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Is Meghan Markle’s Defence Against Her Half-Sister Samantha Markle Falling Apart Already?

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Meghan Markle’s legal team has done everything possible to discredit her half-sister, Samantha Markle and her defamation case. However, it looks like the younger Markle sister is about to get her just desserts, if everything goes the right way. There are also updates.

Popcorned Palace’s Andy Signore travelled to Tampa, Florida, to attend the Markle defamation case in person. Samantha Markle was present, yet Meghan Markle was not. He reported that Samantha’s legal team were prepared and did their homework. Meghan’s team was prepared by citing previous case law.

However, there was one hiccup; one of Meghan’s pieces of evidence was Christopher Bouzy’s reports into “single purpose hate accounts.” For those who mightn’t know, Bouzy’s reports were debunked by Twitter as being not accurate.

The judge, Judge Honeywell, wasn’t blinded by Meghan Markle’s race or fame and called out her legal team for altering Meghan’s quotes.

Andy also spoke to Samantha’s lawyers who said they had a good feeling. Samantha got emotional when she addressed the small press pack, who had assembled for the hearing.

Markle Defamation Case Is For Everyone Whose Free Speech Is Being threatened

One of Samantha’s lawyers stated that the case isn’t about Samantha. It is about the threat people like Meghan, pose to the freedom of speech the United States has enjoyed for centuries. They also stated that it might be a little while until the judge decides whether the case goes to discovery.

If the Markle defamation case does go through, then Meghan will have to produce texts, emails, etc to back up what she is claiming. Finally, she has retracted one of her statements, claiming she “misspoke.” Allegedly and conclusively, it was one of the comments she made to Oprah. She has already been called out for perjuring herself in her court case against the Daily Mail for publishing her father’s letter. Meghan might’ve won that case on a technicality, but she was still outed as a liar.

Omid Scobie and Prince Harry also swore up and down that the Sussexes had no role in the creation of Finding Freedom. Emails to Jason Knauf proved otherwise.

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