The Bold And The Beautiful

The Bold And The Beautiful: Does Hope Have A Reason To Worry About Liam? How Long Can Eric And Donna Keep Their Affair A Secret From Quinn?


Exes are a menace – Donna and Eric are having a scandalous affair behind Quinn’s back. If their secret gets out, the current Mrs Forreser will begin hunting “the mistress.” Meanwhile, Steffy asks Liam to stay the night, which alarms Hope, given how close her husband is to his ex-wife. Yes, they share Kelly, but the closer they become, the more they fall into old patterns.

For Donna, Quinn is her primary concern and always will be. The current Mrs Eric Forrester hates her guts where she could potentially kill her. She’s almost murdered Deacon by pushing him off a cliff. Who knows what she may do if the affair gets out. They had better watch their backs because everything will go down the toilet quickly if the news spreads.

Meanwhile, unlike her aunt Donna, Hope struggles to deal with Liam being at Steffy’s side as she returns home to begin her life without her husband, Finn. Yes, he wants to spend time with their daughter, but his feelings for her mother have never gone away, despite being married to someone else. Everything was going so well when Finn was alive. Instead, everything was on the right track, and Liam kept his distance from Steffy unless he saw Kelly.

Be Careful What You Wish For, Donna And Liam!

Finn also made a point of making Liam see that he cannot just jump between women when he wants. However, now that the hot doc is gone, the waffler can do whatever he wants. He cannot help him, and it’s so annoying that he can’t make up his mind. Also, he has daughters with both women. It’s not like he can be with them both.

Going back to Donna, she is too sweet and kind to be a threat to Quinn. However, the jewellery designer sees this as a weakness.

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