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Plot Points That Might Be Covered In Wednesday Season 2

Wednesday Season 2 is coming soon and there is a lot of plot points that were teased during Season 1.

In this post, we’ll be breaking down what we believe could happen.

Grandmama’s Past

During Wednesday’s first episode, Xavier recounts how he and Wednesday met at age 10 at his godmother’s funeral.

Xavier says his godmother and Wednesday’s grandmother were good friends when they were young. Since we know Grandmama Addams is popping up in Wednesday Season 2, it’s possible it’s her that Thorpe was referring to.

The reason we believe this is due to Morticia’s side of the family not being referenced, at least not directly. Diehard Addams family fans may have noticed that Wednesday’s dorm location is Ophelia Hall. This isn’t just a Shakespeare reference. It’s a Frump family nod to Wednesday’s maternal aunt, Ophelia Frump, Morticia’s sister.

However, we believe that Xavier was, in fact, referencing, Grandmama Addams, not Grandmama Frump.

Now, Xavier will not be in Season 2 due to behind the scenes reasons, that don’t have anything to do with the production directly. What he told Wednesday might be used to explain why Grandmama is present.

Wednesday mentions her grandmother in a narrative when she enters the exhibition at Pilgrim World.

More Context Into The Hyde

Since we know the genre for Season 2 will lean more into the horror realm, this would be a good time to give more context into Tyler’s Hyde nature. We know from Season 1 that the creature protected Wednesday on numerous occasions. However, what wasn’t made clear was whether Galpin knew what he was doing when he was in his beast form.

We also know that Donovan, Tyler’s father, has been downgraded to guest, while his deputy has been upgraded. The question is why. Also, how much was he aware of when it came to his wife and son’s Outcast statuses? Did he hide the truth from Tyler to protect him? We know that when he transforms back into his human form, he’s naked.

Bianca’s Cult Beginnings

Despite being a thorn in Wednesday’s side, Bianca Barclay has a fascinating story that has yet to be seen. When her mother shows up out of the blue, there is a reference to Morning Song, a cult that caused a lot of anguish.

Bianca changed her name, which was originally Brandy Jane, to distance herself from the cult and her mother. We also know that Gabrielle married the cult leader and claims he wants the Siren ‘queen’ back so they can “be a real family.”

During Season 1, Bianca makes comment that Morning Song is a cult and that it’s a massive scam, especially when Lucas, the mayor’s son signs up. It would be interesting to get more of a look at this and why Bianca is the way she is.

Enid And Ajax’s Relationship

We got a small taste of Enid and Ajax getting together after the Rave’N dance. We don’t see much more of this, outside of it being referenced by Enid to her mother during the Parents Weekend at Nevermore.

Eugene, Wednesday And Enid Become A Trio

Wednesday makes two friends that always have her back during Season 1. These are her roommate Enid and her Beekeeper pal, Eugene. What’s unique about these three together is that they don’t judge each other.

Sure, Enid and Wednesday have disagreed on things, but they’ve always made up. Also, it is our favourite werewolf that teaches our equally favourite psychic to accept hugs.

Eugene also teaches Wednesday that being alone isn’t always a good thing. This jumps off the back of what Larissa Weems tells our favourite upstart about making friends rather than making people her enemies.

We’ve seen that Wednesday has a spot soft for Eugene as he reminds her of  her brother, Pugsley.

How Do Morticia, Gomez And Pugsley Fit Into The Narrative?

When it was announced that Morticia, Gomez and Pugsley were going to be main characters in Season 2, we had to ask ourselves how they fit into the Wednesday plot points.

One possibility is that Pugsley enrols at Nevermore to be closer to his sister. A possible reference to this occurred in the first episode when Wednesday says goodbye to her parents and brother.

Wednesday says she gives Pugsley two months before he gets into trouble without her being there to defend him.

We also know from what has been released to the media that the Season will have an element where it focuses on the mother/daughter relationship between Wednesday and Morticia.

There might be something where Morticia teaches her daughter about her powers. Sure, she said that they have to be taught by a dead ancestor. Look at how Goody Addams played that role in Season 1.

This could also be something Grandmama is involved in seeing as she usually involved with spiritual endeavours.

 Gomez is probably the biggest question mark as he is usually assiocated with whatever Morticia does.

Are There Other Addams Family Members Coming?

We know that Grandmama is appearing, but there has been speculation that there might be other members of Wednesday popping in for some kooky fun. Jenna Ortega (Wednesday) has said she would love to see Cousin Itt.

There has been a non-verbal reference to an Itt before. There is a portrait of Iggy Itt at Nevermore, indicating he too was a student there. Uncle Fester doesn’t refer to Iggy Itt as being THE Cousin Itt so they’re two separate characters.

Why Wasn’t Uncle Fester A Student At Nevermore?

Gomez was a student at Nevermore, yet Uncle Fester wasn’t. Perhaps Wednesday Season 2 will into more detail on this and it would make a fascinating plot point.

Explaining Xavier and Yoko’s Absences

While Yoko wasn’t a huge player in Season 1, her absence might be noticeable unless there is a reference to her whereabouts. The same applies to Xavier who had a lead role in the season as a love interest to Wednesday.

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