It NEVER Happened! There’s An Update Regarding The Cambridge-Hanbury Affair RUMOUR Scandal


Why would Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, cheat on his beloved wife Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge? That is a question many royal watchers have been asking since the rumour dropped in 2019. We covered the story a couple of times. The first time was when we questioned what happened to the rumours as they’d disappeared after a few days. Also, there was the alternative theory our LA-based source provided. Moreover, the reason the situation has popped up again. However, the person who started the speculation has now debunked the story.

So, we were browsing through Instagram early this morning when we came across a post by Markle News. It says that Giles Coren made up the rumour. The confession comes in Robert Lacey’s book. The “book” may be the rereleased Battle of the Brothers.

Unbalanced Journalist

Giles is no stranger to controversy. He sparked outrage when he published an article for The Times about his then-toddler daughter where he sexualised her in the piece. This was highlighted by the Twitter account Men Write Women in 2020. Moreover, that makes us wonder how something like this made it to publication. Who sexualises their own child and expects no criticism for it?

Moreover, Coren also wrote disgusting comments on Twitter regarding the death of journalist Dawn Foster, who had been disabled. It is widely believed – as stated by Lucy Needham for the Mirror that Dawn criticised Coren for (allegedly) getting his job at The Times – which he has held since 1993 – due to his famous family. In other words, his vile tweet was aimed at a deceased woman who is no longer here to defend herself. Whether he did get his job due to his ties, who knows? We haven’t been following the drama, and it’s not our place to say whether he did.

Ties To The Sussexes

An article from Grazia UK written by Polly Foreman in late September 2018, a few months after the May wedding, mentions that the Sussexes and the Giles were together at an event in Amsterdam. What’s more, this occurred about three weeks before their pregnancy announcement that Meghan was expecting Archie. The article also mentions that the couple were seen drinking, which Markle wasn’t supposed to be doing because she was pregnant.

Just a side note here. The pregnancy announcement came on October 15, 2018, per an article by Annabel Murphy of the Sun.

Going back to Giles, Lucy Devine of the Sun commented in her September 27, 2018 article that Giles allegedly said he had met Meghan before and that his wife was a massive fan of Suits. This makes us wonder whether they kept a good relationship, at least for a short while. It seems unlikely because we know how Markle feels about racists. Coren wrote an article for The Times on August 2, 2019, where he mentions how Harry told Jane Goodall he and his wife only wanted two children. The columnist commented how the pair had intended to see a family planning specialist but threw in a remark about a primatologist.

This is not funny. There were remarks of a similar fashion made about Archie by Danny Baker where he was fired for his racist comment, per an article by the BBC.

Ultimately, there is a common denominator between the Sussexes and the Coren; Soho House.

It has long been believed that Harry and Meghan’s alleged first date happened at the Soho House in Toronto. However, they and Coren attended the event in Amsterdam, which occurred at the Soho House.

How Does The Cambridge-Hanbury Rumour Come Into The Picture?

Giles tweeted and deleted a Tweet in March 2019 that the Duke of Cambridge had cheated on his wife with Rose Hanbury and that it was common knowledge that EVERYONE knew about it. Then, some major news outlets picked up on it. However, that begs the question: who is this EVERYONE? Is it everyone at Soho House? Also, Coren doesn’t have an excellent track record with the truth. Luckily, Love, Lola on Twitter was able to nab a screenshot.

Perhaps, it was just someone who blurted out after so many drinks? But, no. It wasn’t. Coren created a rumour because he knew William would be put in a horrible light. Furthermore, he would be seen as like most previous future kings; an adulterer who cannot keep it in his pants. Also, what does Giles gain from creating slanderous rumours about the Duke of Cambridge?

Also, how do we know we can fully trust what Robert Lacey says? He is the historical consultant on The Crown, which doesn’t tell an accurate depiction of what happened with the British Royals. Also, his daughter wrote the screenplays for the three Lifetime movies about Harry and Meghan. We’re also not blaming her in any way, so please don’t think we are.

Why We Never Believed The Rumour

To finish this post, we wanted to review why we never believed the rumour. While we’ve always been vocal in our support for the Cambridges, there is no way that William would have an affair with his wife’s friend. He understood the damage that his parents’ affairs took on their marriage as he witnessed the aftermath of what became Charles and Diana’s loveless marriage. So why would he make the same mistake?

He wouldn’t. William has always listened to his heart and understands that some things that went on during the era of his father and ancestors need to stop. He married Catherine because he loved her. That is what Diana would’ve wanted for him. She had a loveless marriage, and there was no way she would want that for her sons. If anything, she would like them to have what she didn’t.

William is not as daft as his brother. He ensured that Catherine was the right woman for him before he went down on bended knee. That is the whole reason why they dated for almost a decade. He wanted to ensure she could deal with the paparazzi, essentially the same the attacks his mother and all the other royal women before she had endured.

Catherine stood steadfast in her place at his side. By this, he knew she was ready to take on the role of his wife. The mother of his children and his consort when he became king.

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