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Who SMILES For The Paps When Their Father-In-Law Is Sick? Meghan Markle Is NOT Close To Edward Enninful – OPINION

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Meghan Markle’s rictus grin strikes again. In a previous Chronicles of Harkle post on there being no olive branches, we briefly discussed the most recent pap shots of the former actress in a car SMILING after her father-in-law’s cancer announcement went live. Then we have Edward Enninful’s final Vogue issue, which we’ll get to a little later in this post.

For a woman who is always saying, “compassion in action” or whatever her life philosophy is, getting papped around the time your father-in-law is sick and your husband (to his credit) has gone to see him is not showing empathy.

Rictus Causes Anarchy

Meghan has caused much hurt for King Charles and the entirety of the royal family over the years. Why would anyone want her at the King’s side when conversations are likely to be leaked? Also, she was grinning like the Cheshire cat in the car and drinking out of a mug you’d have at home. As the Sidney Twins pointed out in their video on this same topic, it was a very Hollywood thing to do about a decade ago. It looks like Markle is trying to bring back an old trend. If anything, this shows that she doesn’t keep with the current trends. She’s not going to break the internet like she thought she would. Though, she allegedly told someone she wanted to do just that.

Girl, the only person who has ever broken the internet is Kim Kardashian and her famous behind. Meghan Markle doesn’t give two figs about other people. She probably cares for Charles in the same capacity she does for her own father, which is zero. Also, let’s not forget that her and Harry’s attacks on the family will continue when William becomes king. Let’s not forget that if she hadn’t screamed racism every change she got, the “too white balcony” comment might never have happened.

The UK people are not idiots. They realised that they were being taken for a ride when Meghan proclaimed to Oprah Winfrey that the multimillion wedding was “a spectacle for the world”, implying that she was forced into a public wedding that was going to be broadcast all around the world to billions of people.

Meghan Loved The Wedding Day Attention

Looking back at the footage from the event, she didn’t look like she didn’t want a massive television wedding. She’s a terrible actress, and there is no way she wouldn’t have been able to fake it. She doesn’t want to come across as flawed when it’s clear she very much is. She wants people to look in a different direction regarding Diana and her flaws. Okay, that is more Harry as he doesn’t want people to think that his mother was a deeply troubled woman and he sees his wife as this saint who has never anything wrong in her whole life. He paints Diana in the same light.

Returning to Meghan’s rictus grin, we can see her smile slipping when she caught Edward Enniful’s final British Vogue cover. What is insufferably annoying is that people seem think that every relevantly famous person who she interacts with is her “close pal” or whatever else. Let’s get this over with, shall we?

Bit-Sized Roles

Meghan Markle was NOT in Hollywood. She had a bite-sized speaking role in Remember Me, produced by her then-fiancé (later first husband), Trevor Engelson. She was in one scene with one line of dialogue. Then there was the forgettable FedEx Girl role in Horrible Bosses where she was on screen for a short period. She also had a tiny role as the hot girl talking to Ashton Kutcher in A Lot Like Love. If she was talented, she would have grown out of bit roles. Her only claim to fame was on the US Network with Suits which didn’t become successful until several years after it ended.

Edward Enninful Snubs Meghan

Edward is included in this piece because his final British Vogue issue has just dropped, with forty successful women on the cover. Meghan was not one of them. But we thought they were friends. I don’t believe they were.

There have been rumours about what truly happened when Meghan managed to guest edit British Vogue. Even the Mirror article we’ve linked above mentions a feud between Markle and Edward Enninful after her guest editor stint. What adds salt to the wound is that several of the women who appeared on Meghan’s ‘Forces of Change’ edition were on this cover. These included:

  • Gemma Chan
  • Jane Fonda
  • Jameela Jamil
  • Laverne Cox

Revenge Reveals BTS Drama

Tom Bower lifted the lid on the behind-the-scenes drama in Revenge. He explained that Meghan and Edward Enninful fought over the Duchess’ “poor ideas”, and it is reported that she was “difficult to approach”. They also feuded over how the issue was to be promoted.

This is not the first report that has come out about Meghan’s difficult behaviour. Bower also exposed her nastiness when she was shooting the Reitman’s ads. There have been other incidents, such as a videographer who couldn’t be named due to his connection to the industry who said she was a massive diva.

There are also Archewell emails released from Meghan’s team asking the Harlem school to get new decor to the Duchess’ liking. Not to mention, this is the same event where the kids’ parents had to sign consent forms where no one was allowed to say mean things about the Sussexes.

Edward Enninful’s Connection To Meghan

Returning to the Edward Enninful stuff, he has a massive connection to Meghan and Soho House. He is good friends with Markus Anderson, who is seen as the true mastermind behind the Sussexes getting together in the first place. However, some have said that Enninful has chosen the royal family’s side. How do we know this? Well, he is involved with The Prince’s Trust, a charity set up by King Charles III decades ago.

Just because he had one association with Meghan years ago doesn’t mean they are friends. It is the same with the other celebrities that claim to be her friends. This is typical Hollywood. If you’re seen with a celebrity, the media make it out that they’re your friend, you’re feuding or you’re dating.

If Edward Enninful were Meghan’s friend, then he would have invited her to his wedding, where he married his husband. Also, he would be defending her. Given that all the people who have been linked to Meghan haven’t anything to do with her or defended her, this says a lot. We know she has celebrity allies like Jameela Jamil, who is probably worse than Meghan.

The Horror!

Jameela Jamil bullied Caroline Flack online. Caroline dated Harry in 2009, years before Meghan entered his radar. The relationship between Harry and Caroline ended very quickly if their biographies are believed. They both blamed the media for their split. Caroline committed suicide in early 2020. Also, Piers Morgan exposed Jamil for being the bully she is.

Moving away from Jameela and her horrible behaviour, it’s clear that Edward is a professional and knows good eggs when he sees them. He has had to fight to get where he is, and he could tell by Meghan’s behaviour that she thought it was the greatest thing to hit the royal family since Wallis Simpson bagged Edward VIII but didn’t actually truly love him.

We could say the same about Harry and Meghan. He loves her, but she doesn’t feel the same way. She only wants fame and title and doesn’t care about the work. Edward Enninful likely realised this when Meghan became difficult during their collaboration.

Do I believe that Edward wanted Meghan on his last Vogue shoot? No, I don’t believe he did. He knows talent, so he organised the photoshoot with 40 women with exceptional industry skills.

What genuine talent has Markle shown in Hollywood? Putting on a rictus grin is not a skill.

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