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Revenge: 10 Revelations On The Sussexes That Were Surprising

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As I go through Revenge, Tom Bower’s juicy new book on the Sussexes, I’ve put together a list of revelations from the biography. Now, I want to say that this is NOT an entire run-through. If I come across more, I’ll do another breakdown if necessary.

Also, I’ve been reading on and off as I’ve been busy running the site, writing other articles, etc. I’m not as far in as I’d like. Many of this is from excerpts that people have posted online. Other parts are from where I’ve read so far.

Much of what I’ve included in this article is a mix of stuff that has been hinted at before. However, the book confirms to be true. In addition, I’ve written a whole list of documented stories that were included in Revenge. So, I’m marking the article as having spoilers. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the revelations.

1. Doria Was An Absent Parent

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[Credit: The List]

The first of our revelations about the Sussexes begins with Doria, Meghan’s mother. It is confirmed that she was more or less an absent parent to Meghan in her youth. She was out living her life while her ex-husband, Thomas, raised their daughter. It has been said that Meghan went back and forth between her parents.

There were NO references to Doria’s alleged prison time. Nor what she was doing in the decade or so that Thomas was looking after Meghan. It would seem that Doria would’ve instead continued having affairs over being a mother to her daughter.

Tom Bower mentions that Doria only ever went to one of Meghan’s school plays and one of her graduations.

Thomas was the one who did almost everything for Meghan when she was at school. Moreover, Thomas and Doria’s divorce made Meghan somewhat envious of her best friend Ninaki Priddy, whose parents were still together.

2. Harry Laughed At A Hair Joke Made By Camilla That Meghan Dubbed “Racist.”

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[Credit: Daily Express]

Now, the next of our revelations, I’m not up to yet. This is what someone posted online, and it’s blown up, making its way around in the mainstream media. Page Six reported that it was alleged that Camilla, Harry and William’s stepmother joked when Meghan was pregnant with Archie that he could potentially have a ginger afro.

Harry allegedly laughed at the joke and then told Meghan, who wasn’t happy and dubbed it “racist.” Instantly, his attitude changed and, too, joined her racism bandwagon. Now, this is a different narrative from what the Sussexes told Oprah.

During the Oprah Interview, they both said – in different contexts – that there was talk about Archie’s skin colour. Harry claimed that there was one discussion before he and Meghan were married when he walked into the conversation. However, before this, she claims there were multiple talks while she was pregnant.

People have been trying to make out that Camilla was the racist. I’ve read what is alleged, which does not imply that. It says that it was one of many rumours, not that the information was accurate. However, we know how the Sussexes will play the race card to get sympathy. Seriously though, the man will never be happy and will continue throwing tantrums.

3. Meghan Didn’t Want To Stay With Trevor Even After They Got Married

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So, we’ve been aware from the beginning that Meghan was married to Trevor Engelson long before she was to Harry. What’s interesting is the picture Tom Bower paints in his book about the couple’s relationship.

It appears that Meghan wanted out of the relationship before Trevor proposed. However, when he did, she said “yes,” and they married. Before Meghan got her to break on Suits, they were living their best life. However, he noticed a shift in his wife’s behaviour when she did get the role of Rachel Zane. The marriage soured when Meghan had to move to Toronto for filming and was living there for 9 out of 12 months of the year.

4. Meghan Hated Being The Face Of Reitmans, And Some Of The Photos Were Photoshopped

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[Credit: Allure]

Meghan’s inflated ego couldn’t deal with being the face of Reitmans, a Canadian fashion label, equivalent to, say, the UK’s fashion label, Zara or H&M. Meghan wanted to be the face of Ralph Lauren or another big brand. However, she was relieved that the ads she was in would only air in Canada.

That brings us to the next part of this Reitman’s saga. Tom Bower reveals that some of the photos of Meghan did for Reitmans were photoshopped to make her look thinner than she was, and they gave her bigger breasts than she had. So yeah, I can see all those things happening.

