The Compulsive Liar That Is One Meghan Markle


If there was one title Meghan Markle doesn’t have in the public eye, it’s ‘Compulsive Liar’…

When you think of Meghan Markle nowadays, you know her as the wife of Prince Harry. However, there is a lot more to her than meets the eye. One of those things that she doesn’t want to be revealed is that she’s a compulsive liar. Her fans will believe what she says. There is plenty of evidence to debunk what she says. What makes the whole situation tiresome is how the story she is trying to weave is about her being a victim of racism. Her claims don’t add up 95% of the time. This is the reason people are breaking down the Oprah interview.

There was a string of compulsive inconsistencies that were painstakingly obvious. We’ve spoken several times about her lies. She’s made multiple claims about not knowing about the royal family. She wrote about Prince William and Catherine’s 2011 Wedding on The Tig. She also mentioned Prince Charles in another post. Then, there’s the claim she made to Oprah about the ‘secret wedding’ which has been debunked.

We will examine several other claims. Moreover, they will show her being a compulsive liar. Look out, Meghan. The sane people of the world don’t believe you. You have spread misinformation because you didn’t get what you wanted. Your rich friends can be stupid and believe you, but the press isn’t all vultures. As a blog run by a white woman, it is our job to expose you.

Didn’t Know About Tabloids – Meghan’s Compulsive Lie Outlet

During the South Africa documentary, Meghan claims that she didn’t know what it was like to be associated with tabloids. Umm… yes, she did. She appears in the photo below holding a tabloid magazine with her now sister-in-law, Catherine, on the cover. In an article published in the Australian edition of Marie Claire, they unearthed the picture from a fan’s Instagram account, which states it [the photo] is from 2014. However, the content of the piece written is biased and full of bullshit.

It claims that Markle and her sister-in-law had become close friends. This has since been proven false, as several sources have claimed they never moved past being acquaintances. There were several versions of a rumour that Meghan made Catherine cry.

It was claimed that the former actress worked with her agent during her days on Suits to get her more visibility in the press. As a result, paparazzi shots were purposely set up in March 2015, according to This allegedly occurred a year before Meghan met Prince Harry, and can you guess where the photos were taken? Outside Toto’s Restaurant in London.

We would guess that she had already started her hunt for a wealthy Englishman while she was still with her ex-boyfriend, Cory, who was dumped over some disagreement over a pasta dish. Or it could’ve been over an affair she had with Harry while they [Meghan and Cory] were still dating. We mentioned this in another post. You be the judge. Also, the photos can be found in a simple Google image search.

Finally, Meghan has double standards because she set up paparazzi shots while she criticised her father for the same.

Didn’t Know She Had To Curtsy To The Queen – Yep, Another Compulsive Lie

Editor’s Note: Excuse the circle in the photo above. We could not find a better one as all the ones we could find were either too small or they had licences on them.

During the Oprah interview, Meghan claimed that she did not know you had to curtsy to The Queen. She is diluted because even people living in countries with nothing to do with royalty understand the proper protocol. From what Ninaki Priddy said in Andrew Morton’s biography on Markle, Meghan: A Hollywood Princess, her former best friend was obsessed with The Princess Diaries movies and had a copy of Morton’s book on Diana on her bookshelf.

Meghan says that Fergie had to run out and give her a quick lesson. We know Markle’s claim is a lie because there is home video evidence via Sue Smith on YouTube, who does videos on the Sussex situation. In the short video, Meghan is seen playing a princess on camera as a child.

We also heard through the grapevine, which is all alleged; when she was a kid, she was at another girl’s birthday party where they played kings and queens. She was the queen, and the other girls had to curtsy to her. That is a rumour, and we’re not sure how true that is.

Also, in Sue’s video (the one linked above), she mentions that there is evidence that Meghan did know how to curtsy as she had organised through a friend to take Etiquette lessons. This information was published by Glamour and released in 2019, a year after Markle married Prince Harry.

