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What Is The Difference Between A Lothcat And A Tooka Cat In Star Wars?

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Star Wars Rebels means so much to so many people, as did the Lothcat, as it’s one of the first creatures Ezra Bridger tried to tame with the Force. The Mandalorian gave us the first live-action look at the Tooka cat. The Ahsoka series gave us a look at the Tooka cat in the first trailer, released at Star Wars Celebration 2023. We were confused about the difference between the two feline species and thought we’d explore it.

The Tooka Cat

So, the Tooka cat first appeared in Star Wars: The Clone Wars as a stuffed toy before the feline appeared. According to the linked above Wookieepedia page, the Tooka cat is a subspecies of the Lothcat.

The Tooka cat weighs about 10 kilograms and is seen galaxy-wide. It also comes in different colours. It also feasts on almost the same diet as the Lothcat.

The Lothcat

Going over to the Lothcat, it is exclusive to Lothal in the grasslands. It only comes in one colour and is roughly slightly heavier than a Tooka. Moreover, the Lothcat species leads a solitary lifestyle unless they need to mate and raise their young.

Lothcats can be domesticated as they were caught and sold on Blackspire outpost as pets. One was even seen on Sorgan during two episodes of The Mandalorian.

Was It A Lothcat Or A Tooka Cat In The Star Wars: Ahsoka Trailer?

According to the Ahsoka television series Wookieepedia page, both the Tooka cat and Lothcat are referenced, with the Tooka being seen as the main species and the Lothcat as the subspecies.

In conclusion, there isn’t much difference at all between them.

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