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Umm… Harry And Meghan Have Been Given A Fake Award For Having Two Children

fake award

Apparently, there’s now a fake award for having children…

This has to be the weirdest thing we’ve ever reported on regarding Harry and Meghan. So, apparently, some organisation or charity or… something has given the woke royal couple a fake award for only having two children. This tidbit of intel comes from ITV which alleges the ‘special’ prize was given to them by UK-based charity, Population Matters. They should be friends with Tana Mongeau and Logan Paul, who faked a relationship.

It’s never been a secret that Harry has said he only wanted two kids as reported in Harper’s Bazaar in 2019 a couple of months after the birth of Archie. But, what begs the question, what does giving him and Meghan a fake award actually achieve? Nothing, that’s what. It just gives them more leverage to push their woke agenda to the world.

This also borders on their typical hypocrisy. Note what we said earlier. Population Matters is a UK-based charity. Harry claimed in The Me You Can’t See that going into London gave him anxiety as per MSN. Then, there was the whole thing where Meghan made the allegations against the royal family and the British people of racism. We already spoke about this in a post about how Markle basically debunked her own claim with all the black people who attended her wedding.

The Sussexes apparently also want to hand out their own awards to rival the Queen’s birthday honours, according to the Daily Mail. Though, this was allegedly ‘fake news’ according to Harper’s Bazaar which is a pro-Sussex publication.

The Hypocrisy Of The Fake Award

Okay, so if Harry and Meghan are getting this fake award, it only shows their hypocrisy on an even bigger level. This is the same couple who preaches about lowering our carbon footprint but take private jets on holidays they apparently forget they took. Let’s not forget they drive around Los Angeles in gas-guzzling cars.

Also, Harry allegedly took a swipe at his older brother, Prince William for having more than two children. If you think about it, it also applies to his grandmother, Her Majesty The Queen who had four children. Basically, he’s taking a swipe at all the people in the world who have more than two kids.

Harry and Meghan are not ‘special’ because they got some fake award. It’s not going to erase their bitching and whining of recent years. It just shows what ignorant, spoilt brats they are. They don’t care about anyone but their own wealth. Look at how Doria was allegedly treated and how Meghan allegedly treated Tyer Perry’s staff. This is not kindness, nor does it promote their woke agenda of having two children. It’s another way to get their names out there in hopes of ‘inspiring’ their woke groupies will follow their example.

God, we can just see their fans in the future saying, “Well, Harry and Meghan did this and it’s good for the environment…” Spare us! Please, we beg you!

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