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Chronicles Of Harkle: Lili’s Birthday Tainted By Parents’ Hunger For Fame

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I feel sorry for Lili, and her brother Archie – Kids should be seen and not mentioned. So, imagine spending so much time in a multimillion-dollar house and never going outdoors as your parents are afraid of the paparazzi using drones to take your picture. Over the weekend, Lili turned one during the Platinum Jubilee celebrations in the UK. It is alleged that the birthday girl had a party with relatives jumping in and out, according to Page Six’s Leah Bitsky and Sara Nathan.

Now, I NEVER criticise children. Never. Anyone who has been a longtime follower of Project Fangirl will know this. I have never attacked a kid, and I never will. I only ever criticise the parents when it is warranted. Moreover, this is one of these situations.

I understand that due to the birthday girl having her birthday during the Jubilee, no photos or stories were to usurp the Queen’s historic moment. A birthday is simply that, a birthday that happens every year. However, seventy years on the throne is a rare occurrence. Therefore, the more critical event takes precedence.

Fame-hungry parents, Harry and Meghan, are using Lili’s birthday to get into the public’s good graces. Why should the worldwide populace care about two children we have no connection with, as their parents are too greedy to share them? We haven’t seen a solo photo of Archie with his face showing for a couple of years. I am not criticising the kids as it is not their fault that their parents choose not to show them.

The Reason Had Nothing To Do With The Birthday Girl

Harry and Meghan see themselves as half-in, half-out royals. This is not what they are. They are trying to show that they are like the Cambridges. William and Catherine are your ordinary everyday parents who take their children shopping and get ice cream after school.

Have we ever seen Harry and Meghan do this with their children? No, we haven’t. That’s why the public cannot form a bond with Archie and Lili. How can we when we’ve seen the baby twice and the toddler only a handful of times since his birth in 2019? We’ve George and Charlotte on royal tours with their parents many times. Louis, from memory, hasn’t been on an official overseas tour yet, which is expected given the pandemic.

The Sussexes talk about their children, yet they don’t get shown in public. So people can’t sympathise with Lili and Archie because we don’t know their true personalities. There have been jokes made that the Sussex kids are the most innovative kids on the planet as Harry has said that his son’s first word was “crocodile”, and it suddenly changed to “Granny Diana.” That’s the issue I have with this. I have young cousins of Archie and Lili’s ages, and none can say big words. So does this make them stupid? No. I don’t know a single toddler who can say three-syllable words.

Harry And Meghan Are Putting On A Show To Make Themselves Look Bigger Than They Are

Lili is just a little girl and doesn’t yet understand the predicament her parents have put her and Archie in. The constant talk but no follow-through of showing the children puts Harry and Meghan in a bad light. They are no longer working royals, and they need to stop pretending that they are. The trip to New York didn’t fool anyone.

Let’s go back to the birthday girl and feast your eyes on the tweet that Misan Harriman put out, revealing himself to be the photographer of Lili’s photos.

[Credit: @misanharriman – Twitter]

Does anyone think it’s odd that only Meghan is seen holding her? The Christmas card photo also shows the former actress holding the baby. Now, I don’t have an issue with the mother holding the child. But, I have a problem with it because it shows favouritism when you choose one child over the other in a group photo. The last time we saw Meghan hold Archie was that staged pap walk last year.

In other words, Meghan made the birthday girl’s big day about herself. You don’t see Catherine or William insert themselves in their children’s annual birthday pictures.

Another thing I’ve noticed with the Christmas card photo is that the eye goes instantly to Meghan. The kids are in white, Harry is in grey, and Meghan is wearing black or dark blue. The card’s message was unmistakable; Meghan is the perfect mother who adores her baby girl while Harry fawns over his girls. Archie being in the photo is an afterthought, and that’s not me being cruel. All the attention is on Lili.

Going back to Misan’s photos, I saw somewhere that the images were taken “spontaneously.” No, they weren’t. Catherine takes the pictures of her kids herself. Meghan and Harry lack creative thinking.

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