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Meghan Markle Wants To Be “Mother Earth”

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Meghan Markle wants to be “Mother Earth” when it comes to her brand. She and her husband, Prince Harry, now run three websites: Sussex (which they should not be using), Archewell Productions and Archewell Foundation. However, if you look just beneath the surface, you might notice that King Charles III’s younger son sits more in the background while his former Z-list actress wife has more focus.

That is where the Mother Earth brand appears to come in. It also ties into her “mummy” brand. Meghan Markle loves takes credit for other people’s projects. One is the Grenfell Together Cookbook, which the former actress still claims she wrote and published when she only wrote the foreword. Then, we have the recent photos that were published to the Archewell Foundation website where she claims to have started the Southern California Welcome Project.

“Mother Earth” Meghan Markle Did Not Start The Welcome Project

Here’s the rub. The Welcome Project has been around for years. Meghan Markle did not start it. It’s part of her PR strategy to be seen as a likeable person. Also, an article by Town and Country reveals that this project is associated with Mina’s List. However, after some digging, Mina’s List doesn’t reference Archewell on its website.

Meghan Markle is not a girls girl. She sees other women as lesser than she is. She’s like Regina George on steroids. Look at how she treats her staff and how turnover during her time in the UK and the United States has been heinous.

Meghan Markle: The Non-Vegan

Neil Sean is the one who has suggested that Meghan Markle is putting on this Mother Earth persona. He even goes so far as to suggest that the former actress is just using the opportunity for clout. He even points out that she is thin and doesn’t seem to enjoy the food. Moreover, Neil Sean even goes so far as to compare her to Nigella Lawson who enjoys everything she makes.

To drive this point home even further, Tom Bower revealed in Revenge that all Meghan is known for making is hamburgers and roast chicken. Markle is known for showing up to places once or twice to make it look like she was involved or shies away from an organisation. She also claims to be vegan which doesn’t wash because of what we mentioned. Let’s not forget she refused to wear a hat given to her in Australia because it was made of animal material, yet she was wearing leather, which is animal material.

No One Cares About The Website Design, Meghan

Anyway, Meghan’s love of propping herself up to make her look like a saint when it’s clear she’s not. To add to this, Markle released a deflective statement about the backlash the Sussex website has gotten and missed the mark. Kudos to Brittany of the Royal News Network for finding it.

No one cares about the design of the website! And Sussex is not the family name. What a massive slap in the face to the late Prince Philip. The reason that Princes George and Louis and Princess Charlotte go by Wales when they’re at school is because they have titles that mean something. They have HRHs. Archie and Lilibet have no connection to the United Kingdom outside of their father being British. They don’t have HRHs and their titles of ‘Prince’ and ‘Princess’ mean nothing in the United States. Nothing.

Archie And Lilibet Have No Connection To Britain

They’re not Princess Madeleine of Sweden and her children who are connected to Sweden despite not having HRHs. Also, Princess Leonore was born in New York. Madeleine’s children and that of her nephews via her brother Prince Carl Philip do not have HRHs as it was decreed by her father King Carl Gustaf that they will never be working royals so the only royal children in the family who have HRHs is Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar, the children of Crown Princess Victoria.

Conclusively, Meghan’s Mother Earth persona of being there for women when all of the staff, men and women, are quitting is transparent as all heck.

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