5. Harry’s Friends And The Spencers Hated Meghan From The Beginning

[Credit: Pinterest]

So, moving onto the Sussexes’ section of this article, when Harry took his then-girlfriend to introduce her to the Spencer side of his family, Meghan left a bad taste in their mouths. They all knew she would not be royal family material. Also, it semi-backs up the story about William asking their uncle Charles (Earl Spencer) to get involved as his brother refused to listen to anyone else.

Moving onto Harry’s friends, which I’ve addressed in another article, they were not impressed by Meghan either. Some of Harry’s friends from his school days at Eton dubbed Meghan a killjoy as she constantly reprimanded them for their sexist and transphobic views.

Now, I have to commend Meghan for this, as sexism and transphobia are not on! However, her belittling them and telling them they cannot be in Harry’s life if they’re going to say these things isn’t on either.

They are HARRY’s friends, and she doesn’t get to dictate who he can and cannot have associations with.

6. Some Of Meghan’s Classmates At School Thought She Was A Fake

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[Credit: YouTube]

In an early part of the book, Meghan’s school performance is mentioned where she was popular. This is in massive contrast to what she wrote on The Tig, where she busied herself during her breaks so she didn’t have to be alone.

What I find funny about this is that over time she perfected her act so much that some of her classmates believed she was a fake because she was “too perfect.” It looks like the victim narrative started earlier than anyone could’ve predicted.

7. There Was An Overlap Between Meghan Living With Cory And Her Dating Harry

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[Credit: OK Magazine]

One of the biggest revelations Bower makes about the Sussexes’ relationship is that there was an overlap between Meghan’s relationship with her live-in boyfriend, Cory Vitiello and Harry. Once she was sure she had bagged Harry, she told Cory that it was over between them. He moved out, and she removed every memory of him from the house.

Also, Cory was frustrated that she refused to make their relationship public. She also neglected to mention him as one of the people she would invite to a dinner party when she was asked in an interview. There was speculation that Meghan and Cory broke up over a pasta dish that she passed off as her own. No confirmation is made as to whether this happened.

8. People Working With Meghan Had To Tell Her “No” Multiple Times

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[Credit: Slate]

When Meghan’s star kind started to rise, she wanted to be booked into hotels under an alias as actual famous people do. While she sometimes got this request, a couple of hotels refused, citing that she wasn’t a big name in Hollywood and, therefore, no one knew who she was.

Ooh! This would’ve made a dent in her ego. Oh, but one of my favourite snubs that Meghan received was how she was snubbed by her ‘idol’ Emma Watson, a true feminist who didn’t seek recognition.

9. Harry Changed To Match What Meghan Expected Of Him

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[Credit: Edinburgh Live]

So, for our second-last point, this one confirms what we already knew regarding Harry’s behaviour. However, I’m choosing to include it here because some people wanted to believe that the Sussexes were a well-oiled machine.

After the situation where Meghan demanded that she be seen as being a victim in the same way Princess Diana was, Harry had to change to accommodate her expectations. So examples of this include his constant defence of her and his feuding with his family. These are just a few things he has done to shape himself into the man his wife wants him to be.

It has been alleged, too, that Harry enjoys being told what to do by her as he wanted a maternal figure. Meghan accepted that it was her job to be a mother to him while also being his wife. I cannot tell you enough how twisted the Sussexes’ dynamic is.

10. Meghan Didn’t Get Along With All Of Her Suits Co-Stars

[Credit: Dispatch]

So, this last one was quite interesting for the last of our revelations on the Sussexes, or mostly Meghan. Despite the apparent closeness of the Suits cast, Meghan didn’t get along with everyone, and when she got with Harry, things became incredibly tense.

When Meghan went to film her final scenes as Rachel Zane, where the character marries Patrick J Adams’ Mike Ross, the palace instructed that during the filming of these scenes, she had to wear a jacket between taking over the wedding dress. The palace thought it would give the public the wrong impression if she were spotted wearing it outside the set.

Finally, Meghan did not get along with co-star Sarah Rafferty, despite them playing friends onscreen. It should be noted that Sarah was above Meghan on the call sheet. Though, so were Gina Torres and Abigail Spencer. We know that Meghan and Abigail are still friends as they were spotted together at the polo.

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