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Sussex RUMOUR: Did Harry Have Two DNA Tests Conducted To Ensure Archie Was His Son?

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Were DNA tests performed on Archie?

Online tabloid website, Entertainment Times released a story in May 2020 about Prince Harry allegedly having two DNA tests done on son Archie to ensure he was, in fact, his child. Now, we need to stress before we continue that we don’t believe this for a moment. Despite how brainwashed the Duke of Sussex is, we seriously doubt he would have done this especially after he has had to endure constant speculation surrounding his own paternity for years.

According to the story, tests were done just days prior to Archie’s May 6 2019 birth. Tests were conducted by testing amniotic fluid which, apparently is a standard DNA test performed on royal babies leading up to their entry into the world. Allegedly, Harry and Meghan were surprised to learn that the second son of Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana was not the child’s father.

Harry refused to believe what he was told and thought that the test was a con. Meghan meanwhile, burst into tears upon hearing her husband was not her unborn child’s daddy. A second DNA test was performed which showed the prince was the father. Crisis averted, right?

Well, being as paranoid as he is, Harry believed there was a conspiracy out there to get him. Also, some members of the royal family allegedly believe Archie is not Harry’s. Now, we’re going to stop there. We all know how Meghan loves to manipulate her husband, but would she really go this far? She knows how much he wanted to be a dad. Also, the article doesn’t provide any other details as to which family members could have said this.

In conclusion, It’s a false story to get clicks. Plain and simple. This same publication has said that John Legend and Chrissy Teigen were divorcing. They’re not.

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