Meghan Markle And The Link To Harvey Weinstein

Soho House. A franchise of exclusive clubs that cater to the rich, powerful, and influential. Meghan Marke has a longtime association with many of its venues. While she never made it to superstardom as an actress on Suits, she did mutual connections to disgraced media mogul Harvey Weinstein through the New York Soho House. They also share a few other links.

Now, to be clear, we do NOT believe Meghan was one of his victims. If she were, she would’ve said something about it. Anyway, there is a huge web that needs untangling, and we need to break it down in whatever way we can. We’ve done a mindmap to give you a brief idea of how deep this web goes. There are many more connections that we didn’t add, like Jessica Mulroney, who we forgot about until just now.

Mindmap of connections of Harvey Weinstein and Meghan Markle

This mindmap I created is a little hard to read, but you get a general idea. Harvey Weinstein shares many of the same contacts as Meghan as they were both in Hollywood. You’ll notice as well that I put Prince Andrew in bold. When I did it, it wasn’t intentional. However, taking another glimpse at it now has made me realise that there’s a larger picture than I thought.

There are two key components to this story; Soho House and Prince Andrew, and both have ties to Weinstein.

[Credit: The Mirror]

The above photo of Weinstein, Epstein, and Ghislaine Maxwell was taken in 2006 at Princess Beatrice’s 18th Birthday Party. Moreover, this ties Harvey and Maxwell to Prince Andrew. According to an accompanying article written by Neil Murphy and Tiffany Lo of The Mirror, the trio was invited by the Duke of York.

Now, as far as we can establish, Meghan doesn’t have a direct face-to-face tie to Weinstein. We could be wrong, but we haven’t found anything to prove our theory right. However, she did occupy the New York Soho House. We know that Markle loves the franchise as Meghan’s Mirror did a whole post on it. Though, it didn’t mention the New York Soho House. It’s interesting to note that a Tumblr site called JustMyThots posted an interesting observation; Markle has been to Soho House without her besties Markus Anderson and/or Misha Nonoo. This implies that she does not have official membership and was merely a guest. Again, this is just hearsay.

Going back to the Weinstein connection and for Meghan to have attended the New York location, she would’ve had to be a guest. According to an opinion video by Keep NYC MegaTrash Free, Meghan had a tie to Georgina Chapman, Weinstein’s then-wife, and Keren Craig, who founded the Marchesa fashion label. It’s unknown if Markle ever wore the brand.

We doubt she did wear the brand as she wasn’t as rich back then. She had money, but not as much as now. Also, it wouldn’t surprise us if she tried to beg Georgina and Keren for freebies as she did with Victoria Beckham. Moreover, she could’ve been a guest at the NYC Soho House and gotten to know the Marchesa founders that way. Again, this is just speculation.

Going Back To The Royals

To end this Soho House speculation, we need to talk about what this has to do with Prince Andrew. Well, as people will know by now, his youngest daughter Princess Eugenie was allegedly friends with Meghan before Harry met his future wife.

Ultimately, this is where things get interesting. Since Meghan knew Eugenie before meeting Harry, what are the odds that she is aware of Andrew’s connection to Weinstein and is holding the information over him? This might explain why Virginia Giuffre, who is accusing Prince Andrew of raping her when she was a teenager, has had her lawyer suggest that Meghan testify in the civil case against him as per Tom Sykes of the Daily Beast.

What’s more, is the Mirror article we linked earlier mentions that other royals were present at Beatrice’s 18th birthday party. Could it be possible that Meghan knows that her in-laws have had previous associations with known sexual predators and is blackmailing them? Also, in Keep NYC MegaTrash Free’s video, she shows a photo of Eugenie with Harvey and his then-wife Georgina. There was also one of her mother, Sarah Ferguson, with Harvey at the premiere of Lion in 2016, which took place, allegedly at a Soho House.

There’s every possibility that Eugenie could’ve let something slip regarding her father’s friendship with Weinstein. Or, Misha could’ve done something similar as she’s friends with Eugenie. In conclusion, this is all speculative, based on facts in the public domain.

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