Meghan Did Not Do Her Makeup The Night She Told Harry She Was Suicidal

This next one is a little bit touchy as it is part of the narrative Meghan gave about how she felt suicidal when she was five months pregnant with Archie. We’re not disputing the mental health claim, as everyone has struggles. She mentioned doing her makeup for the event at the Royal Albert Hall. We’re pretty sure she didn’t, as her pal, Daniel Martin, posted this photo to Instagram:

[Credit: @danielmartin – Instagram]

The photo was posted on January 20, 2019, four days after the Albert Hall Event. However, after some digging, the event was in the middle of the week on January 16, from what we’ve found on What Meghan Wore’s archived calendar. Martin was in Paris for two days before he visited Meghan. It seems pointless that he would jump on a plane, see Meghan, and then head to Paris before going back to see her again. Looking through that period on his Instagram account, there are at least three days he didn’t upload before the Avocado toast picture was uploaded.

It’s possible that he didn’t upload anything at that time because he was told not to because of royal protocol. But, going back to the toast photo, it’s possible that it was taken at Frogmore Cottage, where Meghan and Harry were supposed to be living.

For now, we’ll say that she didn’t do her makeup, as there’s not enough evidence to suggest either way. Daniel will never say she’s a compulsive liar. He needs the recognition.

Meghan And Harry Never Looked Up Themselves Or Each Other Online

This one is a whooper to show Meghan is a compulsive liar. In the Oprah interview, she claims not to have looked up her in-laws or her husband online. This is a massive lie. We mentioned earlier in the post that she quite literally fawned over Catherine and William’s wedding, which happened to take place the same year she wed her first husband, Trevor. She also had to research Turquoise Mountain, which Prince Charles set up while she was running The Tig.

What’s more is that in Finding Freedom, Meghan’s favourite flying monkey and fanboy, Omid Scobie, literally wrote that both the former actress and Harry Googled each other and did their homework. A quote from the book via The Daily Mail states:

Naturally both participants in this blind date did their homework with a thorough Google search. Harry, who scoped out Meghan on social media, was interested.

Quote from Finding Freedom by Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand via the Daily Mail

Note the use of the word ‘both’. Not just Harry. Not just Meghan. BOTH of them looked up at each other.

Meghan made a similar claim during the 2017 engagement video that she didn’t know who Harry and his family were.

This is just one example of her inability to keep her compulsive lies straight.

Also, there is a claim that Harry would scroll through social media to see what people were saying about him.

Meghan’s Relationship With Her Half-Siblings

[Credit: The Mirror]

Meghan claimed to Oprah in footage not included in the interview but aired the following day that she had not seen her half-sister, Samantha, in almost twenty years. The photo above is likely the last time the sisters saw each other. However, this photo wasn’t taken 20 years ago. According to Samantha, the image was born in 2008 at her graduation.

Please do the math, and it was not 20 years ago. It was roughly 14 years ago. Also, Meghan said that her sister barely knows her and that she grew up as an only child. Again, another lie. We did a piece on the ‘precious only child’ narrative Meghan loves to sprout to her wealthy friends. Yep, they believe her compulsive lies.

To add insult to injury, we unearthed an article from Tatler, which did a piece on things learned in Finding Freedom. According to the story, Meghan has pissed off Samantha and their brother – her [Meghan’s] half-brother, Tom Junior, spoke out against her. Also, Samantha claimed that they were close when MM was growing up. This would explain the close sisterly bond in the photo above.

Lastly, Meghan also claimed in another clip that wasn’t in the interview but aired the day after that when she and Harry got together, Samantha changed her name back to Markle. We’re afraid that’s not right too, as the certificate says ‘Samantha M. Markle’ not ‘Samantha M. Grant’ according to Geo.TV.

The photo quality is terrible as it was made more significant than the main version.

The Victim Of Bullying

To end this post, we wanted to go over a statement about the allegations by Jason Knauf, the former chief of communications for the Sussexes, when they were at Kensington Palace. The Times reported that Meghan bullied two staff members out of their jobs and attempted to undermine a third.

The statement just before the Oprah interview says that the attack on her character saddened Meghan and that she would never bully anyone as she had been bullied. Ummm… yeah, sure, Meghan. What about the alleged Hazing incident?

For those who might not be aware, there is a reason why Meghan’s alter mater, Northwestern University, didn’t celebrate the wedding. From what has been said as per Murky Meg on YouTube, there was a hazing incident when Markle was a university student where she glued the eyelashes or eyelids (can’t remember which) of two potential pledges together or shut. One girl was allegedly left traumatised by what happened. Thomas, MM’s dad, had to pay for damages and to have the records sealed.

Bear in mind this is just speculation.

So, Meghan’s victim narrative does not hold water. Not even a little bit.

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