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The Bold And The Beautiful: Zoe Can’t Take “No” For An Answer From Zende


Zoe Buckingham thinks she can have any man she wants, even though she is engaged to someone she appears to have lost interest in…

We feel so sorry for actress Kiara Barnes. She has to play a character who is so self-serving and spineless. Zoe doesn’t care about Carter. Despite the claims she does, all she wants is to carry the Forrester name which is why she is trying to sink her claws into Zende. It also makes us question what is next for her. Ridge really needs to do something about it.

Now, we take issue with people like Zoe who think they’re entitled to everything. Please bear in mind that we’re aware that this is totally fictional. It just grinds our gears that despite this whole thing being television trash, that it is even logical.

We’ve seen how Zoe has used people to get what she wants. She got involved with her father’s scam regarding Baby Beth in order to protect not just him, but her own reputation. She lost Xander as a result to her selfishness. This is the whole reason he has not been seen in a couple of years. He went back to England with his tail between his legs because he was involved with her.

What makes us want to hurl, is the idea that Zoe doesn’t care about Carter or his feelings. Ridge makes this point to Paris during their conversation. He and the COO of Forrester Creations are like brothers and always have each other’s backs. A bit like Justin and Bill.

Anyway, Ridge left the office and headed to his father’s house where he found Zende and Zoe fighting. This just got messy! Now, we won’t know what the model’s excuse is going to do be, but we can imagine. She’s going to deny that she was trying to seduce him. We, the audience, know that’s exactly what she was trying to do. She even admitted to wanting to sleep with him before she commits fully to Carter.

Zoe is NOT Fully Committed To Carter

Zoe incriminates herself during her impassioned plea to Zende to sleep with her. She said she wanted him before she fully committed herself to her fiancée. So… she wants a guy who is a close friend of her beau despite having a ring on her finger that is not from her intended target? Okay… our minds are quite literally blown… not really.

Since her arrival in Los Angeles, Zoe and her behaviour has just become even more spoilt and entitled. Props to Kiara for not vomiting on her character’s ambitions. Remember when she arrived to hunt down her ex-boyfriend Xander? She cyber-bullied Hope and Emma and then hid the truth regarding Beth to protect her criminal of a father.

All Zoe’s primary goal has been is to be a top model. She’s the lead model on the Hope for the Future line which so happens to be run by the woman she bullied virtually when she [Zoe] arrived in town. She even set her sights on Thomas after he flirted with her and demanded he marry her when he hesitated at the altar. Sure, she was testing him as part of the plan set up by Hope, Liam, and Steffy, but this proves nothing.

Marriage is meant to be able commitment to one person. Not lusting after someone you can’t have or doesn’t want you in return. It’s obvious that Carter ADORES Zoe. She can’t help wanting the Forrester and not the COO. Her goal is to have that connection through the fashion dynasty. She lost that chance when her engagement to Thomas ended up.

Titles and names appear to mean a lot to her. Zoe even threatened to have her sister, Paris blacklisted due to her connections as the betrothed of the COO. How low can she go?

Paris And Ridge Suspicious – Who Will Tell Carter?

Paris and Ridge are onto Zoe and they don’t want Carter to get hurt. The co-CEO has already spoken to his nephew about his flirtations with the model. We’ve seen in a few of this week’s episodes that Zende has been trying and basically failing to keep his could-be lover at bay.

This begs the question as to who could tell Carter about his beloved fiancée’s attempt at unfaithfulness? If we had to guess, it would be be Ridge because he has more history with the lawyer than Paris. However, it might be both of them.

Ridge and Paris both busted Zoe in trying to charm Zende into her bed. Also, Carter respects both of them a great deal. Though, it might get messy given that he wants to believe his fiancée is loyal.

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