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Chronicles Of Harkle: What Meghan ACTUALLY Thinks Of Catherine – OPINION

We’ve all heard the rumours of how Meghan Markle complained that her sister-in-law, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, would not spend time with her before she married Harry. The former actress has continued to throw metaphorical grenades at the future Queen Consort. Now, we need to ask ourselves why. Does she see herself as superior to Kate? Is she jealous of her position as the wife of a future king? I’d have to say yes to both accounts. But there are also plenty of revelations out there. Not to mention, the Spencers weren’t Meghan’s biggest fans either, joining the Cambridges.

It might be obvious to most people who read this, but I wanted to dive into more detail on Meghan v. Catherine front. So, let’s jump into it, shall we?

The Engagement Interview And The Tig Mention

So, I wanted to begin with what Harry and Meghan said during their engagement interview about how Catherine and William were supportive. This has been bothering me for a while, and a good reason.

Harry said his brother and sister-in-law “were dying to meet her.” It makes me wonder. How did things sour so quickly if William and Catherine knew Meghan for roughly a few months before the engagement? Why would Meghan, being the superior woman she believes herself to be, turn on Kate? God only knows what will happen when Catherine becomes the Princess of Wales.

I believe it might have something to do with The Tig. Now, anyone reading Project Fangirl for a while may remember an article I wrote about the lies Meghan has told as a royal. In the post, I mention a TIG TALK piece Meghan wrote about Princess Alia Al-Senussi, where “Princess Kate” is not-so-casually bought up.

Meghan refers to the 2011 royal wedding as “the pomp and circumstance” that ignited countless conversations about Catherine. She even says in the piece that “little girls dream of becoming princesses” and that adult women want to maintain that fantasy. I thought this was interesting, and the more I think about it, I tend to agree with comments I’ve seen where people have questioned whether Markle’s reference to Catherine was envy.

Was Meghan’s Reference To Catherine Out Of Envy Or Admiration?

The way Harry spoke during the engagement interview about Meghan made her seem like the best thing to happen since sliced bread. But, it seemed like he made it sound like his brother and sister-in-law wanted a piece of Meghan’s apparent greatness. So, this leads us to ask whether Meghan mentioned Catherine out of envy or admiration.

I would have to say that, at the time, it was likely a bit of both. Meghan thought she was superior enough to get her claws into William. Still, when she realised she couldn’t, she decided she hated Catherine but proceeded to tell Oprah, “She’s a good person”, despite alleging the Duchess of Cambridge made her cry.

Meghan thought Catherine had an ulterior motive for joining the royal family. Perhaps she read the conspiracy theories regarding Carole Middleton allegedly sending Catherine to Saint Andrew’s University to snag William. I don’t think Carole is vindictive, nor do I believe the rumour. She already had money, so what would she achieve by having her daughter hook up with a prince? That’s also not Catherine’s MO. Did she even see photos of William and Catherine’s early days to see how happy they were?

Catherine Doesn’t Act Superior Due To Her Title

Catherine loves William not because of his title or social standing but because of who he is. People love her because of her ability to see through the “pomp and circumstance.” She might have a title, but she prefers to be referred by her name. Meghan wants to be referred to as “the Duchess.”

In the end, Meghan envies Catherine because she got the better brother. Harry is nothing but the spare and will continue to be pushed down the line of succession when his nephews and niece have children.

What’s With The Superior Behaviour From Meghan?

So this leads us to the next part of our conversation. Why is Meghan acting superior when she’s the wife of the sixth in line? That’s an easy question because she doesn’t like seeing herself as anything lower than she believes she should have. We’ve all heard the stories of how she has only ever used the men in her life to excel and then proclaimed, “I’m a feminist, and so is my husband!”

I’ve spoken about this before, but Meghan is no feminist. She tears women down if they disagree with her version of feminism. Gloria Steinem is a true feminist but has been misguided by someone like Meghan. After all, Ms Steinem said that the world needed the Sussexes. I wonder how much she was paid to say that. Markle has no idea what it takes to think about other people “below her.”

While William and Catherine will do anything for anyone, Meghan only ever thinks of herself and how people can benefit her. It is my belief she attempted to use Catherine for some purpose. When it didn’t work as she thought it would, she switched the narrative and made herself the victim of the pre-wedding crying fiasco.

Catherine Is A Threat To Meghan

It has been said that Meghan was hoping to be rejected so she could cry, a victim. This, I believe a thousand per cent. She had no interest in playing friends with Catherine, and she sees the Duchess of Cambridge beneath her.

She knew how famous Harry was when they met and used this to her advantage. However, she blames everyone else for their actions and proclaims, “We haven’t done anything wrong, and the world is out to get us. This is why we require security.” Meghan sees Catherine as her rival. Rival for what, exactly? That is precisely what I would love to know.

Meghan hates that Catherine is so loved by the people she serves. Yes, you read that correctly. Catherine serves the people. The people do NOT help her. Royals are public servants and do not expect a reward every time they step out in public. The Sussexes, however, have to publicise everything they do as if they’re still royals.

Catherine has shown countless times that she can get along with virtually anyone. However, it is alleged when Meghan was caught yelling at the Cambridges’ staff, the Duchess of Cambridge stepped in to stop her sister-in-law’s cruelty. If this happened, and I suspect it did, this indicated that the two women would not be BFFs.

Meghan’s Fantasy Wasn’t What She Imagined

When Meghan stepped forward into Kensington Palace as Prince Harry’s bride, she thought she’d be able to treat the staff as servants. She expected the aides to bow down to her demands as she “ranked above them.” She told Gloria Steinem some time ago that she’d prefer to be linked, not ranked. Yeah, try to make it make sense.

In Meghan’s superior mind, she believed she’d be inside a literal fairytale. It’s obscene that she would think she could push the staff around like rocks under her Aquazurra shoes. But, again, it is my belief she felt that no one would care.

She also thought people would overlook her best behaviour because she was Prince Harry’s wife. While it might’ve been this way, to begin with, the palace staff wouldn’t stand for it. I’ve mentioned the alleged confrontation between Meghan and Catherine already. This would only be the beginning of Meghan’s fantasy starting to unravel. The Oprah Interview would prove that she would never succeed as a royal.

Moreover, Catherine is nothing to her. Meghan believes she is superior to her sister-in-law, and for what? Because she jumps on one-time bandwagons and whips the Sussex Squad into a frenzy.

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