OPINION: The Rise Of King Charles III And The Dramas That Follow From One Monarch To Another

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The Queen is dead. Long live the King. These are words no one thought we’d hear. On September 8, 2022, just seventeen months after the passing of her beloved husband, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, Elizabeth II, England’s longest surviving monarch, died at Balmoral Castle in Scotland. Her Majesty was surrounded by her two eldest children, Charles and Anne. The Duke of Sussex did not make it in time.

Andrew and Edward, The Queen’s youngest sons, her daughter-in-law Sophie and Harry and William could not make it in time to see her before her passing. Catherine and Meghan remained in their respective locations of Windsor and London. The future queen consort stayed behind as George, Charlotte, and Louis had just finished their first day at the Lambrook School.

Harry arrived an hour to two hours after the announcement of his grandmother’s passing. After all the hell he and Meghan put The Queen through, I understand why the former actress was told to stay away. She can put out as many press releases as she likes saying that she wouldn’t be warmly welcomed all she wants, but it doesn’t erase her behaviour.

When Meghan Tries To Insert Herself

She cannot expect to be treated with respect when she doesn’t do the same to anyone else. I sound like a broken record, but it is her own fault. I’m sorry if that offends anyone, á là the Sussex Squad and any woke media personality, and who backs her plight. Her title will only get her so far.

Tom Bower, a widely respected journalist and the author of Revenge: Meghan, Harry and the war between the Windsors, mentions that her diva antics didn’t start when she met her “now-husband”. Instead, it began in her youth. Her father spoiled her. Thomas Markle’s job as a lighting director earned him big gongs in Hollywood. It’s allowed the now Duchess of Sussex to live comfortably. This was something her dad couldn’t give his two eldest children.

Meghan could show a little understanding towards the man who doted on her. However, marrying Harry was just a step up as she knew she would get a title and become an instant celebrity. Moreover, her obsession was always fame, and the royals saw through this. Well, most of them did. Princess Eugenie sides with her, and so does Harry. Also, she spent all of two hours in Sussex.

With Charles now King, I’m praying (silently, I might add) that he doesn’t give Meghan the time of day. She might be his daughter-in-law, but he now has a whole realm to run and doesn’t need her interfering. No nicety will return her to the monarch’s favour.

Welcoming Princess Beatrice As A Counsellor Of State

I have a secret soft spot for Princess Beatrice. In recent years, she has stepped up to the plate as one of those non-working royals to watch. Despite the tabloids claiming she is envious of Catherine and wants to destroy her life, I no longer believe this tale. It is just the magazines looking to stir up something that isn’t there.

Beatrice and her husband, Edo Mapelli Mozzi, are so adorable. It has come to my attention that Bea is not whom the tabloids make her out to be. How do I know this? Her interactions with William and Catherine at the Christmas Carols event were very friendly. Eduardo was incredibly respectful.

Eugenie was also at the event, but without her husband, Jack Brooksbank had a face of thunder. She was likely only there to report the juicy deets back to Meghan and Harry if there were any. She doesn’t like Catherine because she’s “a commoner”. However, she is married to a commoner herself.

Beatrice has proven herself. But, like Camilla, Charles will rely on William much more than he has been. If his eldest son believed his cousin couldn’t be trusted, he would say so.

For those unaware, the counsellors of the state can act on the monarch’s behalf if they cannot perform their duties. By default, Camilla is one.

Currently, the counsellors of the state include (excluding Camilla):

  • William, Prince of Wales
  • Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex
  • Prince Andrew, Duke of York
  • Princess Beatrice

The New Prince And Princess Of Wales (And The Sussex Squad Are Losing It)

In the King’s first address as monarch, Charles dubbed William and Catherine the Prince and Princess of Wales. As you can expect from the Sussex Squad, they were losing it. The first thing I saw when I opened Twitter this morning was a Megxiteer saying that Meghan and Harry’s fanbase were freaking out, claiming that Kate shouldn’t be using the title.

As my dear friend and royal expert Kinsey Schofield pointed out in an article with the Daily Star

“No one is more deserving of the title than Kate Middleton: the definition of grace and perseverance.”

Kinsey Schofield to the Daily Star

I agree. Catherine is just as beloved as Diana was in her lifetime. However, the title hasn’t been used since Diana. Camilla chose not to use it when she married Charles in 2005. Instead, she became the Duchess of Cornwall, though she legally was the Princess of Wales.

