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Will Meghan Markle Try To Pull The Eating Disorder Card? – THOUGHTS

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Is Meghan Markle developing an eating disorder, like her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana? Or, is it possible that the Duchess of Sussex is taking Ozempic (more on that later) on a diet or has diabetes? Whatever the case, she is looking to get the public and her unsuspecting husband, Prince Harry’s sympathies by playing on the “I’m wasting away because I’m stressed” card.

It’s no secret that Meghan has Harry believing she is his mother reincarnated. She has attempted and failed to follow Diana’s narrative, which wasn’t falsified. Everything that happened to the late Princess was true. Markle hasn’t attempted the eating disorder card yet, one of the few she hasn’t tried.

Did Princess Diana Have Eating Disorders?

The rumours of Meghan Markle’s alleged eating disorder started when she looked thin at the Invictus Games in Germany. There has been speculation that she has been using Ozempic, a diabetes drug celebrities have also used for weight loss. Trust Markle to go with the A-list fads. However, we would not put it past her to claim that “the royal family feud is making her develop an eating disorder.” She has no contact with them except when she wants money, and she barely knows them as she was in the family for 18 months before pulling Harry to the United States.

According to the Independent, Diana spoke about her fight with Bullemia during her now infamous Panorama interview in 1995. It was also mentioned in Andrew Morton’s book, Diana: Her Own Words, released in 1992.

Proof Meghan Could Use The Eating Disorder Angle

Andrew Morton has come out and said that he was told while writing Meghan: A Hollywood Princess that he had been told that Markle had been a copy of his book on Diana and she had read it when she was young. There is no way she would not have known about the late Princess of Wales having Bulimia in her younger years.

A photo was released recently as she is at an airport flying to Germany, where she has an odd-looking neck.

Meghan, eating disorder
[Credit: NY Breaking]

This also isn’t about body shaming for those who will be screaming from the rafters. I’m skinny because that is how I am built. It’s a trait that I inherited from my dad. However, Meghan doesn’t fit any form of category. She’s not someone like Queen Letizia of Spain, who has incredible arms on her.

Even Meghan’s arms in the above picture look skinny. I usually don’t like negatively commenting on people’s bodies. But if Meghan is trying to make herself look like a skeleton on purpose, she needs to be called out. She is a walking advertisement for schooling someone in narcissism and coercive control.

Princess Diana had a severe eating disorder that could’ve killed her. Meghan doesn’t see things as plainly as we regular folk do. She just sees what Diana went through as another narrative piece she can use to make herself look more like a victim so she can control her husband further.

Could The Eating Disorder Angle Be Used Against Harry?

If the eating disorder is real, Meghan could claim that his negativity towards his family and everyone drove her to make herself skin and bones.

She has a history of making it appear that she had the same issues as Diana. The weight loss story Meghan Markle has played before on The Tig. One example is Meghan Markle claiming to Oprah to have been suicidal while pregnant with Archie. She claims the pressure was too much for her. Harry then chimes in and says he didn’t get her help as he didn’t know how. However, he helped to set up HeadsTogether with his brother and sister-in-law. If there is one person who could have assisted her, it was her husband and his years working with mental health charities, which he has apparently forgotten about.

Diana threw herself down the stairs several months pregnant with Prince William, hoping to get her husband’s attention. Meghan didn’t have any signs of mental health issues ever in her life. If she did, her father or siblings would’ve said so. They’re more credible than she is.

If a divorce does happen, it will be a sledging match. If there is, I want Prince Harry to win. Not because I like him. He has more going for him than Meghan Markle does. He sees much more than we do behind the scenes, so if a split happens, he could say something that rips her potential eating disorder narrative apart. Do I think he’ll do it? No, he won’t because he is too soft and has to stay in her good graces. As we know, she will get the children (if they exist), and if he wants to see them, he has to abide by her rules.

Could Meghan Markle Claim She Was Hospitalised For “Eating Disorder”?

Yes, she absolutely could. I’m not saying she will, but she is capable of anything to get Prince Harry to do whatever she wants. As far as we’re aware, Meghan Markle can’t claim Princess Diana was hospitalised because there is no known record of it.

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