The Bold And The Beautiful

The Bold And The Beautiful: Mother v. Mother!


Li Finnegan is a mother in mourning, and Sheila’s obsession with Finn is driving everyone crazy – Get off your high horse, Sheila. You’re not Finn’s mother. You might’ve given birth to him, but that is it! We’ve spoken about this before. With the hot doc dead at the hand of his biological mother, his true family is left to pick up the pieces.

His devastated mother arrives at the hospital and almost makes a beeline for Sheila, but Ridge stops her. While Li is not crying and in an absolute state, she does not want her estranged husband’s former mistress there. All Sheila keeps saying is that Finn was her son, and the more she says it, the more it annoys Li.

Li’s words don’t appear to sink into Sheila’s brain. She just keeps calling herself Finn’s mother. Just because you share genetic material doesn’t mean you’re instantly a person’s parent. Sheila should know this as she was once a nurse. What makes it even uglier is she’s being forced to hide that she’s the reason Steffy is in a coma and Finn is dead.

How can Sheila possibly stand there and proclaim that she’s Finn’s mother when she’s literally holding the smoking gun? She can scream that it was an accident all she likes, but it doesn’t take away what she did. Her obsession with Finn, Hayes, and being accepted into the Forrester family has gone up in smoke.

When the truth comes out, she’ll say the same things she’s saying now, but she’ll be carted off to the big house with the white walls and the straight jackets.

Sheila, The Mother No One Wants Around

We give Kimberlin Brown absolute props for playing a total psycho who hasn’t changed her stripes in thirty years. Can’t Sheila take a hint? She doesn’t deserve to know her son and grandson. Legally, she is not tied to Finn or Hayes. Biologically, yes. But that means nothing. This is a reverse of the Eric and Ridge situation. They’re not biologically related, but they’re legally related, and they’re super close.

Sheila cannot accept that Finn didn’t need her, and now, her obsession with him and Hayes has ruined any chance she has to get what she wants. However, spoilers have revealed that she will get what she wants. We don’t know about anyone else, but this’ll get ugly.

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