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Sussex Squad Stupidly Create Petition To Make Meghan Markle “Rightful” Queen Of England – OPINION

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I have never seen a more stupid fanbase like Meghan Markle’s Sussex Squad. The group, who congregate across every social media platform, have created a petition they want to send King Charles III to make their “Princess” the “rightful” Queen of England.

Moreover, I wish I was kidding.

WinterWonder125 on Twitter shared screenshots from a Sussex Squad account of a “petition” allegedly spreading like wildfire across Twitter. Why? Because they want their beloved Meghan to become Queen of England and King Charles III to make it happen. Okay, let me say they are being MOCKED like you wouldn’t believe. Also, it has ended up in the “mainstream media,” as Geo News picked it up.

Trapped In A Cult?

The Sussex Squad are horrible individuals who are uneducated and trapped in a cult they don’t realise they’re in. Wait, scrap that. They’re just like Harry, if not worse. I’ve seen some of the comments these people put out, and it’s laughable.

I found it hilarious how one squaddie claimed that Meghan would sue everyone and that she was a lawyer. Now, they even talk about Lili being a Disney Princess and refer to her like Game of Thrones monarchs have those long titles.

It isn’t brilliant. Moreover, their petition is going to be for nothing. Charles will probably look at it and laugh. It will be thrown out. Also, I seriously doubt that Meghan has enough followers to sustain herself. I’ve said that Meghan likely bought bots to get to the 3Million Instagram followers she allegedly had. It’s not impossible.

Uneducated Idiots

The Sussex Squad claim that people in the Megxit community are uneducated zealots who do nothing but troll on behalf of their fave. But, honey, I have a business to run. and I would instead like to discuss other topics then have to call the Sussexes out on their BS.

However, the Sussexes are why Project Fangirl is as visible as it is though it still isn’t a blip on the radar. It also protects us from unsavoury characters, not that I’m bragging. Anyway, they will never learn. It’s hard to reason with crazy.

In conclusion, the petition is a waste of energy. It won’t work, and the Sussex Squad is scattered anyway. Moreover, after everything they’ve done, the UK has zero love for Harry and Meghan, and that’s a fact. Furthermore, the booing at the Platinum Jubilee is concrete evidence of that.

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