My Royal Watcher Journey: Part III – Prince Harry Is Ruining His Life

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How many times can one person talk about the same thing? It depends on how you look at it. I have a couple more parts (oh, no!) to this royal watcher experience. Parts II and III are about Prince Harry and Meghan, which I would usually cover in Chronicles Of Harkle. I am writing this in the royal category because it involves the entire British monarchy rather than just the Sussexes. Also, if you want the beginning of this series of posts, check out part I.

Now, Prince Harry. Once upon a time, in the past, not so long ago, he was a beloved prince of the realm. People called him the cheeky chappy who loved being amongst the plebs. His love of blondes was well-known. However, things started to change when he met Meghan Markle, an unknown American actress best known for playing Rachel Zane on the USA Network’s series Suits. She was beautiful. A Hollywood star. A humanitarian. All of this was a lie. The besotted prince fell for her act hook, line, and sinker. But then, his “my family will be the family she never had” line sets today’s events into motion.

I Knew Suits Before Meghan

Before I go on, I want to say that I did know about Suits before I knew about Meghan. A Sanity store in the local shopping centre had a cart of DVD box sets and DVDs out the front of the shop, and Suits was one of those box sets. For those non-Australian readers, Sanity is an entertainment retail chain that sells C.D.s, DVDs, Blu-Rays, Vinyls, and that kind of thing. I had seen the box sets and DVDs, but I had no idea what it was about, nor did I care. It didn’t look like something I would watch.

The Markle and Ragland families were upset and confused about why they were shut out. Thomas and Samantha Markle, Meghan’s father and her older half-sister, respectively, have been the most vocal. Harry did nothing to meet them to sort out the mess. He even chose his wife over his family and friends, who warned him of Meghan’s machinations. Unfortunately, he refused to listen, which has gone downhill. Well, Archie and Lili’s arrival made his life somewhat better. However, can you imagine living with someone who thinks higher of themselves than of their spouse?

No Partnership

Harry and Meghan are NOT a partnership. Markle wears the pants in the relationship. So it is no wonder people call him Handbag Harry. He is her accessory while she acts like the important one. This is not shocking as the fracturing of the Sussexes’ relationship started before the wedding when Prince William told his brother to take the relationship slowly, only to be told he was a snob for not accepting Meghan straight away.

In all honesty, after everything Harry and Meghan have done, William should be DONE with them. Also, in years to come, Harry will regret not being at his grandfather’s memorial. Of course, he can claim that Markle was more important, but if he loved Prince Philip, he would have gone. It’s disgusting that such a gentle soul has been exposed as a liar and grifter who would rather retell his mother’s tragic demise for profit than tell his bitch of a wife where to get off.

No Victim

Harry is not a victim of his upbringing. Charles did everything in his power to bring his sons up as intelligent young men who would be the next generation of royals. William has turned out incredibly well. The love and stability Catherine has given him over the last 20 years have shaped him into the man he is now. Not to mention, Charles adores Catherine. He sees her as the daughter he always wanted. She even calls him “Grandpa” or “Papa”, which is fantastic to see how close they are.

Harry’s bitterness towards William stems from his mother wanting to treat the boys like equals. One son was always going to be king. The other was not, or there was a slim chance of it happening. Tobe frank here, if Harry were to become king, the U.K. and the Commonwealth would want the British monarchy to be abolished. I know I would. There is no way in HELL I would want a traitor to sit on the throne. He has allowed his beloved Meghan to trample over his family, including his elderly grandparents who died, while he was too busy galavanting around pretending to be American royalty.

American History Lesson For Harry

America fought a war against Harry’s ancestor King George III to prevent the country from being ruled by royalty. The U.S. does not want this again. Harry was likely so taken with what Meghan told him they could accomplish back in America that it probably didn’t occur to him that the U.S. does not care about royals as much as the U.K. does. Also, Diana did say that Harry is not the sharpest tool in the shed. His need to cheat to get into Sandhurst Military Academy speaks volumes. The only reason he even got in was because his grandmother was the Queen. Meanwhile, William didn’t rely on his grandmother’s position and worked his ass off to get into the school. He has skills. Harry does not unless you count being a racist towards his fellow service members.

Even a year on from the Oprah interview, there are still questions that I have that will likely never be answered. Harry is almost forty years old and thinks he should have security. FYI, mate. You’re not going to be king as you’re fifth in line to the throne behind two nephews and a niece you threw to the wolves. He is literally obsessed with security. I can guarantee that NO ONE will kidnap him, Meghan or their children. No one. They’re of no value. The actual royals in line for the throne are bigger targets.

Harry Did NOT Love His Grandmother As He Threw Her Under Meghan’s Steamrolling Bus

Harry might claim to love his grandmother, but he did not congratulate her on her 70 years on the throne. This, to me and many others, speaks volumes. He then told Hoda Kotb that he wanted to ensure “the right people” were around his grandmother. That’s big of him when he trashed his whole family on the international stage. It’s debatable who he was referring to when he said this.

There have been suggestions that it was a swipe at Sir Edward Young, one of Her Majesty’s key advisors who intensely disliked Harry, or it could’ve been William, Charles and Andrew. Another possibility is that Angela Kelly had a fight with Harry and Meghan over the wedding tiara. So it could be any number of people.

As someone who has followed this trainwreck for a long time, Harry appears to be an absolute lost cause. He wanted out of the family as he found it suffocating. Fine, he can leave as he’s not that important. However, he could have kept the healthy ties. If there is a divorce, will he go back to his family and say they were right? It’s hard to say. My view on this changes depending on his current actions.

In conclusion, Harry will be broken when Meghan leaves him. She will cut and run as she did with Trevor. I have more thoughts, but I will leave those until perhaps part IV or part V.

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