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Meghan Markle WILL Allegedly NOT Attend The Coronation – It Raises Questions And Could Rumour Be Proven Right? – OPINION

Meghan, Coronation

Meghan Markle is not going to her father-in-law, King Charles III’s coronation on May 6. The official reason is that it’s her son Archie’s birthday, and someone needs to stay behind in California to celebrate. Yeah, and? See, that’s one of the things about the Sussexes that I will never understand.

They see Archie’s fourth birthday as this big deal when he won’t remember it. In my humble opinion, Meghan will use this as an excuse in the divorce (if it ever happens) that Harry was an absentee father. Last year, Harry seemed to have blanked on his son’s third birthday as he was out playing polo the entire time. The same applies to Father’s Day if memory serves.

We all know that Meghan doesn’t believe in family. She’s only using her mother and niece to make it look like she gives two craps about hers. If she cared about her in-laws, she wouldn’t have made the Princess of Wales cry or bullied her young niece before the 2018 royal wedding, which, to be frank, was nothing more than a networking event.

The Coronation Rumour

Now, something I wanted to bring up was a post made on the Markle News Instagram account a few days ago. The rumour claims that Meghan has been throwing massive tantrums and keeps changing her mind about whether she wants to go. However, Harry wanted to go and wanted her to go to keep up appearances. Dude! The world is not stupid! Also, she can’t handle that they’d get booed, and the cameras won’t be on them. Oh, well, she’ll be lost to history.

The reason she was allegedly throwing fits was that she hated that Harry was “humiliating her.” Umm…

She has been setting him up to fail by not supporting him. However, he has been the devoted husband who backed her up in everything she has said and done. Double standards much, Megs? Robert Jobson’s new book about King Charles has backed up a lot of stuff the Megxiteer community has been saying for years; she was a scourge on the royal family.

Own Terms

Meghan wanted to go to the coronation but on her terms. The rumour post, if true, confirms that. Also, it mentions that if they are on the outs, she still has total control over Harry. However, he is confused and off his head on drugs but allegedly supports the split. In other words, he still cringes at her if this is true as he comes when called like a dog.

Despite her being the discarder, he still treats her like the god they both think she is. This, in my opinion, is just a sad situation. A woman, who treats the men in her life like servants, is using the power he gave her to throw back in his face, and she dares to claim she’s the victim of his family when she’s the issue.


I have a few more thoughts on the whole ‘Meghan’s not going to the coronation’ hoo-ha.

We all know that Meghan is going to pull some stunt regarding Archie. A photo? Video? Merching ops? Who knows at this point? She is as predictable as they come. Though, last year, there was no birthday photo like there was for Lilibet’s first. Lili is the favourite child because she’s the daughter Megsy has always wanted. We all know she’ll inherit the tank watch Meghan bought for herself when Suits was renewed that she had inscribed, “From M.M To M.M.”

The rumour (linked above) may have some truth. However, this could be another stepping stone towards Meghan forging some B.S. narrative where Harry is a horrible person and that he’s the problem, not her, etc. The lack of support on the promotional trail for Spare was another red flag. Though I have heard that she was supposed to be there for one of the interviews but was told she couldn’t be in the room, so she left. How true that is; I have no clue.

The Sussex Squad Are Fighting Amongst Themselves

Finally, I wanted to address the Sussex Squad. I don’t venture into their domain. However, the Duchess of Narsussex posted an exciting video where she found tweets from the sewer squad where they were arguing over whether Meghan’s non-attendance was the right move or not. Some even went after Harry. Also, Unlikely Bot on Twitter made a spot-on observation. Harry chose the “institution” after Archie’s birthday. The same “institution” that was so bad that his wife said she wanted to off herself. Weren’t his exact words, “I want a family. Not an institution”? I believe they were. However, he wants to support his “uncaring” father and “evil” stepmother as they officially become monarchs—total hypocrisy from the woke prince.

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