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When Did Meghan’s Lies Start?

When did Meghan Markle’s lies, mistruths, and overall fibs start? That is the question I wanted to address in today’s Chronicles of Harkle article. What inspired this one was a video that YouTuber PDina did on Chapter 4 of Tom Bower’s book, Revenge. In it, she references that Meghan lied to her mother, Doria Ragland, about why she broke off her marriage to her first husband, Trevor Engelson. Moreover, this got me thinking.

According to Bower, Meghan allegedly told Doria that “Trevor was mean to her.” He was told this by Thomas Markle, Meghan’s dad, who had to get the information from Doria when their daughter’s first marriage broke down. Some people still believe Meghan was married before Trevor, but I don’t think that. Sorry, I don’t, as there is no proof.

Anyway, I believe that Meghan’s fibs started with her acting resume. She has long been classed as caucasian. The biracial part of her heritage didn’t pop up until much later. However, we cannot forget the ‘draw your box’ thing where Thomas told her to do this after she told him there was no mixed-race box on a school project.

Meghan’s Race Mistruths And Suits Wasn’t A Huge Show

Tom Bower mentions race was never a problem for Meghan growing up outside of that one thing. So, this begs the question of where the mistruths started piling up after her divorce from Trevor. If I had to guess, it would’ve been when her head started getting too large from Suits. She believed Suits was a massive show like The West Wing or Ally McBeal. Also, she was not cast in a ton of stuff because she had zero talent. Not because she was black.

Anyone who has followed this site for a while will know that Suits was not that big of a show. The first season got an average of about four million viewers, and that’s pretty good for a series on a cable network. I had heard of the show, but I had no idea who was in it or what it was about. I used to walk past the local Sanity store a lot. Boxed sets would be on a trolley at the front of the shop.

But, honestly, it was not my cup of tea. Would I watch it now? Hell no, and it has nothing to do with Meghan. I’ve seen small snippets of the show from the first episode, and it’s a cliche of every law show out there. Nothing original about it. Also, I don’t care if the series was based on Aaron Korsh’s experiences on Wall Street.

Even some of the Suits cast thought Meghan was a big deal as many of them, including onscreen squeeze Patrick J Adams, have defended her and demanded that The Queen apologise to Meghan.

Suits Was Not An Original Concept And Where The Lies Started

A ton of shows are based on people’s experiences. It’s nothing new, especially in law shows. Look at Bull as a classic example. That series was based on some of Doctor Phil’s experiences.

Not to mention, Meghan’s mistruths have been unravelling since before the Oprah interview. The fibs, I believe, started to become more evident during the Tour of South Africa when Meghan lies about not knowing about the tabloids when every country in the world has them.

Also, it was odd when Meghan said in the engagement interview that she didn’t know who Harry was when his mother was one of the world’s most famous people. So, if we were to put these events in chronological order, they would go as:

  • Meghan tells Doria that Trevor was mean to her
  • The claims Meghan made in her and Harry’s engagement interview
  • The tabloid claims in the South Africa tour interview

The more I think about it; I believe we can go back further than before Meghan’s divorce from Trevor. Then, to hook Engelson, she would’ve had to tell whooper fibs to him to tell her parents that his family will “be the family she never had.”

What Fibs Did Meghan Tell Trevor And Harry?

This makes me wonder what lies she told him. Now, I’m only reviewing what Tom Bower wrote in the book. He didn’t give any indication of what she might have told him. Though I think it might’ve been the same narrative, she fed congress about being poor as a child where she could only eat at the $5 Sizzler Salad bar.

Thinking back on it, it could’ve been that her parents were never around, and she was virtually homeless. Now, we know this isn’t true. However, Meghan is a master manipulator. It’s possible she used how she spent a lot of time at her friends’ houses due to her dad working 18-hour days as her “homeless” narrative. Also, these friends she ghosted as she got older. One of which was her former best friend, Ninaki Priddy.

The Potential “Homeless” Narrative

Looking at the evidence, it seems like she could’ve used this story, if she used it at all, with both her husbands. Or, she could’ve used it on one of them. Also, I wasn’t going to include this, but there is a story going around on, I think, Reddit, according to a screenshot posted to Markle News on Instagram.

In the screenshot, it alleges that Lady C, when she was writing her book, Harry & Meghan: The True Story, someone from the Sussex camp approached her with the story that when Thomas Markle dies, Meghan is going to come out and claim he molested her. Now, I have no idea if this is true. I don’t follow Lady C that much, so I can’t verify if she has said this or not.

For all I know, this might’ve been the story she told Harry, and he was stupid enough not to question it. It may explain why she hasn’t allowed him and Thomas to meet in person. On the other hand, though, he might’ve said something to Thomas on all those video chats they had when Meghan wasn’t in the room.

Trevor Met Thomas When Harry Didn’t

When Meghan was with Trevor, Tom Bower makes it evident that Meghan’s lies, fibs and mistruths weren’t as extreme. However, over time, they evolved into what we know today. So, her victim narrative was not as over-the-top and debunkable as it is now.

The mistruths started piling up with whatever Meghan told Harry about her life. So, this brings me to why Harry didn’t physically meet Thomas. Meghan didn’t want to lose her meat ticket and the chance to be “a princess”, so she cut her dad off so he wouldn’t make Harry have second thoughts about being with her.

It is well-documented that when William and Harry were young, they were told that when they started dating, some women would try to exploit them for their status. William took this advice to heart, which is why he took his time to date Catherine before he leapt into marriage. She never once tried to exploit him. She loved him for who he was. Not because he had a title or was wealthy.

Harry, for a time, did follow this advice. However, it went out the window quite literally when his girlfriends refused to marry him. When he met Meghan, he was, “yep, this is the girl I want to marry, no one step in my way.” However, when his friends and family tried to slow the relationship’s progression, they were threatened with slander. A rumour said that Harry threatened his grandmother, saying that if she declined to allow him to marry Meghan, he’d brand her and the family as racists.

I don’t know how true that is. It’s just something I’ve heard. Do I believe that Meghan is sensitive towards racism? Heck no. She’s just using it as it’s a massive hot topic that outrages people.

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