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Why Does Meghan Markle Always Smile During Events? – OPINION

Meghan, harry

Another day. Another Chronicles of Harkles post solely about Meghan Markle. I wish I didn’t have to write these posts, but people need to know about her behaviour. So the reason for this post stems from her constant need to smile even when things are not going her way. A couple of days ago, I included this photo in a post:

Meghan, smile
[Credit: Bloomberg]

While everyone in the church gave her and her husband dirty looks, she continued smiling. Why? You would think that she would at least keep her expression neutral. But, instead, perhaps her smile was because she and the prince were late and got to walk in like runway models with her hips sashaying like she was on the catwalk of a Victoria Secret show.

Perhaps she thought, “Oh, look at all the unhappy peasants. They don’t want to be here. We do and we’re super special!” Who knows what was happening inside her head that day, but the look on her face speaks volumes.

People were not happy to see her or the prince. Can anyone honestly blame them? I can’t. They trashed the entire country by implying that everybody there, including the people of colour, was racist. Then the prince backtracks and blames the UK press. Even Tom Bradby was confused and supposed to be a friend to them.

[Credit: The Mirror]

She is, anyway, going back to Meghan and her inability to change her facial expression. She couldn’t resist a smirk during the ten days of mourning for The Queen.

smile, Meghan

She was even accused of smirking while her husband was accused of leaking information to the press, as per Also, just by this one photo, it is clear that she did not want to be there and did not enjoy standing behind her more important sister-in-law, who will one day become Queen Consort of England.

Also, in Meghan’s mind, she believes she will one day be Queen. Given her wayward and dangerous husband is now back to being fifth in line, she thinks that Harry is another step close to being King. Can you imagine King Henry IX? The last King Henry had two of his wives executed. The UK would likely abolish the monarchy if these two ever took the throne.

Meghan doesn’t look at all possible scenarios from the perspectives of others. She only ever looks at what she thinks will happen. With her blinding megawatt smile, she tries to convince the world she is unbothered by everything when it’s probably killing her inside.

Here’s another example of a smile that is fake.

Meghan, harry
[Credit: US Weekly]

For someone claiming to want nothing to do with the press, Meghan is giving her best smile for the paps out her car window, which she called. I’ve said repeatedly that she calls the paps herself. She did this before she met the prince, and she has them on speed dial. Also, we usually know it’s a pap shot because of two things. First, when the pap shots are in the media, it will say “Backgrid” in the corner of the picture.

The second thing is that Meghan always has a smile on her face, even when her hubby looks utterly miserable. Again, look at the Mandela Day situation.

Harry, Fresh Attacks, Spare
Harry and Meghan at the Nelson Mandela Day UN Forum [Credit: Sky News]

Mind you, this was the same event where she dragged his hand to her lap, and he tried to pull away, and she wrapped both hands around his arm to ensure he didn’t go anywhere. This is not a wife supporting her husband. This is the wife trying to assert control over him. Clearly, he did not want to be touched at that moment.

In conclusion, Meghan wants people to see her as an innocent person who has never done anything wrong. So her smiles are forced, and it doesn’t matter how convincing she makes them.

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