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Duchess Of Lies: Meghan Mentioned Various Members Of The British Royal Family On The Tig Long Before She Met Harry

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Sorry, Sussex fans but Meghan has told lies to the press. She claimed in her and Harry’s 2017 engagement interview she didn’t know he or his family were famous when she’d written about two of her now in-laws on her blog, The Tig.

Lies can be debunked and we stumbled across something rather… interesting while looking through the archives of The Tig. Remember in Meghan and Prince Harry’s engagement interview when she said that she had no inkling the British royals were famous?

From everything her former best friend Ninaki Priddy has revealed to what Royal biographer Katie Nicholl wrote in Harry: Life, Loss and Love, it shouldn’t come as a surprise something wasn’t right when the Suits actress married to one of the world’s most famous men. It’s been known for a while that Meghan is a compulsive liar. She has also come unstuck without realising it.

Meghan Revealed She Fangirled Over ‘Princess Kate’

It’s been speculated for a couple of years that Meghan and Catherine were feuding. However, it’s obvious that the former actress was simply jealous of her more loved sister-in-law. Why? Well, she doesn’t tell lies, that’s for sure and she’s got more originality to her.

Now, you’re probably wondering where this is going. After doing some digging through the WayBack Machine archives from The Tig, we remembered a TIG TALK post Meghan did with Princess Alia Al-Senussi which was posted in July 2014. We also recalled seeing the mention of ‘Princess Kate’ in the post. This made the hairs on the back our neck stick up. Don’t believe us? Here’s a screenshot from the page with the ‘Princess Kate’ bit underlined:

Meghan knew who Catherine was. She even geeked out with a friend over the ‘royal wedding’. What does this tell you, Sussex Squad? Now, before you all go, ‘Oh, Meghan was being ignorant for Harry’s sake’, it’s obvious she wasn’t. Stop trying to create a fantasy where Little Miss ‘I want to be world famous’ is perfect. Her lies have been catching up with her for years and it’s only a matter of time before she falls on her face.

Meghan Knew About Prince Charles

Like with the mention of Catherine on The Tig, Meghan also was well aware of some of her now-father-in-law, Prince Charles’ work. In a post about Jenny Bird’s Far + Wide Collective from October 2016, there is a reference to Turquoise Mountain which was established by – you guessed it – HRH The Prince of Wales, more commonly known as Prince Charles. Here’s the screenshot we took from the page:

Bunch O’Lies

Now, why would Meghan create her own world of lies when she quite literally published blog posts about fangirling over Catherine and William’s wedding and an endeavour set up by Prince Charles?

Meghan would’ve seen the wedding all over the news in 2011. This so happens to also be the year she wed her first husband, Trevor Engelson. We’re confused over why people are convinced she was married before this. That’s what this post is for.

For Meghan to have known about Turquoise Mountain, she would have had to research it. Not to mention, she had an obsession with Britain since she was a teenager, hence this photo:

If Ninaki is telling the truth and Meghan did have a large collection of royal biographies then the now-Duchess of Sussex’s lies in the engagement interview hold no weight. She essentially shot herself in the foot.

The Sussex Squad can dismiss the evidence all they like and yes, photos can be photoshopped. But, why would someone with insider knowledge of who Meghan truly is go to the press if it wasn’t absolutely necessary? Sure, some people do stuff like this out of spite, but if Ninaki had been doing it for this reason, it would be all over the other media outlets and the international news.

Heck, Meghan even dressed one of her dogs in a British flag jumper:

About The ‘Hatred’ Of Social Media

Before we wrap up this post, we also wanted to point out the screenshot above of the dog that was taken from Meghan’s former Instagram account. Look at the date of when it was uploaded: December 3, 2016. The comments about the engagement were from 2017 when it was announced in November of that same year. She shut down her personal accounts in 2018.

Meghan claims to not have used social media ‘in years’. Given the timestamp of the photo, it’s clear this is one of the many lies she has told. It is speculated that she was the one behind the Sussex Royal Instagram account because some of the captions had American-isms in them.

We Don’t Hate Meghan… We’re Just Telling It As It Should Be

To finish off this post, we wanted to go on record and say we don’t hate Meghan. We’re just incredibly disappointed in the type of person she is. She could’ve paved the way for more women to realise they can be successful and thoughtful at the same time. Instead, she has gone ahead and shown people who she really is.

A woman with an ego who thinks the world gravitates around her because she’s biracial which somehow makes her… special? There are other people who are also part of two ethnicities. Meghan is not unique in any way. She does not tell the truth and wants to be portrayed as the lady who got wronged by the institution she believes hates her.

Marrying into a royal family is not always what it seems. Look at Crown Princess Mary of Denmark as a prime example. She was just an ordinary Australian woman who fell in love with the future King of Denmark. Catherine, The Duchess of Sussex is another example of this. Her husband will someday be King of England and so will her eldest son.

Meghan doesn’t understand that there are rules that need to be abided by. She just doesn’t like being told what to do.

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