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Chronicles Of Harkle: The Media Starts Taking Swipes At Catherine And My Thoughts On The Sussexes Attending The Platinum Jubilee

It doesn’t stop – I was scrolling through Twitter earlier when I stumbled across an article by Yahoo Canada regarding Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge. Miss Print on Twitter bought the post centre stage as it is a hit piece on the work Catherine does for mental health. Before I launch into this post, I want to thank everyone for hanging in there while I get my bearings back after changing the domain names. It feels more like a brand now that the domain is the same as the website name. It’s much easier to write whenever I put the link somewhere. Also, I want to clarify that these are purely MY opinions—no one else’s.

Also, expect more royal posts in the coming days as my hiatus is officially over, given all the PR that has come out recently, which I cannot ignore. Not how I wanted it, but that’s a disadvantage of the job. Anyway, let’s get to it, shall we?

Catherine Criticised For NOT Supporting Meghan During Her Pregnancy With Archie

The Duchess of Cambridge has been my favourite royal wife since the engagement announcement in 2010. I’ve loved watching Catherine grow into the future Queen Consort she will become when William becomes King.

The media is trying to make it look like Catherine is this horrid woman who doesn’t care about anyone’s mental health. I’ve been around the media long enough to know how gossip journalists operate. There is no such thing as unbiased journalism anymore. No in-between exists for most journalists. Moreover, this appears to be the case with the Yahoo story I linked above.

Before I launch into my thoughts, I wanted to point something out here. Why did Catherine have to support Meghan? Did Meghan ever ask Catherine if she was okay when she gave birth to Prince Louis? Did she volunteer to watch the children while Catherine and William were bonding with their newborn? We don’t know what went on behind the scenes, but my guess is no, she didn’t.

I reason that Meghan spent more time on vacation during the eighteen months she was a working royal than she did actual work. It has been reported Markle only did 72 engagements during that time. Yes, I get she was pregnant for some of that time. It also doesn’t take a genius to work out what’s going on.

This story about Catherine being criticised for not supporting her sister-in-law is no different to a similar report about William. A while ago, there was a story where the future king was attacked for not protecting Meghan against racism. When that narrative came out, I wondered why it was suddenly William’s responsibility to protect her when he’s not her husband.

The Pro-Sussex Media

The media know that the narrative with the Sussexes is terrible, and they’re trying to paint them in the best light. The press is primarily pro-Sussex; let’s get that out there. Some are not, especially in Australia. The Today Show disses Harry and Meghan all the time. We also know Perez Hilton has had some rather unsavoury things to say about them too. Anyway, they want to continue pitting both couples against each other. They’re no better than tabloid writers.

Many people see the story as nothing more than a smear campaign against the Cambridges because they’ve never put a foot out of line. They serve the monarch while the Sussex trade off the titles given by the “racist” institution that they claim abandoned Meghan in her time of need. That makes zero sense in my eyes. Why keep the titles given to you by something you disagree with?

The Balcony Dilemma

Moving over to the second story I wanted to cover, I did a brief post on this the other day but wanted to go back over it from my perspective.

So, there has been chatter on social media about how the monarchy is on shaky ground with the public due to the Sussexes being potentially present at the Platinum Jubilee. Do I believe this? It’s hard to say, quite honestly.

It is one of those damned if they do, damned if they don’t situations. Do the public the Sussexes there? A lot of talk says no. They don’t, as they have very long memories, whereas Harry and Meghan believe they will be welcomed back with open arms. Fat chance at that happening.

Coming from a Commonwealth country, I understand people’s frustrations. The Sussexes have caused so much damage to further themselves. I’ve said this before, but I believe that Harry is an anti-monarchist. He hates being second fiddle to his brother and therefore despises that he will never sit on the throne. If that were to happen, the public would call for the monarchy to be abolished as no one wants him as King Henry IX. He would ruin his grandmother’s legacy and claim he’s acting in service to her memory. He doesn’t understand the definition of the word.

I agree with this sentiment. I would call for the monarchy to be abolished if Harry were king. The thought makes my skin crawl.

Going back to the balcony situation, yes, the Sussexes shouldn’t be up there. Only William, Catherine, the children, Charles, Camilla, the Wessexes, and the Princess Royal and Sir Timothy should be there with Her Majesty if she appears.

Still Family Members

However, the Sussexes should be allowed at private events as they are still family members. This is similar to Prince Andrew being present at Prince Philip’s Thanksgiving service. He should’ve been there as he is also the Queen and Prince Philip’s son. The Duke of Edinburgh was his father, and it was a family event. If it was a public event, he should stay as far away as possible as he would likely be pelted with rotten fruit.

As long as the Sussexes are not in the public eye, I don’t think it will matter. Harry is still the Queen’s grandson, regardless of his actions. There could be some drama if Meghan runs into her father who will be present at the celebrations.

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