SUSSEX THEORY: Could It Be Possible That The William/Rose Affair Wasn’t About Them At All But Potentially Harry And Rose?

Rose Hanbury, Prince Harry, Meghan Markle

The Body Language Guy dropped an interesting video regarding the Prince William/Rose Hanbury Affair rumour – Rumours of Prince William having an affair during Catherine’s third pregnancy disappeared very quickly. We’ve spoken about it several times over the last couple of years. However, we were watching one of The Body Language Guy’s latest videos where he addressed the topic to debunk it when we came up with an interesting theory.

In the video, The Body Language Guy says that Harry and Rose were seated next to each other during a state banquet in 2017. This same event hosted Queen Letizia and King Felipe of Spain. William and Catherine were in attendance.

What’s interesting about the state banquet and that it was Harry’s first one, and he was dating Meghan during this time as it was July 2017, according to Hello Magazine’s Gemma Strong. A few months later, in November, they would announce their engagement.

Roughly two months later, on September 4, 2017, it was announced that Catherine is pregnant with Prince Louis, as per the BBC. Harry and Meghan’s engagement announcement came about two months after this on November 27th.

Now, before we continue we want to be open here and say this is just a THEORY! There is no truth behind it. It is just our thoughts. So, let’s continue.

Louis’s birth happened on April 23rd, 2018. Harry and Meghan’s wedding occurred a month later on 19th May. So, here’s our theory, what if Harry had an affair with Rose during this time and then passed it off as William’s? Now, we don’t personally believe this. However, given that Meghan was working her woke magic on her now-husband only for him to propose not long afterward, it makes sense.

The State Dinner

Now, the State Dinner was hosted in honour of the Spanish King and the Queen Consort. It’s unknown where Meghan would’ve been during this time. It’s possible she was over in Toronto, Canada filming Suits. Most of her and Harry’s courtship was long-distance.

It makes sense that if Harry did have an affair with Rose, which we doubt he did, it would fit within this period when Meghan wasn’t around. Let’s not forget the information that has come out regarding when they [Harry and Meghan] met. The first date that came out was May 2017. Then it suddenly changed to July of the same year. Now, we’re under the impression that it wasn’t changed due to a typo. We believe it was altered to make it appear that Meghan didn’t cheat on her boyfriend at the time. There is a photo of Meghan being cosy with her now ex-boyfriend Cory which allegedly was posted in May 2016. This is reportedly the same month she started dating Harry. This seems to be confirmed by Twitter user @yachtgirlmm. They produce proof that the photo of Meghan and Cory was taken in May 2016.

In conclusion, Meghan went to the media to gush about her new man. She later realised she had given an incriminating date. This would’ve led her to have the date changed before anyone noticed. However, people did notice.

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