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Chronicles of Harkle Harry: The Fish Out Of Water And Is Meghan Looking To Break Off Their Marriage?

Harry Windsor is not the man we thought he was – From throwing his entire family under the bus for a paycheck to his idiotic publicity stunts, Harry’s likeability is dwindling on a massive scale. I’ve seen reported that he’s almost like a fish out of water. It has been two years since he and Meghan left the dangerous grounds of Frogmore Cottage with their son, Archie, and moved from Canada to Los Angeles in the space of a couple of months.

What’s more, is Meghan is NOT a fish out of water. She is getting the life she always wanted as well as the platform she never achieved as plain old Meghan Markle, who was a nobody and untalented. However, as the Duchess of Sussex, it gives her the advantage she never had before. She has used her title on everything imaginable. Her fans have had the nerve to compare her to Princess Mako of Japan, who left her family to marry her commoner boyfriend.

There is no comparison between Meghan and Mako. Anyway, let’s back to the subjects at hand.

Harry’s A Fish Out Of Water

Harry has never looked more miserable. He hasn’t found his feet and seems to wander around Los Angeles, looking for something to occupy his time. Moreover, he claims he works, but how can he when he’s constantly seen around Montecito? He claims that he has “burnout” and has to meditate while there’s no one around. Right, I’ll believe that when I see it. Though, there’s one thing I don’t get.

How can he have “burnout” when he doesn’t work? The only “work” he does is Zoom calls and telling other people to do their jobs. Furthermore, he doesn’t know what to do with his time. We’re sure Meghan plays a big part in his ‘meditation’ sessions. Being married to someone who micromanages everything in their lives must be exhausting.

That brings me to an interesting video that Brittany of the Royal News Network posted. In her video, Brittany spoke about Harry seeming to be naive to what he walked into when he and Meghan moved to Los Angeles. She’s correct in her observations.

The idea of a move to Hollywood was too good to be true. The Sussexes had all these plans, well Meghan had plans to become as Brittany described, “movers and shakers” within Hollywood.

However, this is Meghan’s dream. Not Harry’s. Also, Brittany makes the point that I agree with that Harry thought his wife was a much bigger actor when she wasn’t. The only creative inputs she had was tiny script changes and limiting her sex scenes.

Meghan Is At Home In Hollywood

I’ve spoken about Meghan’s Hollywood career a few times before, but never at length. I may do a post about it later about what people have said about her behaviour. Brittany mentions in her video that Meghan did grow up in Hollywood due to her dad being a renowned lighting director. She also went to high-profile schools where celebrities would send their children.

Also, her acting isn’t great. Moreover, this is is why she spent most of her time in auditions for the first decade of her career. Most of her roles were bit parts where she was just a one-off character. Though, she did do shows like Castle, where she played a bit role. She also appeared in the films, Horrible Bosses and Remember Me.

As Rachel Meghan Markle, she couldn’t achieve a high level of success. She didn’t have the talent nor the creative vision. However, as the Duchess of Sussex, the lack of talent and limited creative vision is exempt. Why? She now has a fancy title, and that’s the only thing that matters.

When she walked out on the stage at the NAACP Awards to accept the President’s award, it was her night. Not Harry’s. She walked out onto that stage to the empty audience with a poise of an Academy Award winner. Though it was like the award itself was meaningless to her. She didn’t even hold it for ten seconds.

All she appeared to care about was delivering that coveted speech.

How Harry’s Misery Is Making Him Even More Unlikeable

I say this a lot, but Harry’s need for security and paranoia drives his unlikeability. He sees paparazzi when there isn’t anything. This is evident by his claim he was chased by the paps when he attended the WellChild event in England. There is footage of him leaving the event, which appears to have been filmed on someone’s smartphone. No paps were chasing him. In his mind, a person with a phone is a paparazzo.

We’ve also seen his boredom at the Superbowl. The reason he was there was because of BetterUp and Sunshine Sachs. Girdiron is NOT Rugby by any means. Anyone with a brain knows this. There were photos released of him in the locker room of the Rams, one of the teams playing. He looked downtrodden as if holding the trophy bought back a flood of memories about his time watching the Rugby and being a patron of the English team, which is now Catherine’s.

Is Meghan Looking To Leave Harry? – Part One

There have been signs of what appears to be a fracture in the Sussex marriage. Now, I’m not making any of this up. I’m only reporting on what I’ve seen. So, we’ve been over the fish out of water stuff with Harry, and now, I wanted to address the clues that Meghan MIGHT be looking to split with Harry.

I would never wish divorce or a break-up on a couple. But Harry always looks miserable. Let’s look at the clues we’ve seen, shall we?

So, the first clue we’ve gotten is the speculation that Harry is seen out in Montecito without Meghan. A load of high-profile people go out without their other halves.

That brings us to the second thing. As we know by now that the Spotify deal was announced as a joint venture. One boring podcast episode was produced with famous people talking rather than everyday civilians. I didn’t listen to it, but I know people who tried to and couldn’t. Oh, and it ended up behind whale sounds. Anyway, the other day it was announced that Meghan would be doing a solo podcast, allegedly about women’s empowerment. It is also being said that it will be solely called “Meghan.”

Anyway, the ad the Sussexes did for Spotify seemed to back up that they were both going to be involved. However, it seems this wasn’t going to work. Though from what I’ve been hearing, Harry will serve as an executive producer on the podcast.

Is Meghan Looking To Leave Harry? – Part Two

So, with Harry being the fish out of water that he is, could he still have his blinders on to how his wife is using him? It’s unclear what Harry is feeling. Though it’s clear he’s throwing a tantrum in a desperate bid to get security in the UK. The news is saying that he is suing the Mail on Sunday because they “hurt his feelings.” Okay, this isn’t what the headline said, but it is implied. According to Jack Royston of Newsweek, a known Sussex flying monkey, Harry is suing the Mail on Sunday for libel, citing “considerable distress.” Uh?

The MoS article was telling the truth. This is Harry’s paranoia kicking in. He wants visibility as this saint that is saving the world. No, he’s not doing anything but preaching to the masses while he and Meghan sit back and watch from their living room.

Going back to whether Meghan is looking to leave Harry, I’m still on the fence. Though, it would not be surprising if she were. There was that rumour where she allegedly tried to crack onto David Foster. Then Harry allegedly says it’s not his [David’s] fault he’s attracted to younger women, and Meghan is “hot.” There’s a whole bunch of other stuff.

One final thing I wanted to touch on is how it was announced that the Sussexes would be pushing more solo content in 2022. Could this be the final nail in the coffin? Meghan will never go back to the UK. We all know this. She will never allow the kids (if they exist) to go without her. Yes, I know everyone has said that too. Anyway, she wouldn’t want Archie and Lili to be “brainwashed” against her. In conclusion, she wants to corrupt them against the family they’ve never met.

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