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Meghan Markle’s Latest Media Shenanigans Ooze Delusion And Continued Victimhood

Meghan Markle is in the media again, but does that surprising? No. Earlier this week, she dropped the latest episode of her Archetypes podcast about the Bimbo. Her guest? Paris Hilton. Yes, you read that right, folks. I’ll go over Ms Hilton in a moment, but there is also the issue of the Variety spread that Meghan did before the Queen died. I will not link the article as I don’t want them to profit from the clicks. But, again, I haven’t listened to the podcast, nor will I ever. I have better things to do than to listen to her victimhood narrative.

Here’s the umpteenth issue I have with the wife of Prince Harry. She doesn’t shut up and thrives on attention. I have been told numerous times not to feed the beast (meaning, Meghan’s need to be noticed). While I agree, if she doesn’t get called out for her shit, she will continue to complain, lie and do whatever she can to keep herself in the news. It’s a no-win situation, regardless of how you choose to look at it. I’ve had to postpone an article that I was doing comparing the British Royals to Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon so I could get this post done.

So, let’s get over to the main talking points of the article. First up, we have Meghan complaining about the bimbo stereotype.

Meghan Allegedly Hated Her Time As A Briefcase Girl On Deal Or No Deal

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Anyone following Meghan’s quest for victimhood for the last five years will know that she blames everyone else for her issues. So, she blames the royals for “not being supportive of her” when Prince Harry said during their engagement interview that his family were supportive. I could go on but won’t, as I want to return to my GoT and HotD post.

Meghan’s podcast episode this week involves her talking about her time on Deal or No Deal and how she was “objectified.” Paula M did a fantastic video where she points out that Markle was clothed on Deal or No Deal while she spent a large portion of her time on Suits, where she played Rachel Zane either naked or in her underwear or having sex.

Meghan whinges – and props to Megyn Kelly for her thoughts – that the people on DoND didn’t want her seen as innovative. Yes, Meghan felt like the show was diminishing her intelligence. All she had to do was stand there and hold a briefcase. Any idiot can stand on a stage and do that. I could do that. At least she had a job between auditions. At this time, she and Trevor were together, and he and her dad supported her.

Then, we get to Paris Hilton. Now, it has been pointed out by Meghan’s Mole that Ms Hilton is allegedly well-known for homophobia. Meghan Markle doesn’t know what a bimbo is, as Paris Hilton played a stereotypical dumb blonde when she was on the reality series The Simple Life with Nicole Ritchie. Of course, she was playing a part. Hilton also later became a DJ and released a massive perfume line. She has talent, but Meghan does not. If anything, all Archetypes appears to be is a recorded version of The Tig.

Doesn’t Meghan Have Anything Else To Talk About Other Than The Royals?

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Okay, let’s get into the Variety article. As I said earlier, I have not read it as I do not want to give the piece air. But, from what I have seen people say, it is a load of BS where she bashes her interview with Allison P. Davis of The Cut, published not long before The Queen died and the Oprah with Meghan and Harry tell-all. So, yeah, she threw Oprah Winfrey under the bus. No surprises there.

Anyway, when she was asked about mourning The Queen’s passing, she didn’t hesitate to say that she felt the love from the British people as Her Majesty was Harry’s grandmother and all this stuff. But wait. Am I in an alternate dimension? Is she talking about the same people she calls racist because they don’t like her? Those people? Yeah, okay, whatever.

Meghan has no right to talk about The Queen. She barely spent any time with her. If she cared, she and Harry would’ve taken Her Majesty up on her offer of visiting Balmoral. Instead, Harry has to live with the regret of not seeing his beloved Grannie before her death. If there is a nasty divorce, it wouldn’t surprise me if Harry pins the blame on his wife for not allowing him to see his grandmother before her passing.

However, will Harry throw Meghan under the bus? Unlikely, as he hasn’t got the stomach to file for divorce. Instead, he stubbornly wants to prove his family wrong and that he can make his marriage work. Well, I have news for him. He wants to show when his parents couldn’t. In a nutshell, he wants to be seen as America’s version of William, who is happily married to Catherine and has been for over a decade.

Again With Suits

[Credit: Dispatch]

As I wind this post down, I want to go over one last thing. Meghan might think she’s the female star of Suits and has the backing of the cast. But, as I’ve said, she didn’t get along with everyone. Sarah Rafferty was one of them. Now, you’re probably wondering what this has to do with anything. During her Variety interview, Markle mentions being in Suits at least half a dozen times, from what I’ve seen people say.

Meghan was at least seventh on the call sheet, meaning she was right towards the bottom. Suits is the only big show she was ever a part of during her time as an actor, where she played a somewhat significant role. However, as I have said, she was NOT the show’s star. Patrick J Adams played her main squeeze, but it means nothing! It doesn’t make her special. She’s also not the one who got a spin-off. Instead, Gina Torres got Pearson which only lasted one season. Rachel never got a spin-off, now did she? It goes to show who the more successful actress is.

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