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Chronicles Of Harkle: Meghan’s Tackiness

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Sorry, not sorry, but Meghan Markle is tacky. I’m not going to apologise for that. However, in my previous Chronicles of Harkle article, I wanted to over Meghan’s tacky nature. I know I talk about this woman a lot, but she’s controversial, which means talking points.

So, let’s get into the case of Ms Markle and her tacky antics. Also, Brittany of the Royal News Network mentions Meghan’s tackiness in her latest video, which I linked in the previous article. So, I’ve also included it here.

Meghan’s need to pass her tacky lifestyle off as glamourous started with her now-defunct blog, The Tig. She was always talking about her vacations to all those exotic places. If she didn’t care about the flashy things in life, she would not have been advertising her jet-setting lifestyle if that were not the case.

What adds to this tacky issue with Meghan is that she thinks that people will agree with her because she’s “the Duchess of Sussex.” No, it doesn’t work that way. As Brittany said in her video, Markle does not represent America in any way. Nothing will stand in her way. Nothing. She believes that she is better than every person in power that resides in her home country.

However, she needs these people on her side, especially the democrats. She identifies as one of them, after all.

The Money

Meghan’s overspending has been evident since she became Harry’s fiancée. Her engagement photoshoot dress was almost $100k. This was just the beginning of her extensive spending. She was one of the most expensive outfits as a maternity dress, worth over $100k. When she was pregnant with Archie, her wardrobe was estimated to be about $ 1 million. Now, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, has never spent that much on a gown. Her maternity wardrobes for all three pregnancies did not cost $1 million each time.

There has been speculation for some time as to what Meghan’s net worth was before she married Harry. I’ve spoken about it a few times, but there have been differentiating sources that said she was worth anywhere between $1 million to $5 million. Whatever the case is, she believes she is worth $1 billion because she spends money like it grows on trees.

Just a quick note here. For a millionaire, $1k is like $100 to them, while $10k is like $1k to a billionaire. Not to mention, Meghan is why in the two years since she and Harry left the royal family for financial independence in the US, the Sussexes have been struggling with money.

Sussexes believed that by signing up with Netflix and Spotify, they would be given a stack of money upfront and not have to put any work in. Instead, their deals were minted almost two years ago, and they’ve yet to release anything.

The Tacky Media Deals And Nothing To Show For It

A slew of things have come out regarding the media deals the Sussexes have forged with Spotify and Netflix. While the amounts of money reported have differed between sources, it makes it clear that this was Meghan’s chance to be a star. No more being seventh on the call sheet. No more having unknown fashion labels representing her.

Did Harry want these deals? He claimed to Oprah during their tacky-as-hell interview that the contracts with the streaming giants were unplanned. I do not believe this for a moment as a report by the Sun that they were talking with the short-lived streaming platform, Quibi, the year before they jumped ship with Megxit. Moreover, this is another lie the couple has told.

So, going to the deals themselves, the only thing that has come about from them is a bunch of announced productions. The Heart of Invictus has only just been filmed, and it was announced a year ago. Pearl was announced and then cancelled. Then, there are the alleged ‘docuseries’ read: a reality show. Also, the split and further feud with the royals was worth it for the Sussexes.

To date, only a tacky holiday special has been dropped to Spotify and a lame promo for Archetypes. It’s halfway through the American summer, and it still hasn’t dropped a single episode. Their Oprah Interview caused enough damage.

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