DC FanDome Presents A First Offical Look At The Upcoming The Flash Movie


Ezra Miller is back as the big-screen version of Barry Allen. While his DC FanDome comments were contradictory, at best, fans went gaga for the first footage for The Flash film. Now, we say that there were contradictions in Miller’s statements because he claimed that there was nothing to share, but there ended up being stuff he could show. As confusing as it was to watch, it was nice to see that the diehard fans got something to fawn over. Here’s the video, courtesy of IGN Movie Trailers on YouTube:

[Credit: IGN Movie Trailers – YouTube]

We’re just going to go over what we remember from when we saw it during the event. So, Barry arrives outside a house in the dead of night. Ultimately, this would be when he saves his mother, which forces events to change on his timeline. As much as we love Christina Hodson’s work, doing a version of Flashpoint wasn’t the way to go for a first solo film. 

Perhaps, it would’ve been better to do an origin story before diving into this type of storyline. The Flash television series has already copped criticism for screwing up their Flashpoint storyline.

Anyway, we see Sasha Calle for the first time as Supergirl and another version of Barry in the Batsuit with the lightning bolt painted over the top. Now, we think this is the Keaton suit, given the bat symbol. Speaking for Michael Keaton, he narrates the teaser, and we see the back of his bat cowl.

There’s also what looks like a version of the cowl lying on the floor in one shot. Oh, and Barry pulls a sheet off what would be the Keaton Batmobile. He would’ve seen Batfleck’s car.

Our Verdict

In all honesty, we don’t care about The Flash movie, though we are willing to give it a chance. The footage that was shown didn’t have completed VFX as it is still early days. Also, Ezra said he was still on set, and we know that the film has finished filming. If we had to guess, the introduction was done some time ago. CBR reported the week before DC FanDome that the film had wrapped.

At the moment, we don’t see anything wrong with the odd-looking VFX. The film doesn’t drop until November 2022, so there’s plenty of time for improvement. Also, we’re just interested in finding out how Supergirl fits into the story and whether she’s related to Superman.

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