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From Canada To Soho House – Who Is Meghan And Harry’s Friend, Markus Anderson? – Part One

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Soho House is a stomping group of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. It is among the most prestigious social outlets for the rich, famous, and royalty. To get in, you need to be friendly with someone associated with the organisation, almost like a cult. Over the years, wealthy people such as disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein have occupied many different Soho House locations worldwide. So did Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s pal, Markus Anderson. But one question remains. How did Anderson become one of Soho House’s highest-ranking members? Who are his glamorous pals?

This multi-post series will explore Markus Anderson, his connections, how he slots into Harry and Meghan’s lives, and the rumours floating around him. All information is found in various forums across the internet, but most are unverified and based on speculation unless stated otherwise.

In this first post, we will explore Markus’ early years, his rise through the Soho House ranks and a brief rundown of some of his famous friends. More details on this will be included in the second post.

Markus Anderson – Who Is He? – Early Years

According to the Tumblr site, Dixie-is-a-mystery, little is known about Markus and his background. The man is a literal ghost who appeared at the Invictus Games in Toronto with Meghan in 2016 and hasn’t disappeared since. His social media presence seems limited, as his Instagram is private, despite Markle constantly tagging him when she had a public account. If this is his account, what is he hiding? Other accounts were called “Markus Anderson”, so he could have changed his Instagram handle between then and now. We’re going off the screenshot from Meghan’s former Instagram account.

It is rumoured that Markus might be Prince Andrew’s illegitimate son. The reason why people believe this is because ‘Anderson’ literally means ‘son of Andrew.’ It’s similar to how Archie’s middle name, ‘Harrison,’ translates to ‘son of Harry.’

Markus is believed to have been born in 1978 in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, to a single mother. Prince Andrew occupied the area in 1977 while living in Peterborough for a school exchange program with Lakefield College from January to June. It is also rumoured that he was in a short relationship during this time. However, since we don’t have a birthdate for Markus, it’s hard to tell that Andrew and Markus’ mother were even together. Also, there is no evidence to support this.

Just because Andrew was in the exact location at the time of Markus’ conception doesn’t mean he’s the father.

Surfing The Soho Ranks

It is said that Markus started his time at Soho House as a waiter when he was roughly 18. If he had been born in 1978, he would’ve started working for the organisation in 1996. The first Soho House opened in London in 1995, according to the official website. This aligns with the speculation that Anderson moved to London and started working at the first Soho House. This is confirmed in the link below, an interview with Anderson, who mentions he began at the London location.

Over the years, Markus climbed the ranks and is now the Chief Membership Officer, as referenced in the tenth-anniversary post of the Toronto Soho House on the official website.

When Meghan Markle met him is unclear. Though, there is another question. Markus doesn’t appear to have any formal education, so how did he get into such an exclusive circle?

A Rundown Of Famous Friends

To end this first post, we thought we’d set up the next one by briefly explaining some of Markus’ famous friends. These friends will play a more significant role in part two.

So, as we mentioned, he’s good friends with Meghan Markle. He also knows Misha Nonoo, Daniel Martin, Jessica Mulroney, Nick Jones (Soho House founder), and Eddie Redmayne, to name a few.

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