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What Was Meghan Markle’s Goal With ‘The Letter’ She Allegedly Wrote To King Charles?

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Letter writing is an old art form, and the British royal family is still known to practice the craft. It is also documented that Meghan Markle, the former cable actress, is known to write such pieces. She allegedly put this to good use when she supposedly tried to lobby for a solo audience with her father-in-law, King Charles III, after the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

The story dropped a few days after The Queen’s funeral in mid-September, according to the date on an article by the pro-Sussex publication, Elle Magazine. At the time, so much was happening that I didn’t get to touch on the letter story.

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While scrolling through Twitter this morning, I found the Elle piece and thought I’d begin this week on a high. I understand that this story is a bit older, but it was essential as I believe if this did happen, it would’ve been a ploy by Meghan to catch the new King unawares.

The world is only now catching on to how disconnected from the world Meghan and Prince Harry are. They live in their little universe where they’re King and Queen. I do have my thoughts on the living situation of the pair, but I’ll cover that in another article.

Charles Would Be A Fool To Speak To Meghan

So, returning to the story regarding the letter. If the meeting happened, then Charles would be a fool. Why? Meghan is a schemer. There is no denying that every event she and Harry have been to in the UK would’ve been secretly recorded. Moreover, this is why the family gave them a wide birth during the funeral and the Platinum Jubilee a few months prior.

Anyone with a brain will know that recording someone without their knowledge is illegal. It doesn’t matter what country it is. But I digress. If Meghan had spoken with Charles, she would’ve gone in with a microphone strapped to her person. We know that the feud between the Sussexes and the royals will never heal while Markle is on the scene. The palace understands what she and Harry can do if they’re not given their way. Also, there is no way the courtiers would leave the ex-actress in a room with the King.

I want to add that I do not love Charles for what he did to Diana, even if it was 30 years ago or more. But he did what he could to raise his sons after their mother’s premature death in 1997. He does NOT deserve to be thrown under the bus by a woman who only lives to serve herself.

What Could’ve Been In The Letter?

Let’s jump sides briefly and see what this letter, if Meghan even wrote one, could’ve entailed. My best guess is that she wanted to “explain” the reason for the attacks. She could’ve also attempted to blackmail Charles into giving the children titles. Anyone who has followed this trainwreck for the last five years will know she knows how to get men to do what she wants.

What has been interesting to see since Charles took the throne is that he’s not the pushover everyone thinks he would’ve been. If anything, I believe now that The Queen was soft on the Sussexes. She was a devout Christian who believed in forgiveness, regardless of sin.

While this is all good for Her Majesty’s generation, it sadly doesn’t work for His Majesty. Forgiving someone and sweeping it under the rug is what Meghan wants. She is used to getting what she wants. She spent so much time as an unknown actress that she knew people wouldn’t question her intentions. However, now that she is where she wants to be, on top, people will look into her claims.

Also, Charles has enough experience with her to know that Meghan’s claims hoodwinked him and almost everyone in the family. Do I believe the King cared if he was being blackmailed? No. He knows the monarchy has survived far worse than a cable television actress with no fundamental skills.

Would The Palace Have Stepped In If Meghan Did Write The Letter?

Yes, the palace would’ve stepped in if she had written the letter. I doubt Charles would’ve read it first. It would’ve gone through his aides first before he read it personally. We all know that the Queen’s death killed Meghan’s plans to return to the US. It would’ve been here that she could continue to slam her in-laws in Variety and her Archetypes podcast.

Now, we know that Spotify, like Netflix, allegedly refuses to edit the episodes as it will cost them money as it has already taken blood, sweat, and tears to get the podcast going in the first place. However, Variety redid their interview with Meghan and the photo shoot where they made the former actress look angelic. Moreover, this cover contrasts significantly with the one she did for The Cut, where she seems… evil?

In conclusion, it would be left to Charles to decide what to do about the letter. Does he allow the audience to happen where he is put in a position where he is recorded and his words taken out of context? Or does he decline and risk being called a racist for denying his daughter-in-law a chance to “speak her truth”?

Charles is playing an innovative and strategic game by not giving the Sussexes a chance to strike another blow. If they can play a game of manipulation, so can he.

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