are The Children Real?

I debated whether these five questions would include one about the kids. Now, I wouldn’t say I like having to call a child’s existence into question, but I felt it needed to be done. Do I think Archie and Lili exist? I cannot say yes or no. I’m sorry if this doesn’t give you an answer. That’s how I feel about it. There is not enough evidence to suggest either way. Photos aren’t enough to go off. Neither is a supposed Tweet from the Cambridges’ Twitter account saying a surrogate was used for Archie.

Now, I believe that Archie does exist. Lili, not so much as we’ve seen three photos of her. She could be anyone’s child. While the same applies to Archie, we have christening photos of him with Prince Charles. Why would he allow pictures of a stranger’s child? When it comes to the kids, why, if the Sussexes are such a family unit, why aren’t they taken to the polo matches? Photos of the Sussexes’ cars don’t show any child seats. This raises questions. Yes, I know the seats can be removed. What sane person wants to have to constantly set them up? I know my parents kept the child seats until my sister and I were old enough to graduate to normal seats.

The children we’ve seen in photos could be anyone’s kids. Rumours are still floating around that Archie is a child named Gavin, the son of one of Meghan’s friends. There was also speculation that Lili was her cousin August in a dress. Princess Eugenie is a Sussex supporter. Though I don’t think she would be okay with passing her son off as Lili.

4. Will Harry Lose His Dukedom? Questions, Questions…

As we go into the second-last of our questions, I want to cover whether Harry will lose his dukedom, meaning his title. Now, I’ve covered this before as a rumour. I’ve also written about why the titles will never be pulled. I’m bringing this up again because it is spoken about again after the Sussexes were snubbed during the Platinum Jubilee. reports that there is talk that the dukedom of Sussex could be pulled.

Though, it has been suggested that Harry could drop the title to save himself as he has allegedly been left humiliated over the snub he and Meghan received during the Platinum Jubilee. Now, for those who might not be aware, he can’t just stop using it. First, he must tell his grandmother that he no longer wants the title. The Queen then has to write to Parliament, where it has to be passed. However, this mightn’t go down well with Meghan. There has been talk that she is ‘afraid of losing her title’, according to the Mirror.

RNN’s Brittany bought this up in her latest video. She believes the titles should’ve been pulled when they left the family in 2020. However, it is my thought that was a strategy in place in case something happened between Harry and Meghan. Brittany references this, too, as she has always said that she only gave the marriage five years. They’ve been together for about six years. They got together in mid-2016 and were engaged by late 2017. The wedding was in May 2018.

5. Who Will Get The Last Laugh? Harry v. Meghan

To finish off these questions, I wanted to address who would get the last laugh if there were a divorce. I think Meghan would, as her whole thing has been to monetise her title. We know she profits from it because it is more appealing to companies than being Meghan Markle or Meghan Windsor or whatever she would be if there were no dukedom and if Harry were not a prince.

Meghan would also get custody of the kids (if they exist) and would likely be banned from seeing their father. Now, she knows more than she lets on about how it would be if Archie and Lili went to live in the UK with their dad. They would be under the protection of the monarchy, and she doesn’t want them corrupted against her because she wants to capitalise off their royal connections when all else fails.

Also, the former actress is not above making false allegations against people. What are the odds she claims that Harry was abusive towards her during their marriage? She could use this mentality to get the kids. It wouldn’t be the first time a woman has used this excuse to get the kids and money from their ex.

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