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Chronicles Of Harkle: Why Harry Will NEVER Give Up His British Citizenship


A new story has emerged regarding Prince Harry’s British citizenship. The International Business Times is reporting a rumour that our favourite idiotic redheaded spare wants to give up his UK Citizenship. Now, I have a few thoughts on why this WON’T happen, and they have to do with Meghan.

Before I jump into this, let me give you the story’s roots before I tell you my thoughts. So, IBT is claiming via an unreliable source, Globe, that Harry will do anything to support Meghan going into politics. Moreover, this involves giving up his British citizenship and becoming an American. That’s more or less the basis of it.

Outside of the obvious tabloid gossip, this story is total BS. Global is as inaccurate as the National Enquirer. It’s rare that any story they release is accurate. Anyway, let’s move on to the reasons for Harry never giving up his UK citizenship. After I mention the points in dot form, I’ll break them down individually.

  • The stripping of Harry’s UK citizenship means the removal of ALL his titles.
  • Meghan would have to change her passport and everything back to her name.
  • No IPP status.
  • Destroy whatever hope of reconciliation with family.
  • Children will not get titles at all.
  • Harry would have to take the citizenship test.

Moreover, this is just like Harry will never lose the dukedom.

Stripped Titles

We know by now that everything the Sussexes do relies on their titles. They have no talents to speak of for themselves. So, if Harry does renounce his UK citizenship, his dukedom and princely title go adiós. He cannot keep either of them. It’s like when he left the UK as a working royal.

As a working royal, he was entitled to security. However, when he and Meghan stepped down, he agreed to have the security pulled only to demand MET protection be given back. The security was a perk of the job. Not a right because he’s famous. His severe paranoia is kicking.

Meghan Would Have To Change Everything Back To Her Name

If Harry becomes an American citizen, Meghan must change everything back to ‘Rachel Meghan Markle.’ She can’t use ‘Mountbatten-Windsor’ because it is reserved for male-line blood relatives without titles, like her children. Moreover, she would have to apply to have trademarks cancelled and placed in her name, including having credit cards and her passport changed back to her own name.

If the dukedom is stripped, it would be another blow to Meghan’s already overinflated ego. Having a title doesn’t make the couple special. Nor does it mean they’re entitled to security and additional perks. Also, it would make her and Harry appear less significant. She can say farewell to her Lady D Dior bag with DSSOS embossed.

No IPP Status

Harry wants his IPP Status and MET security back even though he doesn’t live in the UK anymore. You would think that the Queen stripping him of his honourary military titles would’ve bought him down a peg.

Meghan’s constantly complaining that they’re under threat, and Harry agreeing with her is beginning to wear thin. If he drops his UK citizenship in place of a US one, he won’t get his IPP status back. He’s a private citizen with a big bank account.

Private citizens are not meant to have IPP status unless they are diplomats and people of importance. The Cambridges have this privilege because William is second-in-line to the throne after Prince Charles. Harry is sixth and is no longer residing in the UK, nor is he working for The Queen.

He is NO LONGER critical and lost his reverence when Prince George was born. Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis only pushed him down further.

Destroying Any Hope Of A Reunion

If Harry decides to give up his UK citizenship to become an American, there is no hope for him to reconcile with his family, even in the event of a divorce. He made his bed, and he had to lay in it. He’s the one who decided to side with his wife.

There will be no Christmas cards; no invites to Prince Charles and Prince William’s coronations. I even did a satire piece on this very scenario. Just because he’s the son and brother of two future kings doesn’t mean, doesn’t mean he’s unique in any form. If he were to renounce his citizenship, he’d still be allowed to the Queen’s funeral when it happens someday as he’s her family.

No Titles For The Children

This will be a big one if Harry gives up citizenship in the UK. His children will not be eligible for titles. If their father is stripped of his, there is no chance of them being prince and princess. Also, there were doubts over whether Lili and Archie would get titles due to Charles wanting to slim down the monarchy.

Taking The Citizenship Test

Our final part is if Harry becomes an American citizen, he would probably have to sit down to do a citizenship test. That is what you have to do here in Australia; I have no idea how it’s done in the US. Anyone following Harry’s life pre-Meghan will know that he is not that smart. He had to get someone to cheat to get into Sandhurst Military Academy. Also, the only reason he got in was that his grandmother is The Queen.

I doubt Meghan would help him study, given he can’t hold information in his head. In conclusion, there is no way his UN speech was his words.

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