The Sussex supporters just don’t get it. Their girl Meghan will NEVER match Catherine’s status. To all those Squaddies who are reading this right now, this has nothing to do with my fondness for her. I follow history, and I research, which is something that you are incapable of doing.

Catherine Is NOT Diana

Princess Diana’s fans would not have minded if Catherine took the Princess of Wales title. Kate deserves it. She has worked hard for it, and Charles knows this. He would’ve told her to use another of the titles if he didn’t think she could handle it.

Catherine knows how people idolised – worshipped even – Diana. She would’ve heard all the stories from William and those who knew her predecessor and late mother-in-law, a woman she unfortunately never got to know.

Diana embraced everyone. She didn’t care if you were coloured or caucasian, straight or gay. She loved people. Moreover, she would’ve adored Catherine and applauded her ex-husband’s decision to make her the Princess of Wales. 

Lady Di would’ve embraced Kate as a daughter. Charles has done just that as well. Catherine’s parents, Michael and Carole, adore William and treat him as one of their own. They don’t see him as the future King of England. Pippa and James, Kate’s sister and brother, have been constants in William’s life since he and Kate went together. Pippa got a second brother. James got an older brother, having been raised with two older sisters.

There is no doubt that Diana would’ve adored the Middletons. She would’ve been thrilled that they embraced her son without hesitation.

Charles’ Decision Is Final

The last few days have been hard for everyone following The Queen and her work. With Charles now King, one of his first tasks was a televised speech. During the almost ten-minute dialogue, he mentioned his mother and how much he appreciated the people’s support and condolences. He also assigned William and Catherine the Prince and Princess of Wales titles. The king handled his mention of Harry and Meghan very strategically. It’s likely a clue at what might be coming for the duplicitous duo.

In the speech and expressed love for his youngest son and his wife. He wished them the best, and that was it. Though he didn’t mention Archie and Lilibet or that they were prince and princess. He also didn’t mention Harry and Meghan with their titles.

Much of the US media is proclaiming that Archie and Lilibet now have titles. They are grandchildren of the monarch and are entitled to be Prince and Princess. However, Charles had spoken long before Meghan came on the scene for years, of slimming down the monarchy. The facts have not been checked.

Meghan told Oprah in last year’s trash fest that the convention would be changed because Archie is “black.” This is incorrect. However, MM was correct when she said the convention would be changed. It had NOTHING to do with Archie.

I suspect that the Sussex kids will NOT get the titles. Their parents will be stripped of the Dukedom of Sussex.

Is Harry Having Regrets?

We all know by now that Prince Harry got to Balmoral after the Queen had died. There has been a ton of discussion in the last couple of days, and I wanted to address it briefly. There will be another post written about this in more detail, but the mourning look on Harry’s face would appear to say many things.

Also, it seems that his visible displeasure at the One Young World event, where all Meghan did was talk about herself and kept referring to him as “my husband” like he’s a piece of property she owns, was on full display at Balmoral. Unfortunately, though, I believe that is a permanent expression on his face now.

While we may never know if Harry does regret throwing his family under the bus to please Meghan, it will come too late. No one wants him back in the UK, and the damage he has caused is too great for repair. If he does divorce Meghan and returns to the UK on his terms, she will play dirty to get the kids. However, now that Charles is King, he technically has custody of the children. At least, I believe he does of George, Charles and Louis.

Also, the Sussexes live in the US. There’s no way Charles can get custody of Archie and Lili. Meghan will never allow it as she doesn’t want them to have a familial connection with their wider family as she needs total control. So if they can’t have top billing, she doesn’t want to hear about it, though it wouldn’t surprise me if she also becomes jealous of them.

The Walkabout No One Imagined Would Happen

This morning, news came in that shocked people. Willliam, Catherine, Harry, and Meghan did a walkabout in Windsor while most of the other royals were in different parts of the UK. 

Now, there is speculation that Meghan and Harry would do their own walkabout. Still, the palace immediately stopped it as it was reported that the Prince of Wales [William] rang Harry and told him that they had put on a united front and that they should go out together as they were close in proximity. Moreover, this stopped various US media, which Meghan has on speed dial, from reporting on the botched solo walkabout. I’m sure The Wife was seething.

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