Chronicles of Harkle

Chronicles Of Harkle: William, Catherine, And The Spencers All Saw Through Meghan’s Act, According To Tom Bower


Imagine Prince Harry’s face when the Spencer family, William and Catherine, rejected Meghan. I can see it now. The joy in Harry’s eyes as he introduces his newest girlfriend to his mother’s family. However, the last thing he expected was his aunts, Sarah McCorquodale and Jane Fellowes, and uncle Charles Spencer to say Meghan was not the right woman for him or the royal family. Check out a list of confirmed stories I did the other day. I may do another one if there are enough points. I also did a revelations article. In a quick note, Princess Iman of Jordan is engaged! Now, let’s go back over to the English drama.

Simultaneously, Harry’s big brother, William and sister-in-law, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, are attempting to put on a supportive front, but it’s failing. However, the besotted prince has none of his family’s negativity. Flashforward a few years, and he must regret dismissing them.

But, it is too late. Harry has morphed into the man Meghan wanted him to be. Self-obsessed. Needy. He is driven by his rage at anyone criticising them. The list goes on. However, it appears that marriage to someone of such high maintenance has taken its toll on him. He is sprouting Meghan’s bile, causing a more extensive rift than the Grand Canyon. Harry refuses to get over his mother’s death, which is why he’s acting out.

The Spencer Family: Gobsmacked

Meghan Markle must be proud. Tom Bower brings up the Spencer aspect in his book, Revenge. If three people knew Princess Diana best, it was her siblings, sisters Jane and Sarah and brother Charles. Like the Cambridges, the Spencer siblings were gobsmacked at Meghan’s self-serving nature.

Despite their best intentions, they were thrown aside as if they had been placed in the naughty corner. They were being “hateful” towards Harry’s soulmate. Bower even mentions that the story about William going to Earl Spencer and begging him to do something is accurate. If Harry wasn’t going to listen to their paternal family, he would listen to the maternal side. Wrong!

Harry screams that his mother died from the press and the usual garbage. But, what he fails to realise, there was more to the story. The driver Henri Paul was drunk, and speeding, and Diana, Dodi Fayed, and the bodyguard were not wearing seatbelts. Neither was Paul. Trevor Rees-Jones, the bodyguard and the only survivor of the crash, was severely injured. He has no memories of the event.

Button Pushing

Tom Bower mentions in his book that Meghan knew which buttons to push when it came to Harry. She demanded that he put out a statement and compare her to Diana. Moreover, when her future husband introduced her to the Spencer clan, he talked about how similar she was to his mother.

None of the Spencers could see it. In other words, they saw through Meghan very quickly. However, they wanted to support him, so they attended the wedding. It can be assumed that they were all thinking the same thing; the marriage isn’t going to survive very long. The longer this facade goes on, the worse it will be, and the Spencer family know this. It would break Diana’s heart to see her beloved youngest son on a cycle of destruction. She would be appalled that he believes conspiracy theories about her death.

Going back to William and Catherine, it can be said that their support, while well placed, the Sussexes were never going to take them up on it. The Cambridges are not stupid people. It would break their hearts, but it was Harry’s life. If he wanted to ruin it, that was on him. She’s also not looking to stop her husband’s tantrums. There’s plenty of juicy stuff going around, especially with the OBGYN who allegedly delivered Lili shutting down her clinic.

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