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The People Who Have Gotten Meghan Markle’s Scam Jam

Scam Jam Meghan

Meghan Markle’s scam jam has had quite the journey and it’s not even out to the public. Her so-called “friends” have been raving about it, but that’s what they have to do, right? They have to praise the narcissist to inflate her ego.

What we wanted to do is go over all the people who have revealed they got Meghan’s scam jam and what their connection is to the Sussexes, if any.

And The Scam Jam Recipients Are:

  • 3 – Kelly McKee Zajfen – A ‘mom’ friend
  • 6 – Abigail Spencer – bestie from Suits days
  • 7 – Heather Dorak – friend of Meghan
  • 10 – Delfina Blaquier – fellow ‘Pwife’ or wife of Harry’s mate Nacho
  • 13 – Kris Jenner – knows Doria
  • 17 – Tracy Robbins – Wife Of Brian Robbins (CEO of Paramount)
  • 18 – Garcelle Beauvais – met Meghan at Variety Event
  • 19 – Mindy Kaling – appeared on Archetypes
  • 20 – Chrissy Teigen – Deal or No Deal girl
  • 21 – Tracee Ellis Ross – Unclear

These are all of Meghan’s Scam Jam jars that have been confirmed so far. There have been blind items, courtesy of Murky Meg, saying that the labels were coming off and some people attempted to return the scam jam but couldn’t get through to Markle’s team.

There are also rumours that two of the people who allegedly rejected the scam jam were Adele and Kevin Costner, as per Einsteins Evan. How true this is we don’t know. Surprisingly, people like Oprah, Gayle King, Ellen and Portia, Tyler Perry, Daniel Martin and Portia haven’t posted anything about receiving jam.

Meghan changes friend circles as often as we post newsletters.

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