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Explaining Prince Liam In The Royals

Prince Liam

Prince Liam Henstridge, the Duke of York, is the second son of King Simon and Queen Helena on The Royals. He is Prince Robert Henstridge’s younger brother and Princess Eleanor’s twin brother. He is also the nephew of Cyrus Henstridge, who takes Simon’s place as king after he claims that Liam and Eleanor were fathered by their mother’s lover, Alistair Lacey. Liam is also the cousin of Cyrus’ twin daughters,

Robert nicknames Prince Liam “Sparrow.” Liam is the next in line for the throne when his brother is thought to be dead. However, Cyrus, desperate for the throne, creates a lie, claiming the twins are not Simon’s children. Because of this, Cyrus becomes King instead of Liam.

When King Simon is assassinated, Prince Liam almost kills the assassin. The assassin later dies, but not at Liam’s hands. An angry mob killed the guy. However, Liam feels guilty about the assassin’s death.

Before settling on Kathryn, Liam dates a number of his brother’s former girlfriends, one of whom is Kathryn. To make it even more complicated, Kathryn attempts to date both royal brothers at the same time.

Throughout The Royals, Prince Liam is a playboy Prince who hooks up with a lot of Robert’s former girlfriends. One of those girlfriends ends up being Kathryn Davis, who becomes pregnant with his child at the end of the series.

Behind The Scenes

Prince Liam is played by William Moseley, who is best known for playing Peter in the Warden Media/Disney Chronicles of Narnia movies. Fun fact: Noah Huntley, who plays Alistair, played older Peter in The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe.

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