God Help Us When Prince William Becomes King – The Sussexes Will Continue Their Attacks – OPINION

Just when things were starting to get better for the British royal family, His Majesty, King Charles III, is revealed to be fighting cancer. It has made the world stop and think about Prince William and how he could be one step closer to being king Though, it has also made people acutely aware that while Prince Harry might be playing nice for now, the Sussexes will continue to attack the future monarch and his family when the Waleses end up on the throne.

The King is receiving high praise for speaking up about his health challenges. Many have applauded William for taking charge and looking after his wife, Catherine and their three children, George, Charlotte and Louis, after the Princess of Wales received abdominal surgery.

Stay Away, Harry!

If we’re being honest here, it is a massive belief that Prince Harry must stay away from his father and sister-in-law. He is toxic to their health. He is a traitor who is no different to his great-great uncle, the Duke of Windsor, who abdicated the throne for Wallis Simpson, who didn’t love him the way he did her.

Once Prince William is king, he will likely do what his father and late grandmother will not: strip his brother, sister-in-law, nephew and niece of their titles if they still reside in the United States. There are many opinions to be had about this specific topic, which we won’t explore here.

What many people admire about Prince William is that he is a warrior who nurtures and protects his family. As we’ve stated, his brother is a traitor to the king and country. He is allowing his wife to steal stories from other women for her influencer career.


Many people forget that Harry supposedly hates the media, though he has no issues telling the world he is flying to England to see his father. If we had to guess, this whole thing concerns ignoring the African Parks scandal. Also, everyone has noticed that the male version of Meghan, better known as Omid Scobie, has said nothing. It goes to show he doesn’t care about anything but a pay cheque to be the Sussexes’ mouthpiece.

Meghan’s goal is to deprive her two toddler children and her husband of having any form of relationship with either side of their family, including the ton. This is coercive control, emotional abuse, if you will. She’s willing to avoid supporting her husband with his undeserved aviation award. She is also upset that she will never be Queen. So she passionately hates Catherine and she likely hates the Tindalls because they’re more loved. We’re willing to bet deep down that she is dying to wear the Vladimir Tiara.

How You Like Those Rumours?

Not to mention, Harry is the topic of numerous nasty rumours, such as some YouTubers saying he suffered an overdose. Also, where is his compassion for his late grandparents, who died thinking that he thought they were racists? Where was the statement for Catherine when she came out of the hospital? He didn’t tell the sewer squad to not believe the rumour about Kate being in a coma. What about his father-in-law, Thomas Markle, whom he has never met? He could have encouraged Meghan to check up on her dad after he suffered heart-related issues.

If Prince William were king, he would have the Sussexes checked over for microphones and other recording devices. The last thing anyone wants is for their conversations to be leaked. In the aftermath of the Oprah interview, Harry told Gayle King about a conversation he allegedly had with his brother.

Finally, whoever presides over Harry’s remaining inheritance should put in previsions. These would include that only Harry can handle the money, and Meghan cannot access it. If she does, the rest of the money is sealed so it cannot be touched.

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