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Finn Is A True Sheila Ally

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Steffy Forrester Finnegan killing Sheila Carter was a blessing in disguise, but it also ruins her marriage to Finn. His loyalty since meeting his birth mother has been touchy, to say the least. Even after Sheila shot him and Steffy, held him hostage and tried to kill his adoptive mother, Li, while attempting to force him to love her, Finn cannot decide whether he hates or loves Sheila.

Steffy tells Finn Sheila broke into their house and lunged at her, and his wife had to defend herself with the first thing she could grab: a knife. It’s not rocket science. Spoilers next week heavily focus on Sheila’s death storyline with a break involving Poppy and Zende attempting to stop Luna from telling RJ about her accidentally sleeping with his much older cousin. If only they would go back to the story of why Poppy wouldn’t tell Luna who her dad is. Why won’t they go back and talk about how Zende basically violated Luna?

Anyway, this is about Sheila and Finn. The one thing that has always stood in Sheila’s way regarding her relationship with Finn is his wife, Steffy. Although, there have been others. Look at Li, his adoptive mother. Sheila tried to kill her by running her off a wharf into the water. Yet, he doesn’t appear to care about that.

Finn tells Steffy that Sheila’s blood is on her hands. Furthermore, this shows us that his loyalty was never truly with the woman he claims he loves so much, but with the woman who terrorised her family for years.

Brooke points out that if Sheila had succeeded in killing Steffy, it wouldn’t have driven Finn to love her. It would drive him to hate her for robbing Kelly and Hayes of their mother. However, now, he hates his wife for killing his biological mother, whom he claims he wants nothing to do with. Make that make sense.

It’s also become apparent that Finn either cannot let go of knowing Sheila or that she has terrorised his wife’s family for decades.

Let’s look at the Sheila part of this, shall we? All she has ever wanted is to be part of the Forrester lifestyle. She sunk her hooks into Eric and married him. She started as a nurse at Forrester before having fled Genoa City after a house fire that killed a meter man. The fire almost killed Lauren and Shelia’s mother, Molly, who had suffered a stroke that took away her ability to speak. Though she get some of her speech back as she was able to communicate with Lauren.

Not to mention that Lauren was more of a threat to Sheila than Steffy ever was because the rivalry goes back further. Also, they both stood in the way of what Sheila wanted.

All Sheila wanted was to be loved. However, her dark deeds, like kidnapping Lauren Fenmore and her own mother. Tricking Brooke into drinking alcohol and shooting Brooke, Taylor, Steffy and Finn (at different times), getting pregnant by different men and then cries that she has no contact with her other children.

Perhaps there is a reason why her other kids want nothing to do with her. Did Sheila ever stop to think that Finn thought the same way as his siblings? No, she thinks he is malleable and will join her cause, get Steffy to change her mind, and allow them all to play happy families with Hayes.

Also, did anyone get the feeling that Sinn is now over? Given that Finn is devastated that his biological mother is dead, he cannot get over that it was his wife who killed her. Would he be okay with her death if it was anyone else who killed her, like some random person? Just a thought.

There are very few people who look at Finn in the same way now. We know from the more recent episodes that Ridge is unhappy that his son-in-law is not standing at Steffy’s side and defending her.

The only defence Finn seems to have for defending Sheila is that she is his birth mother. He claims to understand that she is a threat to other people, but it seems like he’s doing little to help the situation. If he’s not careful, he’ll lose Steffy, Hayes and Kelly to Liam, and he’ll only have himself to blame.

Does he not remember when Liam caught him hugging Sheila at the courthouse, and he told Steffy about it? Or that Li almost died because of Sheila? If he had any backbone, he would do everything in his power to keep his family safe. Not jump in after Liam has attempted to still Steffy back.

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